They Do Heroic Things and THIS is the Thanks They Get?!

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Time to show my disapproval!

Submitted: July 19, 2015

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Submitted: July 19, 2015



Okay, unless I'm mistaken the heroic actions of the protagonists in cartoons and anime are things that you need to have so they can be revered. That IS NOT the case now. Here are some cases.

Exhibit A: Ash Ketchum-This guy has done more things than you could ever hope to do! Even so, lots of anime buffs say he's a useless hero. Well, exxxxcusssse me everyone, but if it wasn't for him, Pokémon wouldn't even exist. You can't just take someone and say that they're the hero. They need to EARN that title!

Exhibit B: Princess Cadence- You wouldn't BELIEVE how many time bronies and pega-sisters have bashed on her. Hello! You love Celestia, Luna, and Twilight. How can you not love her? If it wasn't for her, the Crystal Empire wouldn't be the place it is now. Also, people say ALL bronies hate her. I'm a brony, and I love her.

Exhibit C: Aang- C'mon he can manipulate air! Last I checked, no one else in a show could do that, except for that Soviet chick from Captain Planet. Anyway, if you have to constantly escape capture from a spoiled bratty prince while trying to learn the ways of water, earth, fire, and air I think you deserve a little more respect!

Exhibit D: Naruto- Do I have to say it? No one seems to take his full heroism into account. He defeated Pain, gained control over Nine Tails, almost killed himself just to get closer to controlling it, and learned the Rasengan. Jiraiya and his father are the only other shinobi who mastered that jutsu. He may not be a taijutsu prodigy like Lee, heartthrob like Sasuke, or genjutsu expert like Sakura, but that doesn't matter when you look at everything else he's done since the start.

There you go. If you think that at least one of them deserves to be ignored, go ahead and plead your case. You can also give me a hero from another cartoon or anime, and I'll research to see if I should include them.

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