The Fairies Ball

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A quirky little poem for children.

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012



As the sun closed her eyes

And day turned to night

Down in the woodland

There was a magical sight.


The fairies were gathered

Round a giant toad stall

Under the light of a glow worm

They were planning a ball.


They invited imps & goblins

Elves and gnomes

And delivered invitations

To their tree top homes.


They polished their wands

And cast magic spells

Turning twigs into tables

And grass into chairs.


It was only two sleeps

Until the day of the ball

The excited little fairies

Couldn’t sleep at all


They tossed and turned

In their rose petal beds

And at the break of dawn

They were up and dressed.


They filled acorn thimbles

With blackberry wine

And rustled up a feast

For one hundred and nine.


At the stroke of eleven

Silver carriages arrived

Drawn by little butterflies

With their guests inside.


They sat down at the tables

Looking very refined

Then it was time for a toast

Before being wined and dined.


The men took their wives

By their dainty gloved hands

And they  danced off their socks

To the field mice band.


They laughed and chatted

Til it was nearly dawn

When some of the fairies

Were starting to yawn.


So as the moon was fading

Fond goodbyes were said

Then the butterfly carriages

Whisked the guests off to bed.


Copyright © 2012 Anne D Morgan








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