There'll Be One Day

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just wanna express the feelings of gay and lesbian teens out there who are suffering like me in being as themselves. surrounded by people who are forcing me to live my life in the way they want, i have simply tried to quit it but, couldn't make it......

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



I'm just a normal little girl,

Who turned out to be queer when I knew I was gay.

This is my only identity known by this world,

I'm crushed and trashed day by day.


What is wrong in same-sex love,

As the world is giving me such a laugh?

I am fighting against their words to remain brave,

But it seems like I'm putting another step into my own grave.


I am just normal, I don'y have any extraordinary power

And the world is strictly asking me to cover,

The real me which is hiding deep within,

I know they're really keen, so that the truth will remain unseen.


Why am I given such a queer look for I have done nothing?

And it strikes me deep like a venomous sting.

What's so sinful in loving a girl like me,

As that's the way I was created to be?


Years I spent hiding the real me behind a special mask,

But no more will it be an easy task.

How long should I bear this worsening pain?

All I feel is just anger running through my vein.


All I can see around the world are just lies,

Unable to shed anymore tears and nobody hears my cries.

Saying truth seems to be a total embarassment,


Where do I go with all these lies and complete disappoinment?


Tied and chained, unable to free myself from this jail

What could I ever do if so much blood I've shed and yet, I still fail?

I'm just watching from a corner someone else's living my life,


I knew I'm stuck here, I just feel like wanna stab myself with a knife.


Tired and no more tears left to be dropped,

Only that shiny little razor blade for sure will bring out my tears, instead of blood.

Should I keep going on and let everything to be too late,


So that my only little hopes will also fade?


Expecting someone to understand me for who I am,

Is just simply awaiting fate to start its game.

The more I trust, the more I'm hurt,


When my secrets are out, I just feel like a dirt.


The world accepts me for the mask I have been hiding behind, 

They're cruel; they're heartless, how could they expect me to be kind?

But one day, I'll come out of this mask to find,

The girl of my dreams I've already set in my mind.



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There'll Be One Day

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