Love In The Autumn Breeze

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A little daydream I had about me and my love. Wrote it down, and it makes me smile every time I read it, so thought I'd share it with you.

Submitted: September 22, 2011

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Submitted: September 22, 2011



Love In The Autumn Breeze

I held my breath as I drew in the fresh air filling my loungs. It was that kind of air that you feel you can never get enough of, and you try to draw so much in you forget to breathe out again. My eyes slowly closed feeling the wind pull at my hair, throwing it in all directions, causing a chaos for me to fix up later. An unconcious smile pulled at my lips, as I shivered from the beauty of it all.

I opened my eyes again in a daze and watched the colourful landscape; a circle of trees stood at the end of the big field, being the shelter for two horses. Leaves in all colours, red, yellow, orange brown, covered the trunk that had stood the weathers for hundreds of years. Green grass covered the fields still, with pearls of water on the edge from yesterdays rain, and the afternoon sun hoovered above the horizon, twinkling inbetween the branches of the forrest.

My arms swung out in the air on impulse, and I twirled around the soft grass, my scarf and dress twirling with me. I laughed out in empty air, just happy to be alive. Suddenly I stopped, feeling eyes on me, and I slowly searched the area, and found you leaning against the fence of the field. Your hands tucked in your jacket pockets and a blissful smile on your face, suggesting you had been watching for a while. I blushed slightly, thinking I must’ve looked silly dancing around all by myself. You shook your head slightly with a smile, and started walking towards me. I shook off the embarressment and ran towards you, longing for your arms.

I threw my arms around your neck, and you laughed as you pulled me off the ground, and twirled me around so I swung in open air for a few seconds, before you put me down and drew me close, your expression suddenly serious but passionate. My smile faded, grasping the loving expression in your eyes, that went deep into your soul. I let myself succumb to your arms pulling me even closer, and your lips brushing against mine, in a soft, but breath taking kiss. I smiled before you released my lips and looked deep into my eyes, filling me with warmth from top to toe. You closed your eyes and kissed my forehead as I rested my weight against your chest, my arms now wrapped around your waist.

You whispered ”come” in my ear, and gently pulled me with you. We walked across the field, still with arms wrapped around eachother, and down to the river a little further down. Sitting down on the river bank with high reed surrounding us I sighed in bliss. Sitting in silence, feeling the safety of your arms and the comforting sound of the river floating by in whispers was a heavenly experience.

I could feel your smile as you bent down to kiss my forehead. I looked up at you, meeting your gaze, and closed my eyes as your lips met mine again, in another soft kiss, sending me sky-high inside. You hummed comfortably before whispering ”I love you” in my ear. Pulling my arms even closer around you, I replied with ”I love you too. Always.”

We sat there till darkness filled the air, and cold crept up on us, from the lack of movement. And so went home, made hot chocolate, wrapped ourselves in a blanket, and talked and kissed till the early hours, knowing there was nowhere else we’d rather be. Knowing we were safe right here and now, and knowing we wanted this moment and this day to last for ever. And knowing no matter what came our way, we loved eachother, and that was enough.

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