The Shoemakers Shoe

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
“The Shoe Makers Shoe” narrates the life of a shoe maker and the people living in the remote village, where the story stresses the basic values, morality and quality of living that distinguishes the emotion of perfect love through a story told by the shoe maker symbolizing what a true love is to be like? The story stress the quality of perfect love which flows like a melodious music through the cool air from distant landscape that never desires the materialistic desires but only aims the ultimate feeling of pleasantness in others mind. The story contains seven chapters which pictures true love.

Submitted: October 25, 2008

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Submitted: October 25, 2008



Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Village Tales

Chapter 2 Street Tales

Chapter 3 Shop Number 13

Chapter 4 A desire out of Dream

Chapter 5 Rush Hour

Chapter 6 Restless Night

Chapter 7 The Day named Sunday

Chapter One

Village tales

The street seems narrow, leading to open villages where numerous, cows, pigs, goats and all form of pet animals live in harmony with man. While walking, one can see few animals wandering here and there around the street corners. Plenty of buffaloes can be spotted around the open fields including various forms of life forms grazing happily and in rhythmic form. Most of the villagers talk to animals, on seeing them and while with them as they all are a single species. Such is the understanding and love exchanged between them. The sky is bright with fluttering wings of beautiful birds including the beautiful like the parrot and Peacocks. The weather is almost cool compared to the other part of the land as more bushes and rainy trees were plenty out there. All persons living in this area; where not greedy, as their brothers and sisters who are living in the mid of the far away cities. They love each other; nature, animals and birds, even talk to woods and plants nearby. There were many people who talk to plants, trees, shrubs to exchange their views and emotions. They considered woods as part of their life. Many where agriculturalists, they were not taught from universities, they are expert in their work, but they are considered illiterate and less status people by the outsiders. Some work by their own ability and skills, by making breads, by painting and singing, by making accessories and useful materials like shoes, bags, belts etc. they never felt inferior about their way of life, in one form they were proud of their living situations; even women where happy with their men but they never had a mobile phone or Television nor Computer to calculate. There were people who calculate even 10 digit number within a fraction of seconds. The city people must use a powerful computer to calculate such a simple arithmetic by typing it for minutes or hours; and atlast becoming irritated by the software they use and complain needlessly about something or other. The water was pure; they rose by hearing the voices of birds in the morning and slept by hearing lullabies from their elder people.

The city people considered villagers as cultureless, illiterate, and traditional and some sort of distant civilization. The other reason to point out is that the villagers never choose to read newspapers in the early morning or late evenings as their city counterpart. If somebody asks about it “no time to spare” the answer goes long with similar reasons. Few authorities have faced to uplift the living conditions in the name of development and modernity; but also in vain. They say they don’t want to contaminate Mother Nature with modern technologies. These are reality about this area on the outskirts of Pantheon Road leading to big cities. Moreover, villagers where following perfect traditional values and perfect implementation of Philosophical thoughts in their life.

Chapter Two

Street tales

Here lived a Shoe maker, who has a shop in the Eastern Street. The shop is numbered 13th by the authorities, and it is the 13th shop while walking downwards from the pantheon road cutting the traffic Zebra lane. But no one sees a Zebra around the corner. As most of them don’t even call by names, many of them have no name in the street. They where called by the name of their work. Now let you ask somebody in the 12th or 14th shop in the street! What is the name of the person sitting in the 13th shop who is busy with shoe making? The answer may be nothing but just a widened shiny eye; they all may be themselves thinking about it for the first time. There were no names for shops either. Shops were known by its numbers, well simple to search than shops inside concrete jungles because they were known by its name and it advertisements. There were no theft or vandalisms occurred in the history of the street or in village. Strange persons are well noticed by the villagers. They don’t usually mingle either. In the name of Tourism some authorities counseled the villagers but in vane. They talked they are not zoo animals to treat tourists with monkey business. Now the authorities never went there after that incident. Electricity was not there. But they are happy under Candle stick. Those people in the village don’t spend much and earn much. Their relation ship is beyond monetary terms. They are emotionally bond and had stronger relationship within and with animals, birds and woods without selfishness in it. They never calculated life in monetary terms. Their philosophy is each soul is invaluable and calculating in financial term is the greatest sin in the world.

Chapter Three

Shop Number 13

The 13th shop is a wooden old two storey building. On the top floor only one hall is there, and the ground floor has two rooms. The building itself is made out of wood. Even in the hot summer, if one sits inside the building experiences comfortability of nature that is not received under air conditioners. The inside room on the shop is a store room, where all the work materials for shoe making is stored. There is a wooden ladder which leads to the top floor from that store room. The shoe maker has kept the top floor empty, but occasionally he went and rest there, dreaming and singing a song alone or with his friends or wife. The song was sung melodiously and has numerous audiences in side the room like the spiders, bugs and what all creatures there. Clouds smiled while passing looking through the large wooden window. Altogether the room seems dusty.

