LIFE; a germination of seed called ‘Purpose’

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This is motivational article regarding a life and Purpose

Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



LIFE; a germination of seed called ‘Purpose’

[ I and my Pen off course with a leaking Ink! All are here, again to write and you are here again to read, I am happy about the Positive response of my previous writing, This TimeI am dedicating this article to my  favorite and great boxer Muhammed Ali’s who is struggling for his life in hospital, and please pray for his recovery]

Once a Russian Writer said “A writer must listen the heartbeats of  his reader” it’s true, today I  am doing the same thing ; I am writing about a thing which all are living it in present ,but I don’t know how? That’s living is called “LIFE”.

Life has many definitions, like a journey from birth to death, a Just Span, a happiness, a success or else failure, Blah blah…it will not over ,If you go on searching its meaning you will end but it not. So it’s not important to find its definition or meaning because; Life itself is a Meaning, Living itself is a Definition, means your living itself defines your life. But two paths are in front of  you; one is Living for a ‘Purpose’ or living for a ‘sake of living’ ,you have to choose If you live  for a sake of living your life becomes Mystery ,If you live for a Purpose ,your life becomes a ‘Great History . A books of great Legends will have one chapter called “Purpose” means dreams, Ambitions, aspires etc .As a Poet Jnanapeeta awardee Girish Karnad beautifully Says “You can walk for a mile in a Darkness, But you can’t keep a step without a Dream” just imagine if all trees stop exhaling Oxygen, If Sun Stops illuminating, Water Stops flowing, wind stop breezing by all this Earth becomes hell no creature is survived similar If we stop Dreaming our life also becomes a hell.

First you to find the Purpose, if not do it now, then Dream will automatically start, Once Dream starts you will be awake whole world will be sleeping, you will on the stage and whole world will be a audience just clapping for you, again you have to decide You will clap or else, someone want to clap for you, Oh! Just come on “Our life is not for just clapping for others, it’s beyond that”. So then again coming to Purpose, I see many a guys chewing bubble Gum, fingering a touch screen earring with Yo Yo! Song but one thing I want say my friends “Life is not as smart as your Smart Phone” it’s very cruel, Brutal and a bitch. So top wasting your time start preparing for it, for what? To LIFE

Hard Truth; You are not permanent here, on an average you think you will live around 60years, after deducting your time spent in sleeping, watching Movie, your hangouts just around 20 to 25 yrs left, you decide what to do in this short span of your life; whether you want to decay as plants, flowers, animals etc unknown to world else you want to make an history. But one thing! Creating history is not sleeping in bed with a velvet blanket; it is a bed of thorns, a path of great sacrifice and great pain. If it’s easier we would have got more Einstein’s, Mohammed Ali’s,Picasso’s,Gandhi’s etc but  it’s not  . So, we get just a few who created a history, who lived to be known for future generation; when we hear a beautiful music we remember Beethoven, when we see a wonderful painting we remember Pablo Picasso, If we read a beautiful poems we remember Wordsworth, If we applause a great leadership we remember Lincoln, If we admire Peace we remember Gandhi no matter what they remembered for, what matters is how they become so great after decades over, they have gone, we still remember them. Because of their Sacrifice and toil behind becoming great. They have purpose and they have vision what we look for our future generation? Don’t Die as Unknown

So, to be a part of history you must be great and have Purpose and Strength, So Great Boxer Muhammed Ali’s Says;






Muhammed ali's speech before his 1974 match against George foreman

How great I am?

"Imma show you, how great I am. 
Last night, I cut the light off in my bedroom and was in bed before the room was dark.
Imma show you, how great I am. 
Only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, and hospitalized a brick. 
I'm so mean, I make medicine sick. 
Imma show you, how great I am. 
This kid's gonna be the best kid in the world. 
This kid's gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew. 
Imma show you, how great I am. 
I have wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, I done handcuffed lightnin', thrown thunder in jail. 
Imma show you, how great I am. 
All you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him, all of you. 
I know you got him, I know you've got him picked, but the man's in trouble. Imma show you how great I am.”

So, he became a Great Boxer ever in History of world, to become this he made a lot of struggle and lot of Sacrifice and later life he fought with a Parkinson Disease and now he is fighting with a Death, but we all pray for his recovery. I think God is bit frightened by Muhammed Ali …. 

So, to nurture a Big tree called “Sucessful Life” a “Purpose” is only Seed which is germinated.










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