Pygmalion Effect Observer Expectancy Effect 

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Pygmalion Effect


Expectancy Effect 

What we expect of Others 

is how they WILL perform


This is known as ‘The Pygmalion Effect’ or ‘The Observer Expectancy Effect’. The height or levels we expect in others, we usually are not disappointed. This can even explain the self-fulfilling prophecies we generate relating to our own personal relationships.


Positive or Negative Expectations we ‘set’ for others, others will usually consciously or unconsciously live up to these expectations. The more often we expect miracles, the more of a chance, the more fuel we give to these miracles. Paradoxically we achieve higher results from others, but on the other hand this has a slight chance of materialising into disappointing results we didn’t set out for.


This is a great reminder to try our ‘inner’ to keep personal expectations or judgements aside, and be as most practical and ‘objectionable’ than ever to help produce performance and ‘Vibe’ harmony.


We inherently have the ability to rise to the occasion of what others think of us. (Good or Bad). In other words, if we have very low, or no expectations of others, we usually won’t be disappointed. Our expectations or lack of expectations have an ‘uncanny’ way of transforming into vibes, these vibes become communicated whether we know it or not. There is above all a two way street. Belief equals inspiration whether we put out this belief, or receive this belief.


Submitted: January 10, 2023

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