How Beautiful are you?

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How beautiful are you is a short fantasy about "you" the reader as a character who really wandered around and asked others about their beauty, disregarding ones real beauty.

Submitted: April 04, 2009

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Submitted: April 04, 2009



If somebody asks you, “How beautiful are you? Please give your best photograph as I can see you…my love…” Just then an image of your self comes on your way. “It is better to take a better photograph of me with a professional photographer”. You rush in to your self-designing concept.  Putting all colorful cloths that fit well (sometimes changing cloths again and again for hours), nicely shampooed hair (cutting all grays or painting different tones), glazing textured face with beauty packs. Putting a Contact Lens, that fit your color with a pleasing smile on your face. Photographer also assists for little creativity on your style of look. You stand or sit smiling with a nice background. A CLICK! The digital image is processed, edited with what ever tools your photo editing software has! At last making you entirely different but in a satisfied manner and the next thing is to show the world that you are this much beautiful. But I think it doesn’t tell how much in real sense?


To take a beautiful photograph of yourself is an art as well as adventure so, I suggest you to undress and to become nude. Don’t go for all cosmetics and lengthy procedures in toning the body. Just stand in front of the camera nude. A few sweats may give better appeal to your body. If sweat is not coming apply glycerin or sprinkle few water. Tell the Photographer to CLICK in normal lighting! Look the LCD of Camera. Ha.. ha.. It is you really. That is you in your real front side beauty. Stand again facing the back side of you towards the camera. Tell the Photographer to CLICK! Look the LCD of the camera again. Did you ever saw your back side of the body in your life time? Now you get the clear picture of your rare end of the body. That is your back, how beautiful it is? Then stand straight pose sidewise. Tell the Photographer to CLICK, and then stand posing the other side. Tell the Photographer to CLICK! Look LCD…and compare your body from all angles. Tell the photographer not to switch off the camera. Tell him that two more angles are to be shot. Take a hollow table; preferably keep it a meter height. Stand on it Nude. Tell the photographer to shoot your nude body from bottom to up (preferably your pleasure zone is captured as it is…!) and then the reverse angle that is from top to bottom in right angle. Take all shots and process it in a Computer. Just sharpen it and a few color corrections can be made. Convert it into Gray mode also. Convert into hardcopy all shots into artistic wallpaper that fit in your room and hang all on the wall that any one can notice it. It should be artistically mounted; you can also give little lighting to create a mystic effect that is harmonious to the wall color.


After invite all persons you know, whether it is a neighbors or a stranger. Show the exhibit! Don’t be shy, keep on talking on its artistic presentation.


After Take all photographs to the Town or City Hall. Put it as an exhibition. Entry should be free. Put a visiting diary …  Note the reaction from visitors. Humbly write on the placards “that the artistic creations you see are of my own body.”


Each and every year do the same procedure. Now you get a new yourself as you are age up. Take photographs and exhibit in public halls. Atlast, You can pass away from this earth happily by contributing all your beautiful nude photographs to your favorite art gallery.


One day somebody will write a tag on it! “Great masterpieces….Do not Touch…Images are priceless”.


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