Make a decision

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When a girl summons a demon to fulfill a wish, the demon plays with her using her only weakness- the fear of making decisions

Submitted: August 03, 2013

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Submitted: August 03, 2013



“So,” the demon sneered “What is your decision?”

I stood there, utterly mute. I knew the demon was secretly making fun of me, using my phobia as his upper hand. He knew my weakness….

“Um…” I muttered “I need to think.”

He grinned. I could see rows of razor sharp teeth when he grinned. It actually made me wonder what demons eat.

I suppose I could say I made a mistake by summoning that demon. But I had, and now I was stuck in the middle of a cementry with a demon standing in front of me.

The place itself, the cementry, stinked. At first I couldn’t stand the smell but after a few days, I’d gotten used to it. I still remember the first time I came here. I thought that demons look the girl from The Exorcist. But oh! It was even more horrifying than that.

I didn’t really find a demon on my first visit, neither on my second and third. The fourth time I came here; I had become pretty impatient and gave up my search. Later, I changed my mind and returned.

On my twenty-sixth visit, I felt something…or someone. For the first time, I could feel a presence except me. Hope took over me and I called out for “it”. Upon receiving no response, I left.

By my twenty-ninth visit, I saw his feet. As I walked past the graves, I heard footsteps. I turned around and was startled to see a pair of feet veiled among the mist. The feet themself…..did not appear human. They reminded me of a bird’s claw…only bigger. I cannot describe their color for I could not observe them properly in the mist. One thing is for sure; those horrible feet were terrifying enough to drive a man insane.

They left footprints as they walked towards the east of the cementry. I stared at those feet, unable to move, unable to scream. I felt light headed from the sight itself and I let out a silent prayer for myself.

The feet continued to move around. Then suddenly, they stopped and moved in another direction…my direction! I stared in horror as they advanced towards me, stopped a few feet apart and then disappeared, leaving footprints of blood behind them.

I did not run home like a normal person; I walked home slowly, trying to stay conscious. Upon returning home, I vomitted and fainted at once.

Three days after that incident, I came back to the cementry. Mustering some courage, I called out to him. And he appeared in front of me.

The demon had a huge, strong body and a face that turned my blood cold. Slender arms stuck out of his body, with claws for hands. His face, itself, reminded me of a snake. He narrowed his blood-red, wicked eyes when he saw me. I even noticed a long tail swaying behind him.

“It is you,” he whispered, joyfully, as if I were his best friend “You have returned.”

I gulped in reply.

“Oh, how I waited! Meeting you was simply delightful. Though, I did not enjoy it when you ran away. But after seventy years, you have returned.” He cried, throwing his arms in the air.

I stared at him, confused and shocked.

“What….?” I whispered. I meant to say “What are you talking about?” but I couldn’t speak from fright.

“Aha! Still the same coward,” he laughed “You! What are you doing here, coward? You carry the blood of a coward. You carry the blood of your ancestor, the one who brought me to Earth in the first place.”

I sighed when I realised what he was talking about.

“You…you knew my great-grandfather?” I asked.

“Ah, oh yes I did. But first things first. You have captured me.” He replied.

“I have?” I cried, shocked.

“Yes, just like your great-grandfather. Only…he was too afraid to make a wish.”

“A wish?”

“Yes. It is simple. Now that you have captured me, I must grant you one wish. But be warned!” he brought his face close to mine and whispered “I sense your weakness.”

I gulped again and looked up at him.

“I’m not afraid of you!” I said, loudly.

“I know you’re not,” he replied, shocking me. “You’re afraid of what you have received. You are afraid of making decisions.”

“No, I’m not,” I muttered, turning my head the other way. I felt like I was arguing with a teenager of my age.

“Then, please,” he said, bowing in front of me “Make a wish.”

I bit my lip and realised I never gave thought about what I’d wish for. There were so many things in the world that I wanted. I just couldn’t name one.

“Have you decided?” the demon asked impatiently.

“No,” I replied.

“Hurry, hurry,” he chanted “Make a decision.”

That’s when I understood. My weakness was making decisions and that’s why the demon was pushing me to hurry!

I lowered my head, thinking. Sweat beads appeared on my face as I thought. I frowned and closed my eyes, but I just couldn’t think!

“So,” the demon sneered “What is your decision?”

I stood there, utterly mute. I knew the demon was secretly making fun of me, using my phobia as his upper hand. He knew my weakness….

“Um…” I muttered “I need to think.”

He grinned. I could see rows of razor sharp teeth when he grinned. It actually made me wonder what demons eat.

I raised my head again and tried to breath. I felt like a fly stuck in a spider’s web, unable to escape.

“You know,” the demon said, mockingly walking around me in circles “Your cousin really didn’t deserve more marks than you in your final exams. After all, you are the kinder and smarter one. Shall I make her disappear?”

I didn’t answer, trying to concentrate.

“As for your brother,” he went on “He thinks he’s the master of the house. But why shouldn’t he? After all, he is the favourite. Shall I make you the only child?”

I lowered my head again. Tears formed in my eyes.

“Oh, but who can forget your parents?” he continued “Always criticizing your work, your appearance and your passion. Shall I change their nature?”

I grabbed fistfuls of my hair as the tears streamed down my cheeks.

“And your friends,” he said, stopping in front of me “How do even call them friends? They’re always making fun of you and your talents. They do not deserve your friendship. Shall I get you new friends?”

I pressed my lips together. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself.

“Have you made your decision?” he whispered.

“No,” I cried, covering my face with my hands “I can’t….can’t…..decide.”

“What about yourself?” he said, a smile of pure evil on his face “You don’t seem to like yourself either. You think you’re fat. You think you are miserable. You think you are useless. Shall I….kill you?”

I shook my head, still crying.

Make a decision!” he hissed like a snake, growing impatient.

Leave me alone!” I screamed, raising my head. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

To my surprise, he smiled.

“Your wish is my command,” he whispered, smiling and then disappeared.

Where once stood a huge and terrifying demon was now empty. The only person left was now me, cofused and paralysed.

When I realised what had happened, I grabbed my hair again and screamed.

If only I had been smarter. My phobia had ruined my perfect opportunity. If only I had wished that he would get rid of my fear of making decisions....

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