Satin Nights with a Wolf

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My twisted little fairy tale about an urban, sexy 'little red' meeting the'wolf' of her dreams who comes into her life to treasure her.....

My, My what big eyes you have....

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



Bills, bills, and more bills. I groaned. My feet were killing me. I started at five and didn't end until midnight. I made enough to average out all the bills for the house.

The smell of smoke and old beer filled the streets. I got dressed and left out the building.

“Nice time in there chere.” Serg smiled, blowing out smoke.

“Thanks.” I mumbled and walked away.

My heels clicked and clicked against the concrete. I was a bartender at a club called, Satin Nites. It sucked but I had to front the bills. Tonight I wore my red hood, protecting me from the rain.

I came to a stop and felt someone watching me. Across the street, there was a man. He was tall, maybe six foot four. He smiled at me. I kept walking until I reached my house and locked up.

My bullmastiff, Nola was waiting for me.

“Hey there princess!”  She ran over and licked me. I missed you too.

I undressed and showered. I washed my uniform and clothes. I sat in front of my fireplace and devoured the jambalaya I made. It was 1:30 a.m. when I fell asleep.

“Honey! You look dead on ya feet, non. Wat da problem?”

My best friend Cherise asked. Her cinnamon colored skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

 “I’m just tired. I’m only twenty-two and I feel like I’m forty.” I sipped my tea.

“Eh! I be thirty.” I smiled at her outburst.

Cherise DuPonte, cinnamon skin, hazel eyes, and jet black hair. She was tall and statuesque.

 “You still workin at dat place?” I nodded.

“Have to pay bills.” I turned and saw the guy from last night. He smiled.

“Well, I’m not gonna keep ya. I have to do some shopping.” I kissed her and the little girl.

“Don’t be no stranger, non.” I waved goodbye.

I did my shopping and bumped into the same damn guy.

“Are you stalking me!?” I yelled. He shook his head,

 “Non, petite.” He was handsome. His eyes were a misty grey.

“I’m Sean. Sean Landry.” He smiled.

“Kasja.” He frowned.

“That’s not French.”

 “I know that. But my mama wanted me to be different.”

“I like different. I have never seen eyes so green.” I blushed.

“Well, we did the introductions. I should go now.” He grabbed my hand.

“I would like to see you again, petite.”

“No you wouldn’t. Not me.” I turned and walked away.

I went home and got ready for work. Tonight I wore a black and red outfit. I served drinks.

The music started and I began to dance behind the bar. I twirled and swayed. I opened my eyes and saw Sean. Shit. After staring for a hot minute, I called the next bartender—Julie and she finished. I grabbed my things and left.

I saw Sean waiting by a car. The look on his face said it all. How does he keep finding and following me?


“Now you know ok! I’m not perfect. I’m not your type, so fuck off!”

I yelled. I kept walking until, two arms grabbed me. Sean lifted me and sat me on the back of his car.

“I made no judgments to you.” he said.

“Ya, didn’t have to! I read your face.” He smiled.

“I’m not a stripper. I’m not a prostitute, so whatever thoughts you have about me, doing anything to you, screw them.” I pushed.

“Be still!” his thick accent slowed me down.

“Why do you work here…little red?” he smirked at my now, red hat.

 “I have to pay bills, stay alive, and fend for myself.”

“There’s no man to care for you.”

“I don’t need a man!” I growled.

 “Is kasja your real name?” he asked. I nodded.

“Yes, Kasja Creigh Boudreaux. Now, if you don’t mind. I want to walk home now.”

“Not alone, at night. I will take you.”

“I don’t need you.” he smiled.

 “A man needs a woman, just as a woman needs a man. You never know what kinds of animals lurk at night.”  He opened his car door.

“Trust me.” I got in and he drove me home.

“How does your wife feel? ya know, picking up a strange woman and going to Satin Nites?” he frowned.

“I am not married.”

“Well, most of the guys there are. They always want a dance, drink or a touch.”

“From you?” he asked.

“From any girl. Besides, you’re white. White men there find my kind-exotic. Something they want to fuck for the night.” He sighed.

“How old are you Kasja?”

“I’m twenty-two. I started there when I was eighteen.”

“Five years.”

 I nodded.

“Why my age? You want to fuck me?” he growled.

“No! You’re an innocent. Men take advantage of women like you.” 

“Black women?” I asked.

 “This is not about color. But, I’ve always found…black women very attractive.” Figures.

He dropped me off and I said goodnight.

“I’d like to treat you to breakfast. Please.” I shifted.

“I can’t.”

 “It’s because I’m white?” he asked.

 “No! it’s not that. I just don’t date.” He laughed.

“I’ll pick you up at nine little red.”

The next morning, I slept better than I’ve ever slept. I was curled up in my blankets, hiding the sun. I rolled over and stretched my legs. The sheets exposed my body-peach colored bra and boyshorts.

