Latent Love

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The poem narrates the inner feeling of man in love for the first time. His mind is contaminated by the fantasies so intense leaving all duties and responsibilities behind, and he thinks for a while to get rid of fantasies he should somehow kill her to escape and involve in reality.

Submitted: August 06, 2009

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Submitted: August 06, 2009




Some how I killed her;

With a Knife, pushing deep into her heart spilling blood;

With a Dagger, chipping off her neck and throw her head far away;

With a Stone, crushing her head into thin layers.


Some how I killed her;

With a Snake, secretly putting it on her bed to poison;

With a Scorpion, secretly putting it in her room for an intense sting;

With a Spider, secretly putting it on her body, to kill in shock.


Some how I killed her;

With a Car, dashing on her body over a narrow lane;

With a Train, pushing her on the track and crushing into pieces;

With a Bus, tearing apart the body with speedy wheel.


Some how I killed her;

With a Drink, adding poison so intense;

With a Food, adding poison so sweet;

With a Mushroom, poisonous to eat;


Some how I killed her;

With my Hand, squeezing her neck hardly;

With my Legs, Kicking her heart into pieces;

With my Body, Crushing with weight.


Some how I killed her;

In my Mind, with flowing love;

In my Heart, breaking it;

In my Breath, making still.


A thousand times I killed her;

A thousand times she was reborn;

Looking every moment on me;

Smiled and Laughed like a ripple on a still water.

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