The Heroes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Story club

3 organizations work as a team to find and track ISIS down . Letter came to the organizations come together in a form of a short story will they be able to capture and question them .

chapter 1 – An unsettling sound.


My 10-year-old cousin George has been living with us ever since his parents were killed in a road accident 3 years ago.  He's more than a kid brother to me.  I feel responsible for him and love spending time with him.  

I can't say the same about my relationship with my older brother Zackary.  Well, Zackary is 24 and has been working for a Investment group in East London for the past 4 years.  We share a very tumultuous relationship. I have always felt he is very envious of me. That brings me to my parents, Marge and Allen Simpson.  They mean the world to me.  They are hard working and doting parents.  They have never discriminated or compared us, which is why I haven't been able to understand Zackary's resentment towards me.


I make friends very easily and that explains my instant rapport with our newest neighbor, Roger.  Roger and I are studying at the St. Mathews junior school in West London very close to our house on Grower Street.  My parents chose this locality as it tops as one of London's safest neighborhoods.  I love it here.  It’s quiet and very close to school.


It was just another quiet afternoon on Grower Street.  I was busy playing a board game with George, when the house phone rang.  I sprung up to answer it and was delighted to hear Roger's voice.  He wanted me over at his house later that evening to discuss our school science project.  Lazily I agreed.  I was in no mood for brain storming today. But what needs to be done has to be done!! George had already messed up the board game by then and moved on to playing on his own with his brand new Lego set.  I decided to do just about nothing for the next couple hours.

Suddenly I heard a rather unusual buzz coming from some where inside the house. At first I didn’t give it much thought and continued mopping around. Soon the buzz became an unbearable screech. George and I rushed up to the first floor of our house, from where we felt the noise emanated.


We have a 2-storey house. The ground floor is a formal living room, a family room and kitchen and the dinner room. The first floor houses all our bedrooms and a study. The second floor has an attic and a terrace. The attic doubles up as our music and activity room. We opened each bedroom door but couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from. We tried opening Zachary’s room door, but it was locked!! I tried pushing the door open but it was an unsuccessful attempt. As suddenly as the buzz had started it died down. It left me perplexed and also got me wondering why Zackary had locked his room! We never ever lock our rooms!!  Zackary hadn’t been home for weeks now.  He had told us he was away to close a very important deal.

I made a mental note to speak to my parents about the incident and left for Roger’s place.


Chapter 2 – Suspicious happenings at the Arcade.


I have a gang of boys that I love hanging out with.  We have been together since pre primary and it’s incredible how we all share the same interests and have an un-satiating appetite for adventure. 


We spend a lot of time hanging together trying to develop new software’s, hacking computer codes and just being nosy!!!

I just had to share the happenings of the afternoon with my gang.  I was so sure that we would manage to make an adventure out of it.

Allen, the nerdiest of us all came up with a theory.  He suggested that the sound emanated from spy software he had read about earlier that week. 

Tim, the fastest of us all had already opened his laptop and was googling about the software. He was the fastest typer in the group and smart also. “ There guys we got the software information, the app was created by Robert Jackson in JUNE 2014. This is really awesome. It is about how to create software and hack other software’s.  This Robert guy runs an arcade at the 5th street mall.  What say guys lets pay him a visit?  May be he can tell us something about the weird sound coming out of Zackary’s room”.

The arcade was nothing like what the boys had imagined.  “This place is mind blowing!” said Harry.  He was always the first to get super excited about anything new. 

Roger, the budding architect amongst all of us was busy examining how the place was all wired up and how it had been demarcated into zones based on logical application skills.


Suddenly, we heard a loud argument erupting from one of the rooms in the corner.  Naturally our gaze turned towards the room.

Our curious gaze soon turned into shock as we recognized that one of the persons entangled in the brawl was none other than Zackary!! I was completely shocked, as, as far as I knew, Zackary was away on a business trip!  What was he doing in the city and that too in an arcade?!

Chapter 3 – How little we know of our near ones!

Just as we started moving closer to the room, security personnel blocked our way.  His gaze was enough to scare us away.

We were huddled out of the arcade like we were a bunch of urchins begging on the street. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen.


We decided to head back to Roger’s place and try downloading the app. I was beside myself. Why was Zackary involved in an argument with that suspicious looking man?  My attention moved to the man. Something about him left me unsettled. Had I seen him somewhere?

Back at Roger’s the boys got busy understanding how to download the software.  They were thrilled about the software and were already making plans on how to use it.

