Under the Surface.

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Something I found in a notebook today. Decided to plug it in here and edit it, no idea how long ago it was written.

Submitted: April 26, 2007

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Submitted: April 26, 2007



Lightning hits the streets and illuminates
Begins to relate - A changing mindstate
Evolving fate - Predetermined
Because nothing left is uncertain
I've given up on fear, and tripping on shit
I can't do anything about - but throw a fit
And curse and spit - Just because I'm scared
Looking everywhere
For what I've thrown away
Leading up to today.
There was just no way to stay the same
After bottling up and holding pain
It all remains - Just in under the surface
I'm not here to service - Your needs
And believe this, you will see that I've been freed 
Even as my reflection stares deeply into me
It relieves the turmoil when I'm in too deep.
I've fallen asleep but awake with a start
Just as the streets go dark
And the shadows around appear to abound
Stretching and coiling me up
This is rough, not powerful enough
To escape - while everything inflates
Reinstates and baits my fate
Into recoiling and boiling, unfoiling
It unfolds and everything goes cold
Darkness falls and one can't recall
How it was before
And what's held in store
Just like the day before
No way to restore whatever's in the core. 

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