Two is Better Than One

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A poem to introduce myself.

Submitted: February 11, 2014

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Submitted: February 11, 2014




Two is Better Than One


26 years I have graced this Earth

But I haven’t always realized my own worth.

I used to hate and regret it all.

Never realizing, I was the own cause of my fall.


Two sides to who I am:

Palestinian and American – who came up with this scam?

Trying to balance them both makes everything hard

I always felt I was dealt a bogus playing card.


Smart, sweet, and full of love.

Stubborn, angry, and a little bit tough

Prideful, loyal, beautiful, and fun

Gullible, moody, but it depends on the sun.


Kind and friendly, I like to be nice.

Unfortunately, this is what caused a lot of my demise.

Trusting too easily, I was forced to learn

Not everyone cares, they just want to see you burn.


Hatred, loathing, feeling too much pain

The betrayal felt like being hit by a train.

Depression, confusion, and loss of myself

Feeling the need to just sit on the shelf.


Being born and bred in the USA,

The Palestinian always felt the necessity to stray.

Wanting the freedom and chance at her own life,

She didn’t want to end up living in strife.


Rebel, lie, do as you please.

Oh no! There’s mama and baba! Stop! Freeze!

Hold your breath and don’t get caught.

Remember, you get away with things more often than not.


If they catch you, you’re in big trouble.

The freedom you have is taken away, on the double.

You become a disgrace, shame the family.

Your life then ends up being a big calamity.


Grow up, hurry, don’t waste time.

Oh wait, I’m Palestinian, that’s a crime.

I can’t grow unless I become a bride,

And then it’s still someone else who controls my ride.


Scream, shout, and put up a fight.

Get what you want, do it with all your might.

You’ll never be you, unless you’re free

But you’ll never be free, unless you flee.


Frightened, lost, not having the heart

Can’t leave the family and have a new start.

American or Palestinian, which side will win?

Maybe both, if you know the right way to spin.


The older you get, the wiser you become.

You start to think that everything you did might have been dumb.

You don’t have to choose between Arab or not,

You can be both, believe it or not.


The things that have happened, the things you went through,

The beauty of them, good and bad, have made you you!

Be strong, wise, and happy, because that’s all that matters

Meshing the two worlds together will not leave you in tatters.


Educated, cultural, courageous, and witty

Sociable, reliable, hard-working and pretty

Smile, laugh, don’t stress and understand

That in the end, everything will be okay, and your life will be grand.


Palestinian and American, being both is a blessing.

It becomes easier as you grow, because there’s no more guessing.

You know the rules, what to do and not.

In the end, it’s better than you originally thought.









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