The joy of poetry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Poetry that I have wrote. Heartfelt poety from the heart.

Brandy poem in memory of brandy. 07-13-01 to 10-23-08
Brandy poem:
Brownish red you were,
With a black nose,
Your tongue was pink and wet,
You loved to give out kisses to everyone you met,
Mean you were not,
Nice you were,
You were man’s best friend,
Then one day you jumped,
Why did you do it?
You could’ve been saved if only we brought you in time,
You were fine one moment,
And the next you were down,
We save you the pain we had to put you down,
Now I sit here writing my thoughts
And thinking about you,
You were the warmth in my heart,
I love you brandy,
I will never for-get the day you visited my dream,
To me it was like you were trying to tell me to get over it
And that you are in a better place now,
I will do as you told me
And stop depressing myself,
But before I stop I would like to say RIP brandy,
He died October 23, 2008.

My personality poem:
I am just one person,
you may think i am weird
but to me i am just gifted,
I may acted different than you
but we all act different,
you may think i act like a little girl
but that's just me,
i am not perfect,
neither are you,
i am fun,
that's all that matters!

Song on replay:

I've got this song stuck up here,
i just cant get rid of it,
It keeps playing,
over and over again in my head,
i just cant seem to forget it,
i am even singing my poem in the
tune of the song,
well i guess this song has taken controll of me,
la la la i got this song stuck in my head!

Missing you

Now that I have moved,
I no longer see you,
I miss those eyes of yours,
I miss being able to just say hi to you,
You are so far away,
with no way to contact you,
at least you knew how I felt,
I miss hearing your voice,
when ever I came to your cousin's (my best friend) how I wanted to knock on your window,
and I wanted you to come out,
I miss being able to see you everyday,
I miss you.
My guardian angel

I can feel you watching over me,
you are my guardian angel,
when times are tough you guide me through it all,
for you are my guardian angel,
just when I think all hope is lost; you always pick up the pieces,
because you are my guardian angel.

You are always there when I need you,
would never let me fall,
you are my guardian angel,
You help spread my wings,
preparing me for anything that awaits,
for you are my guardian angel,
through the time of despair you always seem to brighten any stormy day,
because you are my guardian angel.

you are my protector,
you protect me from all that is bad,
you are my guardian angel,
would never let anything happen to me,
made sure that I did right,
for you are my guardian angel,
you kept me from giving into violence,
even when I was on the verge of exploding,
you hold me together,
never letting me go,
because you are my guardian angel.

What is Love at first sight

I caught a glimpse of you there,
it was like cupid had been here,
couldn't and wouldn't bring myself to look away,
nor did I build up the courage to walk to you,
you were there,
and I was here,
I had heard tales about love at first sight,
but had never had seen it happen in real life,
what exactly is love at first sight?

You looked up,
smiling invited me to sit down with you,
I sat and smiled back,
we had so much to talk about yet so little to say,
you were in your own little world,
and I was in mine,
then you spoke breaking the quiet trance,
both brought back to the real world,
I then took off,
you smiled and waved,
and I was gone,
what is love at first sight?

Birthday wishes

Birthdays only come once a year,
Celebrate it with everyone,
close your eyes,
and make a wish,
for the candles are on,
blow with all your might,
and make a wish.

Dont tell a soul your wish,
this a moment that deserves to be a happy time,
make a wish,
a birthday wish.
....BEES! Get ready, get set, hide!:
one bee,
two bees,
three bees,
four bees.

hurts like hell.

Not only did it get me,
but it got a sensible part,
my pointer finger on my hand,
not only was this just a hand,
this hand is the writing hand.

finger red,
throbbing pain,
worse than flu shot,
no better than jelly fish.

watch my step,
where ever i wander,
don't want to run into any of its family,
paronid now,
worst than before,
don't want to walk out,
in the cold hard world,
what ever I see on the ground outdoors,
automatacly i pull to a hault,
look to the left,
then to the right,
up in the sky,
down below,
look straight ahead,
run like your life depends on it.

one bee,
two bees,
three bees,
four bees.
School troubles:

Troubles in school,
mostly all time,
just got to get through it,
through the bad and the good,
stand up for yourself,
dont let them stomp on your spirits,
speak up,
don't stay quiet,
don't respond,
that is what they want,
just walk away or act like you don't care,
if it gets to the physical voilence,
tell someone nearby that you trust,
don't let them get away with crushing your soul,
if they hit,
dont fight back,
if you do they can just get you down as well,
if they want to pick a fight,
just tell them im a peacemaker not fighter.
Open my wings
I spread my arms out wide,
soar through the skies,
the many oportonties,
love and dreams in the air,
flap my arms like wings,
take a chance,
don't hold back,
taking that chance,
spread my arms out wide,
flap them up and down,
fly up high in the sky,
soar my chances,
open my wings.
Pain- emotional and physical,
either one hurts just the same,
a broken bone hurts just as bad
as a broken heart except-
one may heal in time,
but the other will always hold that pain inside,
the pain you hold inside
overpowers the pain your feel outside,
when your heart breaks in two
it hurts worst than a broken bone,
your bone will always heal in time
but your heart will always hold that pain inside,
of course in time it too will heal,
just it will take time- more time than a broke bone.
broke it in two,
a crush is just a bruise waiting to happen,
when you love,
your heart will break,
icebox around heart,
your heart is cold,
tears are streaming down,
falling deep into a heartbreaking depression,
when you love,
you must set the one you love free,
heartbreaking every second,
heart is blue,
with sorrow and pain,
nothing you can do.
Age is nothing but a number
Age is nothing but a number,
it is how old you feel,
don't matter if you are 13,
or if you are 30,
all that matters is the person around that number,
your age is just a number,
a number that says how long
you have been around on earth,
when it comes to love,
age is nothing but a number.
Cold outside
outside cold,
freezing out there,
stay out there longer than an hour,
turn into a popsicle,
brrr! brrr!,
it is cold outside,
warm up a fire,
put up cup of hot coco,
rub hands together,
snuggle close to the fire,
for it is cold outside tonight.
Slowly going Insane
I sit here with you right there,
slowly driving me insane,
with your high pitched voice,
and off key singing,
you ramble on and on,
my head just may explode,
I try to hush you,
but you just raise the volume,
when you're not singing,
you are complaining,
never shut up,
want to take that eraser,
and erase that mouth of yours,
I want to scream,
no longer thinking straight,
with you right there,
slowly driving me insane.
Pain version2

Pain- Emotional and Physical,
a broken bone hurts as bad as a broken heart,
one will heal in time,
your heart will never be the same,
scarred for life,
hurts a thousand times worst,
takes enterinty to heal,
hurts deep inside,
pain of the heartbreak overpowers the pain outside,
lost in a deep depression,
slowly dying inside from the pain,
that may never stop.
Total Opposites
Night and day,
total opposites,
not the same,
only twice coming together,
the only light in the night sky,
is the light illuminated from the moon and the stars,
the sun only out in the day,
moon out in the night,
total opposites yet completely the same.
Why tease?

Why do you tease me,
what did I do to you,
does it please you,
to see me like this,
slowly getting filled with rage,
you make me,
want to twist and turn,
that head of yours,
'til it pops off,
like a ken doll,
see what you do to me,
do you even care,
are you so insentisve,
that you can't even see,
all the damage you have done,
do you find it fun,
to do what you do,
don't you care,
about the way,
you make others feel,
so mad,
close to tears,
do you see,
all that you have done,

Submitted: November 15, 2009

© Copyright 2021 ashbee. All rights reserved.

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