The Final Point of Life

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“The final Point of Life” is a poem dedicated to Lord Yama Raja (Dharma Raja) or Kaala “The God of Death” in Hinduism. In the Vedas Yama is God of Death, with whom the spirits of the departed dwell. Yama is represented as having two insatiable dogs with four eyes and wide nostrils, which guard the road to his abode, and which the departed are advised to hurry past with all the possible speed. These dogs are said to wander about among men as his messengers and is described as sending a bird as the herald of doom.

In the epic poems Yama is the God of Departed spirits and judge of the dead. A soul when it quits its mortal form moves to the abodes in the lower regions; their recorder Chitra-Gupta, reads out his account from Agra-sandhani and a just sentence follows the souls either ascends to the adobes of the Pitris or is sent to one of the twenty-one hells according to its guilt or it is born again on earth in another form. Yama is represented as of a Green color and Clothed in Red. He rides upon a buffalo, and is armed with a ponderous mace and a noose to secure his victims. Yama deva is Mrityu, Kala and Antaka; This God is also known as Dharma Raja or King of Justice.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008



Beast of bold, black with sharp horns;

Curved and sharp;

Eyes like diamond, sharp and luminous;

Moved jerking earth, in the fear of death.


Top sat a beautiful flower of dharma;

Counting time precisely and up to point;

Looked all over; spread the arms of mace;

Powerful to tear even the mighty heavens.


Eyes were sharp and sharpest of all existed;

Thousand lights of divinity shined together;

Searched for souls, whose time ending;

Grabbed the soul, pulled it to heaven and hell.


Servants where plenty; locating souls;

Grasping souls, in ending life;

Life was short; life was long for some;

No life for some, in the hands of divine cycle of birth and death.


Foolish souls never liked Dharma;

Preached Dharma, attained fame;

Never prayed, ever prayed;

Fear existed deep in the heart.


Brave souls prayed Yama;

Lightning of Dharma strike the mind;

Heart was brave; thought was brave;

Way of truth enlightened the soul.

Thousands ways to take the soul;

With the rope of time, strong and powerful;

Pushed body down to earth;

Souls were taken, towards abode.


Twenty one cells of fire enclosed;

Sinners where send to one of it;

Pulled souls again for birth;

Yama loved to keep justice.


The man with sword of justice;

Fought with pride and truth;

Kept for happiness for ever;

Room of Moksha, opened for ever.


Birth never touched there;

Death never touched there;

Awareness never touched there;

Conscious never touched there.


Sat in the place of God;

As God of Wisdom;

Yama was beside him;

Protects him; with his sword of justice.




Why should one fear Yama Raja? It is because human mind is contaminated with the roots of all sins more than truth and justice. This God of Death remembers every human being, that there is a time to come to take one’s soul by the Yama kinkaras (servants). The self of oneself and take it in front of Chitragupta for tallying Sins and Truth committed in the earthly environment. It is believed that there are twentyone different type of hells. According to the severity of Sin committed the self is put into test again in any hell. These hells symbolize rebirths in different forms; May be as a worm, a butterfly, a bird or even as human itself. One who walks in the earth practicing truth in words and keep justice in mind and never committed Sins are kept for Moksha or in other words liberation from Re-birth according to law of Karma. Moksha is liquidation of Karma that the concept is while facing death the man must liberate his thought on all aspects of worldly possessions and only think of God who is the supreme creator. The man should be brave enough to accept death at the time of departing from earth. The Departing is technically taking soul out of the body by the Lord itself.


The concept of Yama raja teaches human mind to live in morality based on justice and truth.


Law of Karma explains


  1. Man’s inescapable habit to do Karmas.
  2. The result follows karma and the same should be enjoyed and suffered by the doer itself.
  3. Once set in motion, even death of the physical body cannot stop the wheel of Karma. (birth-death cycle)
  4. The cycle of Birth-Death-Rebirth continues till all the karma is liquidated.


Karma = In the Buddhist and Hindu religions the word Karma means the force produced by a person’s actions in one of their lives which influences what happens to them in their future lives.


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