Us together forever

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Just something of the top of my head, I love being all romantic and junk so this is just a short peice I put together for you all. I don't really like it at all...

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



Me and him.

He takes my hand, gently pulls me closer and oh so tenderdly kisses my lips with his, softly pressing his lips against mine sending me into a whole nother universe where its only me, him and forever!

Whenever we're away I feel so distant and alone, but whenever he's around I'm literally on cloud nine.

He walks me home when I'm too scared to go by myself.

I'm always telling him I love him, when I do he grabs me at the waist, pulls me into his gravitational pull and whispers into my delicate ear, "I love you too baby, I always will, Never forget that"

When I see his face, The caterpillars in my stomach hatch into butterflies and they fly ALL over my tummy in a whirling flutter making me so nervous. Then you come over and tell me you love me and kiss me so softly. SOmething I'll never get over.

I love you baby<3

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