Special Someone

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Its dedicated to my Dad...My Real Macho MAn

Submitted: December 18, 2014

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Submitted: December 18, 2014



Special Someone

It was a bright sunny day and I was just waiting for a bus. It was half an hour long wait on that day and I didn’t receive any bus to my home. There were few people also with me who were chit-chatting and screwing bus drivers in their mind for not been on time. Few guys were doing time pass in their bikes nearby bustop (in their twenties) and mimicking someone and passing on vulgar and horrible comments. I just gave them sarcastic looks and my eyes were on road eagerly waiting for bus and also on my mobile (waiting for What Sapp messages). My mobile was making noise for what Sapp messages every now and then. I was smiling to myself at those messages looking at my mobile and also looking at my watch and staring on the road.

Again my mobile rang and it was with high sound this time of ringtone (Raat ke Dhai baje…song from Hindi movie of Shahid kapoor).I almost put it in silent in seconds but by that time people was looking at me with danger look. I just made my face asking “sorry” for that trouble (of making high sound of my mobile). After that I was on phone for almost 10 minutes laughing loud and arguing; while later I realised I was on road and I should be more humble and should handle situation with patience.

Few moments passed by and I saw a bike approaching me with high speed and sudden jerk of a brake it stopped almost half a kilometre away from me.I almost ran and caught hold of the man whom I was waiting for more than an hour now ; without bus approaching and started pulling his hair and started pinching him. He almost caught hold of my hand and told me to get to the bike and we rode past away to an ice-cream parlour. We sat to the nearest vacant place where a lady was already sitting waiting for us (none other than my mom).I went with the man proudly hand-in hand and we sat near to my mom. We had cup of cold coffee and hot Burger and enjoyed the evening till it was dusk and about to be dark.

We drove back to home (my mom, me and the Man) within an hour and as we had packed our dinner from the shop, we just sat down to watch TV.I sat on one side of couch and the Man sat half asleep on sofa and mom was in the Kitchen (doing some work). I sat there just flipping few channels and as nothing gave me any interest, I went upstairs to my room. I changed myself, got refreshed and started to do my Engineering notes taught in my class. And loll! Again my phone message (what Sapp) sounded and I looked up- “R u sleeping or studying”

I replied: “Studying….n u?”

To which the reply came from the Man “tired dear half asleep and half chatting to u”

I replied: “hmmm….not much notes today…finished whole notes in class itself”

To which reply came” I know my dear darling…good..How was your day-other than waiting for the bus and wasting time and fighting with me….”

I replied: “It was ok…u knows all…other than fight with mom in the morning”

His reply “she loves you so much and so advises you…love her and respect her for everything she is…miss u…study well and once you are done come for dinner…we will be waiting..”

Now you are all wondering who this man is? Few of them must have got an idea about this Man. Yes you are right. This Man is no one other than my “Lovable, charming DAD”. We start our day with mobile messages-especially-What Sapp- and ends also with the same. “It’s just to make us feel we are there in each and every moment remembering each other, respecting each other for the special time and proud to know what we are doing each moment”- What Sapp is not only for friends, chitchatting and wasting for images…but also for special persons- for making them feel they are special to your life each and every moment – nevertheless it’s your mom, dad or say your child.


Note: Dedicated to What Sapp and My Dad.

© Copyright 2019 Asha Sanoj. All rights reserved.

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