“Nola?” I called out. She didn’t come.

“She’s eating.”

A deep voice spoke. I screamed and fell out my bed with a thud. I reached into my dresser and point my gun at the intruder.

“That will not be necessary.” I blinked.

“Sean?” he smiled and licked his lips, I swear I saw his eyes flicker.

“What the fuck are you doing in my house!”

He stood up and fixed his jacket.

“It’s noon.” He said.

“Ok?” he frowned.

 “We were to have breakfast three hours ago.” Then it hit.

“Oh. I overslept.”

 “Yes, please put the gun down.”

I grabbed the sheet and covered my body, placing the gun in my dresser.

“Well, go downstairs. I’ll be down in a bit.” He nodded.

As I showered, “How did he get in my house?”

I came down in a pair of capri pants and a tank top. Nola was sitting next to Sean.

“You look beautiful.” He smiled, walking over to me.

“How did you get in my house?” he stopped and cocked his head.

“I knocked. No one answered. So…I came through.”

“How?” I asked.

“Come, we have to eat.”

Sean took me to this fancy restaurant. I was getting weird looks.

“I can’t stay here. Enjoy your meal, Sean.” I said, without ordering. The waitress looked at me as I left. I walked out the building and down the street.

A hand grabbed my arm.

 “Let go!” Sean looked pissed.

“Why did you leave?”

“I don’t want to be there.” I said, yanking my arm.

 “Kasja, I’m not ashamed of our beings. Others may be but that’s their issue.” He declared.

What did he mean by our beings?

“I’m going to my friends, and then I’m going to work. Thanks for the attempt at lunch.”

Cherise was yelling in French. I knocked and the door opened. Her son, Mathew smiled at me.

 “Hey you.” I smiled. He blushed.

“Hi aunt kas. Come in.” he was sixteen.

 “Where’s your mama?”

He sighed, and pointed to the kitchen. I kissed his cheek.


 “In here!” I walked in and saw her other baby girl, Sadie. She was eating and talking with her daddy.

Cherise is married to a handsome Native American named, Joshua. His hair was jet black, dark eyes, and beautiful skin.

 “Hey Joshua.”

He smiled.

“Hey kasja. How’s everything?”

“Pretty good.”

Cherise was still cooking. “So, what’s up you?” she asked.

 I leaned against the counter.

 “Not much, I was gonna do some shopping for clothes. Lord knows this weather is changing.” We laughed.

“That would help. You’re constantly in the damn red hoodie. I can spot you miles away like a blood stain.” Josh shook his head.

 “There’s something bothering you. Talk.” Cherise eyed me.

“Ok. A couple of days ago, I go off work and I saw this guy. Then the next day, I saw him again, and then later he was following me.” She frowned.

“Then…he offers me a ride. He’s at my job and asking for a breakfast date.”

Joshua frowned, “What’s his name?”

“Sean Landry.”

“I’ll kick his ass if you want. I kill the big bad wolf and hide the remains.” I laughed at Josh.

 “Thanks but…he’s different. He talks with an accent, from like…centuries ago.”

“Don’t worry chere. My cousin Larna, she knows some good spells.” She winked.

“No thanks. I know I’m Creole but I don’t mess with that.” Before Cherise could comment, we all heard.

“DADDDYYY! Daddy!” in ran their other daughter, Audrey. She was smiling and covered in her mama’s makeup.

“Hey princess, why you screaming?” Josh asked.

“I looks pretty daddy. Just like mama!”

I smiled.

I did my shopping and had a blast. Plus, I need more bras and panties. The bills were up to date and I was at peace. I went home showered and ate some soup. I did my stretching and got ready to head for work.

Tonight I straightened my hair. It trailed down my back. My outfit was a tattered skirt with a matching top.

 “MMM, don’t you look tasty.” Serg came closer.

 “Serg, stop.” He pouted.

 “Why you don’t give me a shot, huh? Once you’ve seen what I’ve got…you’ll love it.”

I walked to the bar, I began serving the drinks. ‘Remain Nameless’ by Florence and the machine. As she started singing, I danced and poured shot after shot.

“Hey baby! How’s about a dance for me?” the drunk smiled.

“No thanks, I don’t do lap dances.” He pouted.

I turned and grabbed a bottle of water.

“Little Red.” I heard. It was Sean. I turned on my heel and walked away from him.

“Don’t run.” He growled.

“I’m working.” I stressed.

 “Hey beautiful, come spread those lovely creamy legs for me!”

 I ignored it.

Sean didn’t. He walked over and grabbed the guy.


“Watch your mouth! Speak to her like that again and I will hurt you.” I froze.

 Sean pushed the guy and grabbed my arm.

“Ouch! Let go!” I frowned.

“You’re not going to treat me like a piece of meat!” he turned to look at me.

