Swallow Some Pride.

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Spoken word, no breaks for breath.

Submitted: April 24, 2007

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Submitted: April 24, 2007



Recollections of past infections sordid affections between new selections deceptions and re-connections since the inception requiring more inflection I survived revived inside swallowed some pride and occasionally lied saving face for every day I tried sighed and quietly died inside but I confide that this is all too dramatic, fake and plastic snap back like elastic re-wrap this and repackage mind the static and relax it's fine only a matter of time as I unwind rewind and let these lines shine watching signs and minding the lines as I jerk the wheel just to see how it feels to finally be free of the sea of shit in me this empty apathy or maybe it's just way too vain and afraid likely insane and probable not to fade but to remain the way I was made so dormant it lays waiting to be enslaved and repaved unphased mentally disabled like kids at the rave waiting to be saved or just for the day when they learn the proper way to say they may be repaid for the price of the sin they're living in never learnin the lesson hidden within the ragin din dancin within rhythm all dreamin to die survive inside swallow some pride and occasionally lie save face for every day you try sigh and quietly die inside.

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