Valentine River

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In this one-shot, Kenny & Zoey go for a walk on Valentine's Day and have an experience with fate.

Submitted: June 08, 2014

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Submitted: June 08, 2014



Yazar River

"Another Valentine's Day with almost 20 hearts invading my mailbox." Kenny said. He and Zoey were walking along a river while marveling at the amount of Valentines that were sent to them. Kenny had 20, including ones from Dawn, Serena, Misty, & Ash (friendly one). Zoey had gotten 34, including ones from Ash, Barry, Brock, Cilan, & Dawn (again friendly.) As they continued to walk on the riverbank, fate was ready to deliver a knuckleball to both of them in the form of a certain Water-Type Pokémon. "So, did you get a valentine from Lucas?" Kenny asked. Zoey nodded and asked "Did you get a valentine from Arista?" Kenny nodded as well. Kenny liked Arista. She was a nice girl, but he just didn't like like her. Same with Zoey. She was friends with Lucas, but he just wasn't her type. They both had feelings for someone else.

1 hour later 

"I didn't know you made such good poffins Kenny." Zoey said in an admiring tone. "Well, I wouldn't be this good if Dee Dee hadn't taught me." Kenny replied. Dee Dee was Kenny's "pet name" for Dawn after an incident with a Plusle and Minun in kindergarten. "Well, I would say she definitely taught you well." Zoey said. Kenny blushed at that comment. He wouldn't admit it, but he liked Zoey a bit more than he liked Dawn. Zoey being a tomboy is a trait that would turn most guys off, but Kenny actually liked that. He didn't want to be with a flower. He wanted a girl that could be feminine, and break some bones when she had to. Just then, a Luvdisc jumped out of the water, followed by 2 more. Kenny took out his Pokédex and scanned them. Luvdisc, the Rendezvous Pokémon. When a couple finds the warm sea-dwelling Luvdisc, it is said they will enjoy eternal love. "We aren't a couple though." Zoey said. After that comment, Kenny drew Zoey in and kissed her. "Now we are." Kenny said. Zoey blushed and responded "I guess so." 

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