The shoe maker makes around fifty shoes a week. Retail business People from the city come in the weekend and carry those shoes in a truck by paying reasonable money. The week end is the business day for the street as almost shop is busy with people around. The shoe maker never asks for more money, or never complaint about anything to the customers. The materials for making the shoes where given by the same people from the city and is carried by them via truck to the shop 13. The design is common as the business is targeted for common people. The name and seal was given on the shoes from the factory situated far away in the city. After they were packed in an attractive box, the price tag is fixed and is hanged in city shops for sale.

Chapter Four

A desire out of dream

One afternoon the shoe maker was relaxing in the hall by merely dreaming about the unknown. The idea stuck once and it was a thought of taking a class to local public; just to make them aware about shoe making. The thought itself energized him, his face was like a mid day sun. He jumped out of the hall and went to his home and talked to his wife for hours and decides to implement the dream.

For conducting the awareness programme he closed the shop for the next two days and went in discussion with his closest friends. Some told that he was a crack. Some give a smile and others supported him and few gave money to buy a black board and chalks. The date was fixed mutually and he choosed a Sunday for the programme.

Sun set as usual in the Friday evening, the shoe maker was anxious. His mind was winding on the programme. What and how should I talk to the audiences? In the Friday night, with curiosity he practiced the programme in front of his wife then in front of cows and buffaloes! They all find no fault in his appearance and style of presentation. The shoe maker never slept in the night with anxiety. There was no Friday or Saturday for him or for his mind. Only the Sunday shined his mind….and the name of the Day echoed in his ears several times. With restless and anxiety the Shoe maker in the early morning on Saturday around 2 am told his wife that he expects fifteen audiences to here his speech. The wife shouted on him for around half an hour and slept again. Hearing this quarrel, Dogs barked from here and there and the village became noisy in the early morning hours. Hens and Cocks looked to the sky thinking they were late to rise out of bed. Donkeys aimlessly looked all around and nodded with bad words and slept again. Buffaloes and other birds shouted to stop the unnecessary noises and went to sleep.

Hours passed.

Chapter Five

Rush Hour

In the early morning around 5o’clock the shoe maker rushed to collect materials needed for his programme. Just 24 hours to go for Sun to rise in the name of Sunday. Around 6 am the shoe maker came back to his shop with a small board and placed that small board by writing the time and details of the programme; in the front side corner of the shop, putting a neat border around the writings by fixing the board with Nails on the wooden wall. A house cat was curious about the board and within minutes it rubbed on it wiping out few area of programme, making it unclear.

Shoe maker didn’t notice it and went to collect few wooden chairs from a nearby Shop Number 25, where chairs and tables are given for the needed. The shoe maker ordered fifteen chairs, and asked to send it to shop 13 and keep it in the hall. The main shopkeeper of the shop number 25 was surprised about what is going on in the shoe maker and in Shop 13.

Hours passed the whole material needed was received. Now it is time to arrange the hall for the guests. After lunch the shoe maker and his friends assisted to arrange the room neatly as they could and put chairs in an order where no one misses the speech. By 5pm the whole arrangement was over. But few cobwebs hanged on the windows unnoticed, reflected the evening sun rays through it.

Chapter six

Restless Night

The programme is to be scheduled at 2pm. There was scattering rain in the evenings. The street was muddy and watery here and there. There where few ducks enjoying the water holes in the street. Few people looked the board while on the way, some does not even look. It was coming dark, the shoe maker is becoming irritated, and restlessness swallowed him. Some times he started to write on the board with the chalk; at some time he visualized full audiences and started a rehearsal for his friends; some times he became anxious of having more audiences. But never expect fewer audiences. Now it was time to sleep. The moon was smiling, few clouds rush to the eastern side, there heard fluttering of bats feather and hoots of owl in the woods. The street was calm. Few Dogs and Foxes were howling. A thick mist entered the street making the night more darker.

In the candle light the shoe maker sat inside the hall looking through the window without even blinking his eyes once. Hours passed. There were 6 tones on the clock. He prepared for his performance, kissed his wife and asked her blessings and courage. He knows that she is the only one who gives him all strength in his life to be courageous. Even in extreme poverty and trouble in life she was living as part of this lovely man.

