Evil Desires

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Mind is basically pure; but once it is set in motion it becomes impure due to various desires accumulated from the life. The door of life is closed and open in time and mind has nothing to do with that. The necessity of life is to know that desires never gives peace of mind on its path.

Submitted: December 08, 2008

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Submitted: December 08, 2008



State of death or sleep?

Pure mind Shines;

Impurity never knocks its door;

Where life never knows living.


Opens the door of life;

Mind ran to the ground of life;

Ran around, ran around;

Took desires of fire in its hand.


Never wants to shut the door;

Desires where kept in showcase;

Looked and counted;

Whispered how to use it now and again.


Door of life was not in its hand;

Pushed inside the room of darkness;

Mind slept in heavy restlessness;

Looking the door so thick and heavy.


Life came and gone;

Never thought how many times the door opened;

It ran around whenever door opened;

Kept on picking new desires into its room.


Once realized that desires are evil;

Mind rushed into its dark room;

Took the bundle of desires, kept;

Thrown out all of a sudden.


Mind was pure, mind has purity;

Never collected evil of desires;

Looked the door opened;

Desired at what time it closes?


Room was empty, room became fragrant;

Door closed, mind slept calm and quiet;

Never thought of opening the door;

Rest in peace for ever.

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