Exhale the Spirit

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Just some death themed quickies. Vary in tone and level of macabre.

Submitted: April 14, 2011

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Submitted: April 14, 2011





A red, red beast that knows only rage

rips through flesh, the lucky are only scarred.

It breathes clouds shaped like poisonous Coprinus comatus.

Greed an insatiable appetite.

Their lives must feed the hunger.



Animam efflare[2]


Dare to disperse the flies, disease on their wings

Each to its own, there is plenty to go around

All is left to rot, the yellow consumed by black, moving specks

Thick is the aroma that feeds the soil to which all must return.

Home, they go again, the weight of flies pushing them





Elm Street


Failure to look twice

ends in flesh torn from bones.

And last thoughts of “I should have

ran faster.”

[1] Latin for “war.”

[2] Latin for “exhale the spirit.”


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