Is there any other world for us?

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“Is there any other world for us?” is a poem for all animals, birds and all species kept in captivity all around the world for the cruelest selfishness of man to make profit and to make use of them for scientific study. If we humans think that they are rulers of the world, as a poet I feel “No”. Each soul in this world should have freedom to move around this heavenly earth. And it is the duty of cruelest humans to know it, that they should respect all other fellow species on this earth and live in harmony. A bug or an insect as their own feeling that God has given and their beauty should be appreciated in freedom, but not in captivity.

Submitted: June 19, 2008

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Submitted: June 19, 2008



Fumes inside the heart;

Burns the life to end;

Trees are there plenty out there;

Spaces were plenty out there.


Looked my feathers;

Tears rained down the cheeks;

Colorful feathers of no use;

Shined in beauty of color.


She was with me always;

Crying aloud to the gods;

Why we are born?

Feathers folded always.


Rainbow appeared in the sky;

Sun shined with pretty smile;

Clouds appeared, Mist appeared;

Lightning appeared, Thunder appeared.


Circled year after year;

Looked all in tears of captivity;

Give us freedom Oh, God;

Give us freedom Oh, Lord.


Hearts of sadness and tolerance;

Tear their heart of purity;

Man the cruelest animal;

Laughed aloud, thanking God.


Oh God is there any world for us;

To fly freely around in freedom;

Tell me where it is?

Kill us, Oh God, here at the spot.









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