I Loved Her Smile

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A lonely boy describes to us what he finds attractive about an unsuspecting schoolmate and how he acts on his feelings

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



I liked her smile. With the pliers on both sides pulling it wide from the bottom lip, her beautiful smile was all she had that I liked. I honestly didn’t like the rest of her. It’s not like she was pretty, hair usually pulled back in a tight ponytail, slightly tan skin covered in hardly noticeable blemishes, I think I was the only one who even noticed. But I’d been noticing them for a long time and they didn’t make her pretty and the makeup she put on didn‘t either. Nothing made her really pretty, she talked real bland like strawberry preserves with no sugar added like my mom always bought before I told her I hated it. Now she gets the one I like, she doesn’t even get the other for my brother but I don’t care……..

I only liked her smile. Cause when she smiled she looked happy, it was all she had that I wanted. I saw her at school without the smile and there wasn‘t anything. Then I looked at her pictures with a guy on the computer at night, I just looked cause I’d seen her at my new school with no one but in the pictures she was with a guy. To me he looked dumb like he didn‘t think about anything. I bet he couldn’t write poems like mine. He didn’t think like me or wasn’t funny. I only looked at him in the picture cause she was smiling.

I really liked her smile. When she had her smile her head was not straight. She turned it toward the dumb guy or tilted it up to the camera at the same time as the guy. The guy. I think she really liked him but I think he was stupid cause his face was plain like white toast cause his eyebrows and hair were almost white too. He didn’t smile and wasn’t happy like her in the pictures. But I didn’t see the dumb guy at school.

I liked thinking about her smile at school when I looked at her. When I saw her and remembered the pictures I felt my chest feel tight and stupid. So all day I just wanted her to smile. But she didn’t smile alone she liked the guy and he was dumb. The tightness in my chest made me want her to smile with me. I wanted a picture with me and not the dumb guy. I would tilt my head so she knew I thought about her in the picture. So she knew I was smart and I wanted to be in the picture with her.

I hated her smile. She started doing it with her new friends at school cause we weren’t new anymore. But she didn’t make her head crooked like I would in the pictures of us. She didn’t smile with me like I wanted. None of her friends did but I saw all the new pictures of her with her dumb friends. Some didn’t look dumb but they didn’t think a lot cause they thought she was happy with her head straight in the picture. Maybe they didn’t look at the other ones so they didn’t know. They didn’t know she wasn’t happy without the guy.

She smiled fake. But only at me when we walked by each other after school. We always did in front of my house then I would go inside to see new pictures. She didn’t show her teeth and her head was straight so I wanted a picture soon. I had lots of tools in my shed where I told her I lost my dog. I told her it was big and I needed help but she didn’t believe me. She wasn’t dumb like her guy. But there was a brick by the side of the house which was good so she wouldn‘t walk backwards from me. I was careful with her face though for the picture and since I‘m also strong it didn‘t take long to get to the shed with her. I had made the pliers connected with chains to hold each other up behind her head cause I knew she couldn’t just smile if I wasn’t the guy.

I loved her smile. With the pliers on both sides pulling it wide from the bottom lip. I sat next to her with the camera on a box in front of us. I didn’t clean the floor we were sitting on so it was like the one where she sat on a dirty rock with the guy. But he wasn’t there in the shed. I turned her head to lean towards me. And then since I was smart I tilted my head to her and smiled without the pliers on my lip. I didn’t need them like her now. We were both smart and the camera flashed while she smiled with me in the shed. Then I was done and went inside and ate some toast and jam that had sugar with my brother. I was happy to have the picture and wanted to put it on the internet soon. I think the dumb guy wouldn’t notice she was smiling the same with me but her smart new friends might if they looked at all the pictures. I think she was smart and happy in the picture with me cause her head wasn’t straight. That’s why I think she loved me.

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