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Yes, I'm good at horror and it's one of the few genres I can actually write. I'm crazy for horror. How about a story of a girl crazy for practical jokes?

Submitted: September 15, 2013

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Submitted: September 15, 2013



Carol loved playing practical jokes.  I guess that’s the first thing I can say whenever I remember Carol. Sometimes, tears appear in my eyes when I remember her but I try not to cry. She was a good friend.

Carol moved in from her town to Stomnerville a few months back when her family faced financial problems and her dad bought a cheap flat in this town. We became friends instantly. Despite being poor, Carol always remained cheerful and mischeiveious. She had blonde hair that she always wore in a ponytail, grey eyes and a pinkish face. I, on the other hand, had completely black eyes and hair, and my face was whiterer than hers.

“Jamie, you remind me of a monster!” she would tease my appearance.

“Carol, you remind me of a human!” I would always snap back. She would give a clown-like giggle whenever I said that.

As for her hobby, she loved playing jokes on absolutly everyone. It didn’t matter who, it just mattered how. She thought playing jokes was a great way of making friends. I loved playing jokes along with her.

“Jamie, what is standard deviation?” My teacher, Mr.Smith snapped.

“Um…..” I muttered, standing up. I turned around to look at Carol. She frowned and shrugged, showing she didn’t know the answer either. We both hated statistics.

“Well?” he said, raising an eyebrow.

“Um….uh…I don’t know, sir,” I muttered, my cheeks going red.

From around me, I could hear snickers. Carol sighed, sadly.

“Sit down, Jamie. And I would like to see your parents today at the Principal’s office, understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, sitting down and lowering my head. There were loads of students who knew the answer but why did he just have to pick on me!

I tried to concentrate on my work when I felt a nudge beside. I looked up to see Carol holding out her pen to me. Rolling my eyes, I took it, unscrewed the pen and took out the tiny note inside it.

If it makes you feel better” it read “I put a special surprise on Mr.Smith’s desk :)”

I quickly wrote a note, stuffed it inside the pen and handed it to her. My note told her to stop because I was in enough trouble already! She read my note and made an ‘oops’ face.

Just then a scream rose from the teacher’s desk. Mr.Smith tried to stand up but his leg got tangled in the chair’s legs and he fell. Carol’s lizard didn’t even move an inch. It just sat there on his desk, staring at us with beady eyes.

What is the meaning of this?” Mr.Smith roared, standing up. Then his eyes fell on us. “You!” he screamed, pointing at us “If I don’t see your parents today, you’re both expelled!”

I gasped. Carol bit her lip.

The class burst out, laughing.


“You see, principal, she’s still a child. She hasn’t even started puberty yet,” I could hear my mother tell the principal.

“How is that related to what she did to me?” Mr.Smith screamed.

“Now, now,” the principal said, softly “I understand your daughter is having physical problems of her own but she’s also facing bad company.”

“Bad company? Of course! I bet some horrible bullies are taking advantage of her!”

“No, no, we try to take care of our students as much as possible but this is about her best friend, Carol Jason. She enjoys teasing the teachers.”

“That girl is a problem child,” Mr.Smith agreed.

“Oh,” my mother said.

“Madam, we understand that Jamie’s physical progress is affecting her mental progress but in the meantime, we must make sure she remains in good company,”

“I see. So did you talk to that girl’s parents?”

“Mister and Missus Jason called me and regretted that they could not come to school. But I did discuss the problem with them and they understand well,”


“I promise you, madam, we will help Jamie grow up, strong and responsible.”

“Thank you, prinicipal” I heard chairs scrapping at everyone got up.

“Goodbye, madam,”

“Thank you. Goodbye,” my mother muttered as she stepped out to face me. There were tears in her eyes as she walked past me. I frowned and then followed. Deep inside, I felt angry enough to rip out Carol’s eyes.


“Hey, Jamie,” Carol’s voice instantly runined my mood.

“Oh, it’s you,” I muttered angrily into my cell phone.

“Yup, still alive,” she replied cheerfully and then giggled.

“Your joke got me in trouble today, Carol,” I snapped. I wanted to scream my head off at her but that’s all that I could say.

“Yeah, sorry about that, buddy. No hard feelings, right? We’re always upto this kinda stuff,” she said.

“Not ‘we’! I was actually better at studies before I met you!” I said, bitterly.

Coral sighed.

“Okay, Jamie, I get that the principal humiliated you but--”

“Humiliated me? I hate myself! Everyone hates me!”

“All hope ain’t lost, bub” Coral replied with a funny accent “Imma still by yo side.”

“Stop it, Carol! My parents hate me because of you!”

A silence followed.

“They don’t hate you,” she said, softly “They hate me. Not you. They love you.”

“They think I’m some sort of a runt or something!”

“Well…I never knew you haven’t started puberty yet.”

“I have! I’m tall like everyone else, I look normal, I speak normal, and I’m active! What is wrong with me?”

“I dunno. But that was really mean of the principal and your mom to talk about you like you’re abnormal.”

“I’m not abnormal…..”

“I know. We’re the same and I know I’m not abnormal.”

“Carol, can we…..stop these practical jokes?”

“You mean…like forever?”


Coral thought about it for a moment.

“Okay, but can we play one last practical joke together? For our friendship’s sake!”


I met Carol on the sidewalk as promised. She was holding a carton of eggs and two rolls of toilet paper.

“Oh God,” I sighed “What are you planning, Carol?”

She grinned. “We’re gonna mess up the principal’s house,”

“What?” I screamed, backing away.

“Jamie, please!” Carol cried, noticing my fear “I promise this is the last time. I’ll work hard, I promise. Just play one more joke with me!”

I frowned. The image of my crying mother still haunted my mind but the thought of throwing eggs at the principal’s house was too tempting.

“One last time, right?” I confirmed.


“Throw me the roll,” I screamed at Carol. She threw me the roll from the roof and I ran around the house, still holding it. Then I threw it back up at the roof to Carol, who wrapped it around a few more times. As she started to slide down, I held out my arms to catch her.

“Ouch!” we both groaned as Carol fell on top of me. Brushing myself, I stood up to admire our mess.

“Wow,” I said, grinning.

“Like it?” Carol said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Love it,” I agreed.

“Now for the final touches!” she said picking up an egg and throwing it at a window. I picked up two and threw them on another window. We worked on until we had three eggs left.

“Whew,” I said “Now that’s a masterpiece!”

“Yup,” my friend replied.

“I’d like to see you laugh when you’re in jail,” we both heard the sound at the same time.

I could feel my blood turn cold as ice. My mother’s crying face returned to my mind and I frowned as I imagined my life ending in jail.

I turned around slowly to face the principal, herself. She stood there, firm and angry.

“Uh….we didn’t do it,” Carol said, cowardly.

“Ma’am,” I said simply.

The principal grinned ear to ear, revealing her pointy jaws. “Good girl, Jamie,” she hissed “You’ve proven yourself a good student.”

“Thank you ma’am,” I replied, proudly.

“Wha….what….what is going on? Who are you guys? Jamie! You were my friend!” Carol screamed, backing away.

I grinned too with my chicklet-like teeth. I still hadn’t grown my fangs yet because…well….because I was a runt.

“April fools, Carol,” I whispered before digging in with my role model.

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