Shopping Spree

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Two girls; Mindy and Becky are shopping. On a shopping spree. They are your average teenage girls. What could happen?

Submitted: November 26, 2009

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Submitted: November 26, 2009




Shopping Spree
Chapter one
Mindy held the pink dress up to her, “What about this one?” she asked her companion, Becky. Becky looked the dress up and down, taking the lollipop that she was sucking on out of her mouth, she said “Uh… on you it’s nice but to me pink is too… just not me…”
Mindy just shrugged and asked her friend, “What do you like, then?”
Becky thought for a moment, then shrugged and said “Basically things that are not pink… like…” she pulled out a dress, that had a black background with glittery blue on it, “This is… nice…” she said.
Mindy looked at the dress, “Yeah if you like black.”
Looking up, Becky asked “What’s wrong with the color black?”
“Nothing… it is just… you know…. Dark…” Mindy whispered.
“What ever. So are we going to pay now or what?”
“Sure” Mindy said, then following Becky to the cashier.
The lady behind the cashier was chewing bubble gum, she blew a bubble and then it popped, “The total is twenty dollars.” She said to the girls.
Becky looked into her purse and pulled out her wallet, the one that had a picture of her secret crush inside. Pulling out a bill, she asked the lady, “Do you know where I can get a nice latté?”
The lady snatched the bill and said “If you go to the right from this store… then go straight… the first door you see will be that wonderful coffee shop.”
Becky smiled and said her thanks. “No problem…” the lady said smiling.
After Mindy paid for her dress, they walked off to the coffee shop. The line in the coffee shop was fairly short. “I will pay, Mindy!” Becky said.
“No, I will.” protested Mindy.
“Nonsense, It was my idea to bring us here… so I will pay for it.”
Giving in, Mindy rolled her eyes and said “Fine…”
“What would you like?” asked Becky.
“A small hot chocolate would be nice…” she said looking at the menu.
Becky nodded, “Alright.”
The line moved quite fast, soon it came to the girls’ turn.
The person taking their order was a man who looked to be in their early twenties. He had blue eyes and blonde spiked hair. He had what sounded like a British accent, “What would you like today?” he asked them nicely.
Becky lost for a while by the looks of the man before her, was snapped out of it by her friend. “Oh, I am sorry. I must have spaced out.” She offered a small smile.
“No problem” the man smiled back, “So what will it be?”
“Um… for my friend over here, she would like a… small hot chocolate. And I would like a small latté.”
The man quickly got to work on the girl’s drinks. Placing a top on the hot chocolate, she handed it to Mindy “here you go” he said. Then he placed the top on the latté and handed it to Becky “There you go…” He wiped his hands on the small white towel that was hung there for that purpose.
“Thank you” Becky said before walking to sit at a table with Mindy. Mindy studied her best friend. Feeling the pressure of someone watching her, Becky looked up, “What?”
“What was that?” Mindy asked.
Confused, Becky said “What was what?”
“You know very well what I mean! You have the hots for that man…”
Blushing, Becky said “I do not!”
Rolling her eyes, Mindy said “Denial!”
“I am not in denial.”
“Denying denial”
“Will you quit that!” shouted Becky earning the stares from others. Becky turned to the people who were now staring at her and said loud enough for all to hear “Stop starring at me! Get back to your own business!” With that everyone went back to their own things. Becky turned back to her friend. “So what… he is cute but I do not… I repeat… DO NOT have the hots for him!”
Putting her hands in front of herself, Mindy said “Alright…”

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