Tick the Tock

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I couldn't be any more inclined to create a song out of this, but alas, I haven't the talent. :)

Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012



Tick the Tock.

Less the pain and more the fury

Burning down the judge and jury

Cut and slice and cry and burn

Whatever it takes to forget the hurt

We hate our lives! We hate them so

We hate to see our loved ones go

But life is full of great surprises

And one is that no one survives it

Tick, the clock ticks on and all

Our time is spent in hallowed halls

Guilded gold and sorrowed silver

Bountiful water from bountiful sewers

Tock, time runs like rats and rodents

Sure of where their fate and hope is

Scatter, clamber, linger, find

The bones of adversity that once were mine

Forget the pain! Find the fury

Never mind the judge and jury

The judge and jury, despite their calling

Always do the unjust rewarding

Cling to darkness and with it sing

The haunting in thousand's memories

Tears on a path, blood on a boat

Wish to drown in fears but only float.

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