Please Don't Judge Me : Chapter 1

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Shattered by her parents' lack of judgement, making them criminals. Tasha Richardson had to leave her life of luxury, for a life where drugs and violence are the norm. Tasha meets Micah Johnson who was caught up in that type of lifestyle. She tries to stay away from him, but her feelings pull her in deeper. When it gets dangerous, will she leave his side, or will she endure for what she thinks is true love?

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013



Chapter 1

The scent of bacon invaded my sinuses, as I made my way down the spiraling marble steps. I adjusted my uniform; that was a white dress shirt and a checkered skirt. I entered the foyer, turning a corner and entering into the kitchen.

I smiled at Tony, our family's personal chef, who was making breakfast for me this morning. He had his back turned to me and was whistling a tune that wasn't recognizable to me. I cleared my throat and he turned and grinned at me. His green eyes held excitement in them.

"Happy Birthday!" he bellowed.

"Thanks Tony," I smiled bashfully at him, and grabbed the plate of food he put down in front of me.

"Where are my parent's?" I asked shoveling bacon and eggs into my mouth.

"They had to go into work early this morning."

I sighed. "It's my birthday, couldn't it have waited?"

"I'm sure they have a good reason for leaving before wishing you a Happy Birthday," he replied, shifting his eyes away from me.

"Are you sure nothing bad hasn't happened at the company?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Now hurry up and eat, so you won't be late for school."

I ate all my food and then glanced at my diamond Fossil watch. I had to leave now, or I'd be late for school.

"Thanks for the food Tony."

I stood up to leave when Tony came around the wooden island and hugged me tightly. I could barely breathe and his grip was getting tighter and tighter by the second.

"I'll miss you," he whispered.

"What do you mean you'll miss me?"

I pulled away from his embrace and looked into his eyes. There was a mixture of emotions in them and he was trying to avoid my gaze. He was acting stranger than usual this morning.

"I just meant that I won't be able to go to your birthday dinner, so I'll miss you."

"That's okay. There's no need to get all emotional about it." I smiled up at him and playfully slapped his shoulder.

He grabbed his shoulder and frowned at me while smirking. We both started cracking up and tears started to slide down our faces.

"I have to get going Tony, or I'll be late."

"Okay, I'll see you later."

He was grinning at me and waving. I smiled back at him and waved, while leaving the kitchen. My designer book bag was laying against the wall. I grabbed it and my keys that were hanging on a hook beside me. I had to hurry up if I didn't want to be late. Dallas traffic was a horrible in the mornings. I could only hope that I could make it to school on time.


I parked in my favorite parking space, which was closest to the school building. It was surprising to me that no one took it; I guess I got lucky this morning. There was a grin spreading across my face, as I got out of the car headed towards the side door.

Class had already started by the time I reached the door of the classroom. Mr. Henderson was frowning at me and tapping his foot against the tiled floor. I was trying to avoid his piercing blue eyes which were looking at me with disappointment. Mr. Henderson handed me a detention slip and told me to have a seat.

"Yes, sir," I replied quietly, while walking towards my desk. What a great way to start the school day. I hated getting detention. It wasn't my fault I was late. The traffic on the overpass was horrific.

Ever since I sat down at my desk, my classmates continued to stare and whisper back and forth amongst each other. Mr. Henderson told them about ten minutes into class, to stop talking and pay attention to his lesson. After that they calmed down a bit. It still didn't help with the occasional looks and whispering. Some had even reduced themselves to writing notes to one another. Even the guys were doing it.

I couldn't pay much attention to Mr. Henderson when every few seconds someone was looking back at me whispering amongst each other. I couldn't understand why they were talking about me with such disdain. At school I kept to myself and only worried about my school work not other people's business. They should do the same, but I have to remember this is how snobbish rich kids act at this school.

I can't wait for this class to be over. I glanced at my wrist watch and there was only a minute left until the bell would ring. Good, I needed to get out of her before I could go off on somebody.

"Finally," I stated when the bell rang to end class.

I jumped out of my seat and started packing my book and my spiral into my bag. When I turned around, I saw my classmate Sarah packing her books and papers into her bag as well. A piece of paper fell out and landed in the chair she had been sitting in. She was walking towards the door to meet up with a couple of her friends, so I picked up the paper. I started to call her over to give it back, but I saw my name written down and I zeroed in on it. I suddenly got a bad feeling in the pit of stomach. Why was I feeling this way? What could be on this note that would have a dire effect on me? I took a deep breath to calm down my nerves. I then began to read the note.

Have you heard about Tasha's parents?

I just heard bits and pieces here and there. What happened to them? I know you have all the juicy gossip.

Well, my mom told me this early this morning. She said that Tasha's parents went bankrupt. She said it was all over the local news.

Are you serious?

Yeah. My mom said they were developing some technology for one of the cell phone companies. I think she said it was Sprint. Anyway, it turns out they stole the plans for developing that technology from another rival company. By doing so, they got sued by the rival company for millions of dollars. They proved it was her parents' doing. Millions of their dollars gone just like that and they're could be facing jail time.

That's crazy, I feel bad for her. She's broke now and she'll probably have to leave school, since there's no way they can afford for her to stay here and her parents could end up in prison.

I was in shock. There was more written after that, but I couldn't stomach much more of it. I dropped the paper and it glided towards the floor. I was fuming on the inside. It couldn't be true; my parents wouldn't do something like this. I've known them my whole life. They have always been kind, generous people. I had to get out of here I and figure out what was really going on. I had stood there for some time since the classroom was almost filled up with teenagers. Shaking my head, I walked briskly towards the door. I couldn't go to any of my classes now.

What was going on?

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