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For all the teenagers who are passing through the struggling phase of their Life

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013





 Never ever the same ,

Life is a baffling game .

Sometimes fast and sometimes slow,

At times ‘to’ and at times ‘fro’.


You are hobbling on a rope,

Inspiration being a colossal light of scope.

But you may not tumble,

Else you’ll fall from such a great height.

Courage and Confidence is what you need,

To get through this little plight.


A teenager’s life is full of gigantic flux,

Vicious circle, a tripartite.


Your behaviour may change,

But values remain the same.

Habits may change,

What you aim is the same.


You tend to flow along with the river,

that has a change in course,

hoping to find one, with a better source.

But things like this lure,

to those who are unsure.

To achieve success, 

To rise to fame,

Needs on your hard work ,

and is your fate’s game.


Throw away your fears,

And so these uncertainty shackles.

Overcome hurdles and tackle obstacles.

Face it and live it,

Coz life is not a fable.



Don’t underestimate yourself

Or ever think you’re nothing.

Spread your perception,

And diminish this misconception

 See what is around...

You are never-the-less

 You have something in you,

Which was not found.


Be consistent, not pedantic.

So that everything stays in brain,

And doesn’t go away in vain.



Wish you good luck!

For what you may do.

Put your heart and soul,

The face of life may bring with it

SUCCESS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!............... 



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