I started thinking about where I had seen the stranger.  Suddenly, a thought struck me and I asked Roger for the paper.  He directed me to it and I was startled and my hands started to tremble when I read the headlines. “ ISIS suspect spotted in east London and the target for them is east London. CIA and other international agencies have put London on high alert!”


:Guys the headlines also say that ISIS is one of the most dangerous organization in the whole of the world. They are based in Iraq. They choose a place as a target and attack that place by bombing it.’’ It is really scary. London is not safe anymore.  We are just getting over what happened in Paris, and now this news.”




With fear, anxiety, doubt and total confusion I slowly walked back home.  My head and heart were debating as to whether I should call and question Zackary about what he was doing at the arcade with the ISIS operative.  Whether I should warn the Police, should I speak to my parents? My face turned red and my palms were sweating.  I noticed Zackary’s car parked in our driveway.


I entered the house in a hurry and saw our family gathered in the family room.  Zackary wore a very stern and serious expression.  My parents seemed concerned.  As I walked in Zackary stole his glance away from me, and left saying he would be again away on work for a couple days.  Not to expect him home anytime soon.  He had just come back to collect some important files that he needed. 

I was still in a state of shock, but decided to share the happenings of the afternoon with my parents.  They would not believe me and said I may have mistaken the person in the arcade.  I told them that we should check Zackary’s room.  I walked up the stairs 2 steps at a time and tried to open Zackary’s room door.  It opened with any problem.  It was spotless. There was nothing suspicious there.  My parents left in a huff and told me to stop doubting my brother and concentrate on my studies

I went back to my room and started reading up on the ISIS.  I came across a write up that indicated, “ISIS actively recruits waves of normal people from the United States and Europe to join their ranks. Many teens have the notion of a higher calling that outweighs all other life factors when they enlist in ISIS.”




I immediately spoke to my friend Roger about what happened and he suggested we could track the whereabouts of Zackary using GPS.  He was a geek and really good at all the tech stuff.  I passed on Zackary’s cell phone number to him.  He called back in 5 minutes saying the phone was not reachable.  This got me really worried and told Roger I would go back to the arcade to find out what was really happening.  Roger tried to caution me saying that I would be burning my hand in fire and didn’t realize the force I was against.


Suddenly I recalled that in the article there was a mention of a name and number that citizens were to get in touch with if they had any information.  I hunted for the paper and called the given number.  I was called to the CIA headquarters immediately. I left the house saying I was going to Roger’s to study. 


The journey to the office felt like eternity.  The anxiety and fear were killing me inside.  The office was abuzz with activity and the security was heightened.  Once there I was directed to office of Director Cowlam. 


I narrated the happenings of the afternoon, in what seemed like one breath! The expression on his face changed from calm to tense in a matter of seconds.  He immediately blurted out some instructions that seemed coded and turned his gaze to me.


He asked me very specifically to repeat all the happenings of the afternoon as if to check whether I was sharing all the information.  He also asked if I had shared this information with anyone else.  I told him about my friends and my parents.  He asked his assistant to immediately get all of them to headquarters.  I kept pleading with him to tell me what was going on.  He just told me to stay calm.


In a couple minutes all the people in the know of the happenings of the afternoon were in the office.  He sat us down and started to show us some pictures.  All the pictures showed Zackary in conversation with some rather suspect looking men. One of the pictures showed him with the man we had seen him earlier that afternoon.  I immediately jumped from my seat and shouted that he was the man I saw Zackary with that afternoon.  My parent’s faces lost colour almost like all the blood had been drained out of their bodies.


Once the pictures were done, officer Cowlam turned to my parents and said, “ Mrs. and Mr. Simpson, it is with great pride that I have to share very sensitive and top secret information with you.  If it hadn’t been for your son Zackary, London would have been destroyed hours ago.  Your son has been on a secret mission for a couple months now.  He had assumed a different identity and had managed to get recruited by the ISIS to carry on their terror attacks.  He has risked his life for the safety of his country.  We are very proud of him and now are praying for his safe return.  Once he gathers all the information and we send reinforcements to capture the ISIS operatives in London, he will be back.  He has managed to collect a lot of information about the ISIS functions, which will help us crack and trace them down.

I would suggest you go back home and not breathe a word about this to anyone till we have Zackary back safely. I will have surveillance set up at all your houses till the mission is over.”


How little I knew of my brother.  I never perceived of him as brave let alone a risk taker.  I always thought he was very selfish and self involved.  How presumptuous I had been and realized how I had always mistook his behavior for disinterest in me. Now all I could do was feel pride and pray for his safe return.


Submitted: March 21, 2016

© Copyright 2021 aryan ruia. All rights reserved.

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