The First Door

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This short story is in episodes, based on a journey of writer who is so much curious about the incompleteness in this world despite of having modern technology, great infrastructure and all luxuries of life. The writer went on a journey in his dream where he go through different doors, each door has the missing element of this world. The writer eventually find all the missing elements of this world which are the true essence of the beauty of this world. This novel has fantasy, mysteries, adventures, courage, love and much more.

The First Door.

We are living in 21st century where science has done miracles, the technology is so advanced that the world has became a global village. The gigantic infrastructure touches the roof of the sky, well established architecture that is full of perfections. All the necessities and luxuries are available- Everything is at tip of our fingers. Humans have created wonders in all corners of the world, but why this perfectly built world is imperfect? Where does its beauty drop something and lack somewhere? Why despite of living in this world we can't call this world ours? Why in the crowd of millions of people we find ourselves alone? There is something this world is deprived of. Ahhhh! I was trying to sleep but I can't get over from these thoughts. These thought were making this world inexplicable for me. But, that night I had no idea that the dream I was going to have would change my all perceptions. The doors I went through had all the elements absent in this world. The elements which are the essence of beauty. I was thinking and thinking then I slept. I was traveling in the world of mysteries. The way to it was very beautiful and surroundings had immense peace. But the peace was incomplete. It felt like something was missing and the silence was roaring. I couldn't hear the exclamations but I could feel them. The beauty was unattractive and unappealing. A beauty in appearance but without essence. An aesthetic of sight but not soul. It was beautiful but It wasn't. I could see its beauty but I could not feel it. Such mysterious place I hadn't seen in my life. I kept on walking and looking at the strange views before me. The path on which I was walking was soft and foggy, clouds were all around. The fragrance in the atmosphere was changing with every single breath. I felt like I was smelling everything one by one. The gradient sky was changing its colours consistently. I was amazed and nervous too. I was looking to see someone and ask about this peculiar place, but I was all alone. I was so curious to know where was this lacking and what type of incompleteness that place had? Suddenly, I saw a door flying in air. It was not very shocking for me because the whole place was full of strangeness. I decided to open the door to see what is behind. I came nearer to the door. I looked up and on it was written "Destroyed Beauty" so I went inside. When I stepped-in, my heart was full of emotions. I felt like I had drowned in the river of emotions. I was full of sensations on the inside. After walking few steps, I saw a beautiful city. I had never seen such mesmerizing beauty. I was lost completely. The rivers were flowing around the city. The infrastructure was so accurate and resembled colourful flowers in a garden. The lights were like tens of thousands moons were shining together. The roads were clean. The fragrance was so elegant and sweet. The very unusual thing was I couldn't see anyone in the city. I shouted: "Is any one there?" I got no reply. I shouted again: "Is anyone there" A thin and beautiful voice replied: "This city has everything, what do u have to give this city?" I had nothing but I was feeling so emotional and I felt the lacking of emotions in the city. I said, “I have emotions to give." Stillness for a moment then a beautiful lady appeared. She was so beautiful that I had never seen such beautiful lady in my life. Long thick blonde hair. Fair and white skin. Big and sharp eyes. But I felt sadness on her face. She said," You can't stay here." I got little upset and asked why? She said, “Because this is not a city this is my heart I can't let you in." I asked in curiosity," But why?" She replied in a painful voice: "You will destroy this city as the pervious stranger did". I insisted, "Who has destroyed the city?" She said, " A stranger like you. He came with emotions and made lots of promises, he lived here, I took care of him. I gave him everything he needed and demanded but when he fulfilled all his desires he destroyed the city and left. I stopped him, I begged him but he refused and betrayed me. It took me a very long time to built this city again. I can't let anyone to destroy it again. The city has built up but the fear, distress and pain is still there. Go away stranger please! The beauty you see is rusted and charmless. It has so much pain inside. The walls knows the suffering of being broken. The city of beauty is actually constructed with regret, misery and sorrows." She began crying. I stood silent for a while questioning my self about my emotions that I have been feeling since I entered from the door. I said to her, “I understand your fear, I can feel your pain but don't you think that this destroyed beauty deserves a chance? A beauty that you have rebuilt is not concrete. Your heart is afraid to feel again. The incompleteness that I was feeling was love. The city without people means a heart without feelings. You were never wrong even when you allowed someone to stay here. The person who couldn't reside here is not capable of living anywhere else. He will be a cursed nomad and never find peace but it doesn't mean that you will punish yourself for a crime you have never made. This city deserves to live again and you deserve to smile again. Return its feelings to this city, return you to yourself. Forget your past and search for happiness in the present moment. Life gives you chance with every rising sun, you can start your new beginning of life. Just you have to come out from the darkness of your past and breath in the light of present. Yes I am a stranger but may be I will become a person you trust the most and this city would love the most." She wiped off her tears, took a deep breath and turned into a form of light. I was completely mystified by the disappearance. Suddenly I saw people coming out from the buildings of the city and they had happy faces ,they were greeting each other and they were looking contented. Now the city was looking so complete and full of happiness and joy. The same lady reappeared. She said, "Thank you so much for healing my heart, for telling me my worth and bringing me out of darkness. This city was beautiful but it was a destroyed beauty and you returned its charm, its soul and real beauty. Real beauty is not in appearance, it is in knowing your value, giving your self a chance and never letting your feelings die. I have learnt today that a beauty is full of life and full of strength. You are beautiful till you know your worth, you are beautiful till you fight your fears, your are beautiful till you give your self a chance, you are beautiful till you know how to live, you are beautiful till you can face what comes next in your life, you are beautiful till you know how to smile. Thank you very much and you are warmly welcome here.” I was so happy to see happiness around me. I felt like a riddle has been solved. I moved in the city and saw another door flying in air. The lady Said, “ This city is so much thankful and indebted to you but another door is waiting with another secret. The door of this city is always open for you. I wish to see you soon". I said good bye to her and moved towards the next door and the story it would bring.

Submitted: April 11, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Asfandyar Ali. All rights reserved.

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james farr

It is a lesson that we all learn,but never talked about in our schools.How are we going to live and with whom?Very insightful and deep.Important too if people want to learn.

Thu, April 11th, 2019 4:45pm


Thank you very much sir for your comment.
Yes sir this is the lesson we only learn through our mistakes and experiences. No institution is made to teach the basic lessons of life.If we know the that the real beauty is inside then we will find peace and love in every creature of this universe.

Thu, April 11th, 2019 9:53am

Robert Helliger

A great fantasy story.

Wed, September 25th, 2019 7:26am

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