I am not weak

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The story behind this Poem is one that has affected me.

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



I have Conquered Earth and Sky
To be here where I stand
Drunk on silky blue,
Embedded in soft brown land.
My time has left me Scarred
I thought he’d leave me dead
He was not my enemy,
Twas the army that he led
Dying the sky grey, black and blue
Bruises on my face aching anew
His apology was the beads of the sweet
Morning dew
His name was The Present a gift
From the Past
A shadowy reminder that the future
Is everlast-ing.
My many hands and fingers
Reach out to touch the sky
To pull down those clouds that make
Me want to cry
I am waist deep, deep
Into the Ground
Waist deep in earth cause
To it I am bound
Here is where I stand
This is all I know
I can say that is was not that long ago
When I was that weak
When my voice was snatched away so, that I could not speak
Though time was not my enemy, nor the army that he led
The foe was the perpetrator inside his screwed up head

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