Image of Devil

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“Image of Devil” is a poem that reveals the inner nature of man and its role on this earth. Let this poem changes your attitude towards this heavenly earth.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010




The Sun is rising;

Spreading light beyond horizon;

With a vivid smile, spreading pleasantness throughout;

Of all the nature’s life’s, surrounding the depth.


The Moon is rising,

Spreading light beyond horizon,

With a smile, spreading pleasantness throughout;

Of all the nature’s life’s, surrounding the depth.


Revolving the heavenly earth;

Rotating with pace of its own;

The heaven for all souls;

Walking and walking through infinite, unending space of heaven.


Oh, man! Shed your oldie skins;

Of thoughts and deals’ and selfishness;

Jump out of bed and shed the cruelest of the cruelest of skins’

Look around a moment; see the nature around, opening wise eyes as wider as it could.


See the beauty of earth, its sound, scent, color and movement;

Don’t touch it, don’t feel it;

Your hands are dirty and dirtiest of all souls;

Sitting aside, write a melodious songs.


Of mountains, rivers, streams, grasslands, forests;

Of animals, birds, reptiles, insects;

Of Sun, Moon, Stars, day, night;

See the colors so brilliant that you ever see around;


Let the Melody spread all around the earth;

Let the sky beats the drum;

Water falls from it; and river overflows;

Let the Wind moves; and thunder laughs.


Oh man! You see, you are part of nature;

Look the ugliest fur on your body, with eyes of terror;

Walking around and destroying beauty so vivid and heavenly;

Think, think, think, and think a thousand times.


You act on the darkest clouds moving through your thoughts;

Shadowing all beauties of your own soul;

Hear the music of birds, the music of nature;

Your voices are so harsh and ugliest on this earth.


Keep yourself on this earth with other creatures;

Look creatures moving on this earth as your own brothers;

As all have only one Mother;

Its Mother earth! It is heaven!


 Oh! Man, touch her legs, if not;

Look her legs submerged in tears of her own;

Crying for her vanishing children on this earth;

Because of you, because of you, Oh! Man…


Oh! Man you are the image of Devil!

Pretending to be the image of God!

Pretending to be intelligent and wise!

Never knowing the world of your brothers.


Oh! Man, know the mystery of life and death;

Touch the secrecy of life and death;

Touch other souls with your tender fingers;

With ever loving touch that never forgets.





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