The Animal Instinct

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This poem is all about the psychic energy of cruelty, aggression, harshness and all terror and nightmares rushing like a over flown river which make destruction all over the path where is moves. Once river was calm with love and has plenty of colors reflecting from it but now when the situation arises, it sheds its colorful nature and starts roaring in darkness.

Submitted: June 07, 2008

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Submitted: June 07, 2008



Shines the world, Waves of color;

Rushed on earth; not on heavens;

Woods where thick; leaves where bright;

Darkness spread, inside the woods.


Colors never came, Darkness followed;

Shiny eyes, shiny teeth;

Where sharp enough to tear a dust;

Looking beyond, the rose where black.


Eyes of fear, widened as it could;

Looked around, shadows no where;

Eyes of dead walked here and there;

Searching treasure in the darkness.


Eyes where bright, rays where sharp;

Sharpened teeth sparkled with terror;

Wind blew hard, harder and harder.

Colors faded away, colder and colder way.


Hands where hard, hard as a rock;

Legs where tough, tough as steel;

Walked all along, faster and faster;

Searching treasure, hidden in the darkness.


Flowers where dark, leaves were dark;

Trees where dark, plants where dark;

Shiny eyes, touched a scent;

Touched a treasure, eager to possess.


Pool was red; it was blood;

Tearing flesh, sounds of terror;

End of life, voice of pain;

Echoed in woods, again and again.



Eyes where red, teeth where rusty;

Danced with joy, sang a song;

Laugher exists, moon shadowed;

Waves of color, float beyond.


Shiny eyes, Shiny teeth;

Ghosts of terror, walked around;

Never slept, ever smiled;

Darkness prevailed, there it exist.


Woods where lost, vanished in plenty;

Ghosts of terror opened the eyes;

Eyes of fear, eyes of surprise;

Shiny eyes, faded away.


Colors appeared, floating as a river;

Tear the darkness, pushed it outer;

Ghosts of terror, ran with fear;

Faster and faster, it was colored.








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