The language of Speech

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My thoughts about english.


Whats the point in having a good library of vocabulary/words when
you're unable to present it in such a way that others will, 
understand in a way that's straightforward and clear? 
To have a mastery of english, one must be able to speak and 
speak well to speak with people with diffrent masteries of english
well and to get the message accross accuratedly and clearly
it is not how many fancy words you can put into your sentenses,
rather it is how you word your sentences and how you present it
rather than giving a long monotonous speech , one should give a 
fairly interesting speech filled with all sorts of emotions,
diffrent tones, pitches and volumes can be used to help
get the point across and the words used must be easily 
understood by the audience, for if the audience misunderstands
or gets losts somewhere , who is to blame, the masterful user of
english or the lack of mastery of english of the audience?
it is the responsibility of the speaker to cater to all
the types of people the speaker/writer is seeking an audience to
as such, when writing to professors/graduates/smart people one 
should flaunt their artful mastery of english and drop as many
bombastic words as possible from their gigantic word bank
as these are the type of people most likely to understand and 
appreciate these higher-level of words
although having a good number of fanciful words is great, one 
should be wise not to use too much of these words as the
general populace would rather not hear these mystifying words
and would just want to get their fair bit of news and such 
therefore in our modern world,we must adjust our levels of writing
and speech to suit our needs, having a mastery of english allows
us to be able to talk to many people and yet at the same time get
our points across much easier and clearer than if we had 
a bad control of english.
-The End-
An English Poex

Submitted: April 11, 2012

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