Alive Again

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem of first love, broken heart; finding true love and healing the past wounds... Love cures, and true love lasts forever.

Submitted: June 23, 2013

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Submitted: June 23, 2013





When I looked at her my heart skipped a beat,

When she looked back, a heavenly retreat.

As if the stars had fallen down,

On  her  head forming a crown.

She was the queen and ruled my heart,

But then she broke it and drifted apart.

Another guy cause I was too slow,

I never thought she 'd stoop so low.

What was it? Like four years,

Million memories and countless tears,

I questioned every act and thought,

Blind Love and Trust, Was it my fault?


Numb and pained, I moved on,

Covered in a shell which I had formed,

I could never trust, I would never forget,

But this new girl would never relent,

She became my friend, not a fairy tale,

It was just a friendship that would never fail,

She was fair with a tinge of brown,

Small and petite, cute smile and frown,

Her honesty did melt my heart,

But love and me were far apart.

I hated her for she could see,

I was not the man I pretended to be,

She'd breach my cocoon, for once and for all,

Whether I'd curse or make her fall.

And finally I did trust her,

But couldn't forget the past and love her,


She was patient and always content,

She'd give me time and would never torment,

She was always too kind, and never false,

A mature woman not a porcelian doll.

My best friend and trusted aide,

Slowly the past started to fade.

And truly did I learn the fact,

First love was never the final act.

This girl would be my only love,

I married her and was she a dove?

Paragon of peace and beauty I had found,

Her sense was fair and her judgement sound.

SHe would always let me be free,

Gladly became part of our family tree.

Our love grew and yes it did last,

No threads were left attached to past.

From  me and you, We became us,

A family in peace or a fuss,

I got new parents, she accepted mine,

Our love grew with age,

It seemed like wine.


When we made love, we felt complete,

A father and mother it was a treat.

And once and for all, I knew HE was kind,

The betrayal of the past never would I mind.

I became a father, a family man,

And the bike gave way for a mini van.

To tell the truth I loved this role,

I was a family man at the core.

A girl wanted a rockstar I never was,

She broke my heart and got me lost.

A woman came, she wanted a man,

Accepted my flaws as we began

And continued this beautiful journey of life together...


© Copyright 2020 Ashay Anand. All rights reserved.

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