That Old Gray Sun

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
In medias res. A dark and deadly episode in space. Brief and ominous.

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



Juan threw himself free of the pod leaving his life behind him. He floated freely in deep space. Breathing came to him not without pain, but it came. He choked through his first few belabored breaths. He turned to watch his pod continue on its course without him, spinning wildly, straight into the flickering light of a sickly gray sun. It disappeared behind a large satellite, probably a planet. Things were difficult to gauge at this distance.

His ears were empty. His skin without sensation, save the dull warmth from the aforementioned sun. They had never seen a star quite this color. He wondered to himself why that was. The surface of the strange star, despite its low intensity, shuddered and shifted with rapid activity, like an ant hill in the midst of an attack. So many questions. Why was there oxygen here? Was this not deep space?

His view of the pod was restored in time for him to watch it collide with the star. Rather than disintegrate near the perimeter or disappear in its gases, however, he could make out a simple, dull collision. The pod crushed against the surface of the star. It was then that the star began to change. The space surrounding it seemed to darken and radiate with a vibrant malevolence. He felt himself pulled towards the star which he realized then, to his horror, was not a star at all but something else far too alien and forboding for his understanding. His brain began to feel as though it were being siphoned through his skull pulling his mind toward the immense, gray, living mass.

You're killing me, he thought. I know, he thought he heard himself respond.

Through sweat and numbing panic he saw that the other surrounding debris he had noticed earlier was packing in tighter around the object, also gravitating toward it. Some of the debris closed in around him, slowly choking his conscious mind, a casual consequence of his accidental presence. Even in death he could feel the hunger of the turning gray orb.

So many questions, he thought one final time, so many questions.

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