For all I know

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to whom i thought i would love

Submitted: November 05, 2008

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Submitted: November 05, 2008



For all I know

i know....................
i know how it feels like to love someone
i know how it feels like when the pain bleeds inside of me
i know how it feels when someone i love
puts a knive through my back
just standing on the edge of the world
and my life hanging over a thread
i just can't help it but feel the blode
rushing through my vaine
i really do know how it feels
(i really do know how it feels)

forever is to long for me to wait
when the day comes and goes
i realize
i can't hold on to a forgotten soul
all i can do is cry myself to sleep

how ofter do i dream of a perfect place
but i know i can't go a distance
because i can't find my way through a forgotten road
and i can't over come the fear of losing you

do i question my existance
am i afraid to admit how i feel
am i afraid to cry
do i play the role of a happy girl
but i am hurt and i can't stop my heart from bleeding
never let fear conquer how i feel
feel the metranome of love
don't be afraid to cry

i know i want to say how i feel
but i am not able to say a word
i am muted by his words
words can hurt but my love will stay with you

why don't i forget about you and move one
i can find a better person
i know i can do it
i wil push myself to the edge of my sit
i'll get up and go
to a paradise
where everything is a dream come true

i am strong and happy with or without You
I am petrified by the wrong justice of my life

yet i learn to stand right i am a girl of  dreams

I am a lover, not a hater

I am a giver, not a taker

I am mortal, not immortal

I am who i am therefor i choose to live life the way i am suppose to

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