“You’re flaunting around like a piece of meat! Better yet, a piece of ass!” I gasped and slapped him.

“Don’t ever speak to me like that again, you piece of shit!”

He exhaled.

“Very well.”

He said and threw me over his broad shoulder.

“Let go! Sean put me down!”

 I kicked and protested. He put me in the car and we took off. The whole ride, I thought of running. When we pulled up to this huge mansion, I relaxed.

Sean put the car in park. I slowly slid off my heels and yanked the door open. Running barefoot through some woods.

“Kasja!” Sean yelled.

I ran and ran until I was grabbed. I screamed and kicked.

“Stop fighting me woman!”

Sean cupped my face in his large hands and said,


 I blacked out.

I awoke to a woman’s voice and Sean’s.

 “I understand that.” He said.

 “What happened to her?” the woman asked. I got out of the bed and walked towards the door.

“She’s awake.” She said. I heard Sean say something in French. I ran to the window and tried to lift it. Nothing.

 “Kasja.” Sean smiled.

“Stay away from me!”

The woman walked in. She was short and petite. Jet black hair in a bun with ice blue eyes.

“She’s gorgeous. A beautiful girl.”

 “Back off lady! I’m not into threesomes! I’m not a fucking prostitute!”

“Sean!” the woman frowned.

 “Kasja, please watch your language. This is not my lover or wife. This is my mother- Helena.” I paused.

 The little woman smiled.

“Sean, get her calmed down and then we can eat as a family.” She turned and left.

“Eat what?” I asked.

They looked at me…


Helena left the room.

“Why are you doing this to me? Can’t you just leave me alone?” I cried.

“I’m not here to harm you. I love you.” he smiled.

“Bullshit! You’re some rich fucking white man, who’s been stalking this poor black girl!” I growled.

“I would prefer the term Cajun. As you are Creole.” He sighed.

“I do love you. My kind seek our mates.” I frowned.

 “Your kind! You fucking bastard.”

“Watch your language or I will spank you.” he smirked.

 “Please. Here are some clothes.”

There was a dress hanging up.

 “Ok. Can I have some privacy?” he closed the door and leaned against it.

“Sean!” I frowned. I started to undress. I was left in my lacy goodness.

 “You’re so beautiful.” He sighed.

“No, I’m not.” He came closer.

 “You are.”

“May I kiss you?” he asked. I waited then nodded. His lips set me on fire. I moaned, feeling his hands caress my stomach.

“My, my what soft, sweet lips you have.”

He groaned.

 “How can any man not see you?” he asked, touching my face.

“Come now.”

I walked down with Sean. The table was set with a ton of food.

“Hi! Hi! I’m avril!” I felt a tug on my dress. There was a beautiful little girl with red hair and ice blue eyes.

“Hi Avril, I’m Kasja.” She giggled and ran to a woman. She had red hair but brown eyes.

“Hello. I’m Thalia. This is my baby.” I smiled.

 “Hi, I’m Kasja.” The woman smiled.

“She’s perfect Sean.” He smiled and introduced me to his whole family.

Dinner was different. The food was passed around. It was a feast. I just ate a salad. Sean frowned.

“Why aren’t you eating? Are you ill?”

“No, I have to watch what I eat. I work at a night club you know.” I hinted.

“Child, your figure is just fine.” His mother smiled.

 “Sure is.” Sean’s brother-Claude winked at me.

Sean growled.

“Enough you two.” His mother said. His father smiled at his sons. Sean had a total of six siblings. Three sisters and three brothers.

“Eat child.”

“I can’t. I’m on a special diet.” I lied.

“What kind?” his father asked. I dropped the fork and said,

“I’m a bartender. The owner doesn’t want his women out of shape.” It got quite.

“I told Sean, whatever he felt for me wasn’t going to work. I’m not his type and…things wouldn’t work.” I said.

Sean sighed.


 “No.” I whispered.

 “I understand, that your family is…banking. But, I don’t want money or anything. That’s what a lot people presume of my kind. But, I do thank you for this meal.” I said, standing to leave.

I caught a taxi and went home. I showered and washed the dress I wore. I was giving it back. I was starving. I ate more soup. Nola was sleeping peacefully.

My doorbell rang. I looked and it was Sean. I opened the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

 “May I come in?” I shook my head.

 “No. I’m tired ok.” He came in anyway. He carried a bag with him.

“My clothes.” He said.

 “Sean, we are not a couple. We don’t belong together.”

“What beautiful eyes you have.” He smirked.

“Sean, please leave.” I begged.

He didn’t move.

“You don’t want me.”

“No, that is not true. I’ve searched for you. Now I’ve found you. I do love you. I want you, everything. I want you on my arm, in my heart, my bed. I want to see your belly swell with my child, Kasja.”

I cried.

