The Death of Her

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Melissa is a forensics pathologist who is from New York. She along with her assistant, Julias both work together to find the causes of death. Through time its been revealed that a killer is on the loose who has a type, meaning he doesn't kill any random person. she's on a quest to find out who it is and discovers many revealing things.

Submitted: October 16, 2018

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Submitted: October 16, 2018



CHAPTER I: The Confirmation

“Look at it” Said Julias.

Below us was the body. Not just a body, but the body. Every day this killer strikes a similar mark. Female, brown gold looking skin, with this beautiful brown hair, thin but not too thin. In other words, he has a type. A beautiful type, how’s that for a killer? Just look at her skin, it looks toasted and burnt like that bread you leave in the toaster for too long. And those eyes...Those eyes… it's almost as if -

“Hello, HELLOOOO, Earth to Melissa” says Julias.

“What Julias?!” I say screaming into his face.

“Jeesh Melissa, why you starin’ at this corpse like its ya last meal?”  He says rudely.

“Stop talking to me like that with your dirty slang sir. It's not cute.” He's definitely not the definition of cute. He’s tall, very tall. He's taller than me and i'm like 5’11. He’s pale like a ghost, the type of skin that gets red with a single touch. And that blonde luxurious hair with thick brown eyebrows. Actually this description makes him sound like a fancy calvin klein model. But he's nothing like that… a major slob that seems very low maintenance.

“Melissa you seem very mad don't you?” He says sarcastically

“UM Julias its Dr.Etmon, I’m not your buddy, get to work before I turn you into the next female victim of our majestic killer” I told him claiming my ground.

“Victim? Uhuh. okay Dr.Etmon, but don't forget i also have a degree in medical forensics”

“Um. Don't forget you're also my assistant Julias” i inform him with a smirk on my face. Now he really seems mad.



CHAPTER II: Stray Marks





Over. And over. And over.

Why? What could this possibly mean to him, or she, or maybe it?  6, 23, and 17. Could it be a date? All these thoughts wandering around in my mind. June 23, 2017. What could it possibly mean? Could it have been the beginning of something new? Or even the end. 5 bodies. 5 special bodies.

“Dr. Etmon your results are ready” Says Leonard, my lab technician.

“Thanks Leonard. Go on now and let me analyze this data.”

No matter how many more times i look and analyze this evidence everything seems to be the same. The body is :AMELIA RUBY. Well not to sound offensive but she seemed to be at stage 3 ovarian cancer, she didn't really have a life in the future.


Gleamingly i take the data analytics from the other bodies and well my conspiracy theory has been played out cause Amelia is really the only one that was already practically dying. As i'm analyzing this i see that it's just different, there's an extra slot for DNA. An unknown person. This pulls my attention. Could i have solved our mystery? Could i have found our killer? And calmly my hopes get retchened.

“UGHHHHH!”. I say extremely frustrated. Its Julias DNA. No crime. No killer. And lastly… no mystery solved.


Next Morning- 6:23 A.m.

Could it be? Could it really be? Why else would his DNA be discovered in the body? What does this mean? No matter which or what way i think about this it simply doesn't make sense. Its Julias for goodness sake! Calvin Klein model looking Julias. What's going on?  


CHAPTER III: Is it Julias?

It’s been 28 hours and 43 minutes since I’ve came to the conclusion that Julias is our mystery. He’s the one that has the type. The one that gets pleasure and amazement from killing women. Innocent women. Maybe he was in a relationship with a really beautiful woman just like the victims and now he wants to kill everybody that looks like her. Ugh. That’s ridiculous. What’s wrong with me? NO! What’s wrong with him? Why? Why? What’s the purpose of this? How could I have missed this the whole time?

“Hey Dr. Etmon” says Julias entering the lab.

“uhh hey” I say back confusidly.

“What’s wrong? Tired of me calli,ng you ‘Doctor’” He says in a joking manner.

“No it’s fine Julias”. I say

“Well the next corpse has come to be analyzed by the great master Dr.Etmon” Julias says.

Looking at him I’m gathering my thoughts. He disgusts me. I can’t even be around him. But still “Bring the corpse in” i manage to say. He leaves and comes back with a white medical gurney and a gurney and peeking from it i already see those brown locks of hair.

“Send it away”. I demand at him.

“What why?” Julias says confusingly.

“Just bring me the file.” I tell him.

He bring the yellow folder packed with many files and places it in my hand. When i open it, i write:

 6 slashes, 23 seperate burns, 17 fractures”

“So youre not gonna analyze the body? Youre not gonna look for a cause of death?” Says Julias angrily.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN MELLISA. YOURE SO RIDICULOUS AND OBNOXIOUS. A person died! FOR GOODNESS SAKE! And you don’t even bother to check for the cause of death.” Says Julias rasing his tone at me.

“Of course you would know would you Julias? You probably know all these files from back to front. YOU PROBABLY KNOW EVERY SCAR FROM KNIFE TO CUT. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS. HOW COULD YOU HURT PEOPLE LIKE THIS?” After I say this Julias is shookend. White face and not to be frank but just like the corpse. His corpse. And by this time I’ve already made my exit out the lab

CHAPTER VI: June 23, 2017


June 23, 2017. This day. This is the day it all began. Ever had your heart literally ripped out your chest? Ever felt pain? That pain that’s always indescribable. And the more difficult it is to describe -  the more it hurts.

June twenty-third two thousand seventeen.

My sisters name was Julia. Similar to my name: Julias, but not quite the same. That’s how we always were. Similar but not quite the same. She was beautiful. She was tall and shined like those diamonds she always wore. She was smart, never spent money on anything unnecessary. Those diamonds specifically, although they weren’t “real” they shined just like her. Just like her heart. She had brown gorgeous curly hair. Almost as if she was a mermaid. She was always glowing. Using the phrase ‘was’ when describing her still gives me chills.

Saturday Night- June 23rd, 2017 (9:26 P.M.)

“Julia you won’t believe what happened today. I GOT THE JOBBBB!!! I’m the assistant forensics for Dr.Etmon. I’m so excited for this I literally feel like I’m gonna cry” I say walking into our apartment. I’ve never felt this excited before. Every emotion running through my system. Happiness, anxiety, thankfull, aprpreciative-

And never would I thought… shook.

I was shocked.

I enter into the bathroom and see red liquid, red marks, red everything. As I glance over my shoulder I see the tub. It’s filled up with water and blood and inside was my sister. Julia. She was laying there lifeless with her eyes opened, lips white, face white. As I look at her I simply admire her. I admire her beauty. And the thought finally hits me. She’s dead. THAT BODY LYING IS JULIA. Anxiously I rush inside the tub touching her trying to wake her hoping she’s even asleep.

“JULIA. JULIA. JULIA. JULIA! JULIA WAKE UP.” I said screaming. Letting out all these emotions. Letting out the adrenaline pumping my heart.

“Julia I need you. JULIA. JULIA. Julia please don’t leave” I look into her eyes and see pity. It’s pure pity. Almost as if she’s disappointed in me.


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