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Exactly what is life? you love it, because that's the first thing you experience, but then you hate it, as your world comes crumbling down around which is it? Even though there are times when life sucks, when all you want to do is kick yourself in the still have life, and you're still living another day. Be thankfull for what you have and don't waste a minute of it.

Submitted: December 14, 2008

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Submitted: December 14, 2008



Life itself is limited

You live, and you die

In such a short time.

Life itself is a gift

From birth until death

We give it its best

Life itself is scary

From the moment you're free

It's what the world's gotta be.

Life itself is ending

The time is nearly up

This is where we scream, Fuck!

My life is over

My life has ended

I didn't do anything

Couldn't do anything

They held me back

Back from the world

Shielding my eyes

To afraid I'll die

I tried to be free

Be the tension, the stress

It was all too much...

Before I could live

I went away and died.

Life itself is beautiful

Don't waste your time

Because soon, you will die.

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