 “Sean, don’t.” he came closer and kissed me. He lifted me, so my legs wrapped around his hips.

“I’m going to please this body. May I?” he asked. I was a virgin. Never experienced an orgasm at all.


On my bed and in my room, we undressed. Sean was a sight. His chest was sprinkled with tiny black hairs as well as under his navel that lead down into his pants.

“You’re amazing.” I gasped. He smiled and dropped his pants. He wore black briefs and I did a double. There was a huge…bulge. He was big.

“I won’t hurt you.” he smiled.

I was naked. He covered my body.

“Your nipples are beautiful.” He sucked on them. His hand moved between my thighs and over a trim patch of curls.

“Your smell intoxicates me.” He groaned.

Sean pulled off his briefs and stood in his glory.

“Whoa.” I panicked. He kissed me.

“Sean, wait. I’m a virgin.” He frowned.

“No one has…”


 “I will take my time. Slow. Tell me to stop and I will.”

He slowly guided himself inside me. I gasped.

 “Breathe.” He was finally inside me. He pulled out and then in.

“So tight. Wet.”

“Breathe little red, breathe.”

I don’t remember much but that was amazing.

“What are you?” I finally asked.

 “A man.” He laughed.

“No you’re not. You’re something else. I can sense it.” He frowned.

“When we were having sex-.”

“Making love.” He corrected.

“Ok, making love. You growled at me. I watched your eyes turn from that misty grey to a…bronze color. What are you?” I asked.

He sighed, “I’m a supe.”

I frowned and looked at him.

“I’m just a man who is in love. Need I say, what beautiful eyes you have. Such sweet and succulent skin you have. Oh, my dear Kasja…” he growled.

I stared and watched his eyes shimmer. I looked down and saw his erection rise.

“And might say, my…what a big dick you have.” I blushed.

He laughed and said,

“All the better to please you with.”

“So…I’m not on the pill and we didn’t use a condom. So, if I was to be pregnant…my baby would be a wolf.”

“Yes, but our child would be human, be able to go from one form to the other.” He stated.

Little red has found her wolf.

I was listening to music when I twirled and dropped into a split.

“Very nice.” I looked up and saw Sean.

“How the hell do keep getting into my house?” I asked.

He smiled.

“I want to take you to dinner.” I jumped up and sighed.

“I can’t. I have…to meet Cherise. I’m babysitting.” I lied. He looked at me and nodded.

“Ok, then I’ll make dinner here.” For some weird reason, it hurt like hell to lie to him. I mean, it tore my heart in half.

Nola watched as I got dressed. I grabbed a coat and a bag.

 “I’m out!” I yelled to Sean. He walked out the kitchen and smiled.

“Enjoy the babysitting.” And he kissed me.

“Seven Devils” played. The woman danced on the stage while I poured drinks. I watched as the men stared. Hunger. Lust. Horny. When I listened to the music, I changed. Sweaty and happy, I left the bar…Satin Nites was once called, THE FORBINDDEN WOODS.

 I walked in my house and locked the door. I turned and ran straight into Sean, a shirtless and pissed off Sean.

“Hey.” I smiled. I was in trouble.

“You’re right about that.” He growled.

“Where were you?” he asked.

 “I-.” I started.

 “You weren’t at Cherise’s. I called and asked whether you were staying the entire night.” Shit.

“Ok, I lied. I have to work Sean. I can’t survive on just air, ya know.” I walked away.

“Why did you lie?”

“I knew what you were going to do and say. I need the money. I have a life and bills, Sean.”

 I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some veggies. After work, I really didn’t eat much.

“No, put that down. I made you dinner. You must eat Kasja.” He stressed.

“Sean, I’m fine. I missed a meal, so what.”

“This is not helping for the baby.” He growled.

Baby? I turned and looked at him.

“What the fuck do you mean baby? What baby?” he walked over and touched my stomach.

“Our baby.”

“No way! You knocked me up on purpose! Why?”

“I love you. Since I saw you walking that night. You’re mine and I love you.” he kissed me.

“If I’m pregnant, that means I can’t work anymore.” He nodded.

“You can work but not there, ever again. My sister owns a business and she wouldn’t mind your working with her.”

After talking for another ten minutes, I ate my dinner and showered. Sean gawked at my night wear. A tank, no bra and a cute cotton pair of boyshorts.

“Come Kasja.”

We kissed and did the deal. Sean growled, closing his eyes.

“Don’t! Don’t close your eyes, look at me. Let me see you.” I panted as he thrust faster. His eyes opened.

“A wolf.” I smiled. He growled and nipped my shoulder.  “Yes…all the better to eat you with my dear…in both ways.”

Sean laughed.

“Can you make my kitty purr, Mr. Big Bad Wolf?” I asked.

He smiled, showing bright teeth…

“Oh yes, baby. The more to please you, taste you, and suck you dry.



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