Chapter seven

The Day named Sunday

Early morning the shoe maker with all preparations went to the hall and sat there with few friends. Time passed very slowly. They never talked to each other just looked each other for hours. They drank a tea for energy and had a lunch around 12 noon. Then suddenly 4 people entered the hall by getting permission of the shoe maker and sat on the front row of the arrangement. They were talking aloud each other continuously. Now 2 hours has to go for 2pm. The man on the front row asked the shoe maker what is this class all about? Shoe maker replied this is all about shoe making and the life of a shoe. The person sitting few minutes stood and walked out by saying we will be back by half an hour. Time passed, now it is around 1:30pm only new two persons were there and they sat in the last row without uttering a word, just openly viewing the blackboard hanging on the hall. There was a pair of shoes on the table kept before the black board. The 2 persons understood something what is going on, but the real thing they didn’t understood.

The hall has a very low light that passed inside through the broken glass of the window. The wooden window was not paneled. It was dusty. There were cob webs hanging all over. One spider was spinning net on the roof very creatively. One of the people was curiously looking the work of the spider. No other persons came even after 1:45pm. The two persons looked restless; one asked why your awareness has not started at fixed time? (They thought the awareness should start at 1:00pm). They started asking unnecessary questions that created tension and anxiety in the shoe maker.

The friends suggested that lets the program begins. We have 2 interested guests for it. But the time? Shoe maker asked the friends. No problem we will manage it. The shoe maker started the program around 2PM in the name of the almighty God and dedicating the entire programme to his wife. He asked friendly the two people to change their seat to the front row of the hall. Altogether 5 persons seated the other is his wife itself and his two friends. The hall was quite; with a pleasing smile the shoe maker introduced himself to the guests and all about the programme.

The street was empty but the village was busy. No body wants to spend time wastefully! Because as all others has their own domestic work to complete. The shoe maker knows it. A woodpecker flew and sat on the roof of the hall, making few noises it flew out.

He simply lifted a shoe and started to point on different parts. The main parts of the shoes are “the front edge is called the welt, points the side and showed; this part is bottom filler, the base is the outer sole, this is the heel; just upper part is of the heel is the seat lift and in between the heel grip and heel is the steel shank. “ the shoe maker then explained the upper part of shoes “ this is the insole (inside the shoes) , on the outer you find the lining on both sides, on the upper part you see the wing cap, the vamp, the tongue. The back side he pointed out and told that this is the cuff. “All together we call it as a shoe continued “there is lace less as well as shoes with lace.

Nearly fifteen minutes went off for explaining this. The guests were very happy and they thanked the shoe maker for the information. Tears fell from the eyes of his wife with happiness. No one never looked her weeping.

The shoe maker continued “this is not the shoes before, now or in future; we call shoes for the form you see in a particular shape with relation to its use. The shoe is born on my hands; before they were just leather sheets. “I am the creator” the shoe maker stressed in a loud voice that tremble the whole hall. All those who sat stood and gave him a big hand.

Then he fluently started to tell in emotion about the tale of a shoe. “After he created, the shoe was put in the shop for sale. The shoe was not sold for nearly one month, but one day a gentle man came and liked the shoe, it was his perfect size, he purchased the shoe.

The shoe maker asked to change the view of the audiences, think on the part of the shoe. The shoe never complained about the weight of the man, it never complained the path he walked, it never complained about the pressure the wearer gave, it never complained about stones, nails or water. It never complained about the insect’s byte or a tearing glass piece that sliced a part of it. The shoe just protects the man from all mishaps unconditionally. He runs with it, he walks with it, he climbs a ladder with it, he kicks a ball with it and throw aggressively on the face of his wife inside the house, he puts it in all climate and once he found the shoe is not fit for him he threw it away even without thinking of the help given by it! He forgets completely for ever. Atlast the shoe dies somewhere in the garbage thinking of its faith, even then the shoe never complained.” “After the man purchase the shoe… and do the same thing.” No one loves the shoe, but the only thing is that the unconditional love of shoe to the wearer”. Continued “ the shoe has no distinction between a poor or a rich; an intelligent or a stupid; a strong person or feeble; a lunatic or a normal; a criminal or a non-criminal; a highly status person or a normal person or an athlete or a non-athlete, but it just protects without any expectations, desires, needs or complain the wearer.

The audiences sat breathless about the emotional speech done by the shoemaker and they all looked moody and looked at their own shoes and had a deep breath.

The speech concluded with a group prayer and all sat by making chairs in a circular order and had a coffee by giving cheers to one another. His wife went to shoe maker and kissed him emotionally, tears fall for a while and went back to the chair. Every body clapped hands and together danced and sang a song in joy. The hall was reddish with evening sunlight. The shade of darkness was scattering all over, the melodious music and dancing steps were heard from distant villages vibrating the whole darkness. The night jars sang the song of sadness representing the expansion of urban world.

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