The Gamble

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Short story about three lives in Sin City and how each one changed from one paranormal experience.....

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013





Chapter 1

The sky was etched with purples, blues and greys. Today was not an ordinary day; it was swimming with hot lust and eager attention. That was the day I saw him. I was in Vegas with my boyfriend…at the time. We were celebrating and trying something new. I wasn’t a gambler, I was dancer. I loved to dance, while my boyfriend wanted Vegas to be his getaway. Meaning, he was looking for sex in all the wrong places and not with me.

Speaking of sex, that was something I wasn’t getting in all my young twenty-four years. I’ve been with Liam, my boyfriend, for about two years and he still hasn’t wanted me. I’ve walked around him naked and he wasn’t even aroused. After a while I kind of gave up after he denied that he wasn’t fucking anyone…female or male. So, this leads us up to here. Vegas…sin-fucking-city.

I was dressed in a light sundress and flats. My skin was now a dark caramel due to the sun and the heat here. Liam and I were riding in a taxi when it pulled up to the hotel.


Liam paid the man and we got out as he sped away. Before I continue, Liam’s real name is Jaxxson Liam Oliver. He’s very handsome, too handsome if you ask me. He’s Irish and Polish, dark hair and beautiful haunting hazel eyes. Me? While he towers at a six foot even, I’m five foot six and curved to the bone along with glasses and natural wavy hair.

“Let’s go.”

I followed as he got us signed in. I watched on the sideline as he flirted with the lobbyist. She was blonde…typical. Thank goodness I packed my vibrator…it’s going to be a long, long night.

We got situated in our room and I watched as he kept checking his phone.

“I think we should end this.”

He looked at me,

“What do you mean?”

“Liam…I know about the affairs. I know about the wild sex and the orgies you’ve been to. I’m not stupid. Either you’re bi-sexual or something else, but…I’m not going to waste my time here in Vegas following after you like a bitch heat. I’m a woman! I have needs just as you do and what am I stuck with? This!”

I yelled pulling out my pink vibrator.

“I can’t get real dick because you’re afraid or not attracted to me. For two years…I think this is enough.”

He stared. He wasn’t upset.


That was all I got. I nodded, grabbing my bags. See, I knew it would end like this. I grabbed my things and like the intelligent woman I am, I already booked my own room.

I was on the second floor, room 7.

I took the elevator and waited as the doors slowly closed until a hand stopped it making me jump. The doors opened and he walked in. He was accompanied by two women.

I pushed my glasses higher and ignored the women’s high pitch voices and laughs. I was so annoyed and feeling that guy watch me. And why the hell was this elevator taking so long!?

Once I finally heard the ‘ding’ I ran out the elevator with their laughs right behind me.

Stalking off alone to my room, I opened the door and damn! I had the better room and view. Kicking off my shoes, I felt the plush, soft carpet kissing my bare feet. My mind was doing its own thing when my body was acting very strangely. Like she was calling out for help or for a really great…well you know.

Checking the clock, it was only eight. I stripped off my clothes and walked into the pearl and gold colored bathroom. Towels, toiletries, and get this! Condoms were here. Sin City indeed.

I turned on the bathwater and poured the cream and gold bath pearls into the water and watched as they dissolved into thick masses of bubbles. Climbing in, I turned on my ipod and let some soft melodious music play.

I grew lonely.

I ran to sponge across my body, letting the water rain down on my wet, sensitive skin. I gave a soft moan, feeling my lady parts begin to tremor. My girl hasn’t had any action and forgive me if I’m being frank but, I needed a quick fix and this quick fix did not consist of real, hard steeled heated flesh that belonged to a man. It was waterproof and plastic.

Feeling on the floor for, ‘Adonis’ yes, I named my plastic member that. I started the toy and the silent vibrations sent my honeypot into shocks. My pearl throbbed for attention, while my walls begin to clench.

Sliding ‘Adonis’ to home base, I wasn’t looking for first, second or third. Right now, it was about seeing how long I could withstand sex…even if it kills me.

Chapter 2


The next morning I awoke to someone knocking on my door. I kicked the covers off and walked to the door, only dressed in a thin, cotton gown that exposed my dark nipples through the white material…including my soft triangle of pubic hair.

I looked through the peephole and frowned,

“Liam, how did you find me?”

No answer.


Still no answer. I cracked the door and the bell boy popped out of nowhere.

“Morning! Welcome to Vegas sweetheart. I’m Bryn, I was told by Mr. Alexi to give you these things and some breakfast.” He smiled. He was a cute little thing. Tan skin, blue eyes but jet black spiky hair…along with a tongue piercing. Out of nowhere my perverted side spiked,

“Are you good with that tongue ring?”

He gaped.

“Why yes…I am.”

I nodded and watched as he pushed the cart into my room.

“Who is Mr. Alexi?” I asked taking a bite out of some FRESH pineapple.

“Mr. Alexi? Baby, he’s the owner of this hotel and tons more. Mr. Maxamillian Alexi.”

The bell boy gave one last wink, did something with his tongue and walked out. Today was a new day and it consisted of me adventuring out into the city, seeing the sights and maybe trying my hand at a slot machine.

I showered and dressed in a light material, halter dress with heeled sandals and straightened my wavy hair. After grabbing my things, I walked into the hallway and I saw those same two girls, now drunk, hanging off each other. They walked right pass me and one dropped her wallet.

Reaching down, I grabbed it.

“Excuse me!?”

They didn’t turn, so I ran over to them.

“You dropped this.”

They stared at me and snatched the wallet…walking back to their room.

Anyway, after that strange incident, I hopped on the elevator and made my way to the first floor. With a ‘ding’ I exited and was damn near blinded by home white and clean the floor was, polished even. My heels clicked and clacked their way on the marble floors.

Reaching into my purse, I grabbed the map and studied it. So many places…

“You look lost.”

“I’m fine.” I said, still studying the map. I pushed my glasses higher up the bridge of my nose.

“I truly understand that you’re fine. However, that’s not what I asked you.”

I looked up and it was the man from the elevator. Instead of a suit, he was dressed in a v-neck shirt, khaki like shorts that defined his sexy legs. Damn, up and close and personal…the man was edible…fuckable but not marital.

“Well, I’m not lost thank you. I was undecided on where I should go. I’m not from Vegas.”

He did speak again, but he smiled and walked off…away from me. I self-consciously touched my face and began to panic. I bet it was the glasses, that’s what makes them run.

After shaking him off, I ventured outside and stumbled upon Liam and a woman hanging off each other. Better yet…he was tattooed in hickies and reeking of old sex and alcohol. He spotted me and pointed,

“Baby, that’s the one I was telling you about.” He laughed.

The woman looked at me.

“Liam you’ve been here all but a day and look at you.” I frowned.

“Don’t fucking worry about me, bitch. We’re done remember? Come on baby.” Liam dragged the woman along with him.

Damn, I guess drunks and children are the ones who brutally honest.

I watched as they walked into the building and I so happened to look up and the man who was with me before was watching me. Awkward and scary. I took off and explored the sights. I traveled to gift stores, clothing stores….even a sex store. I’m a virgin but I broke that damn hymen.

As daylight turned to twilight and twilight turned to dusk, I was exhausted. I had five huge bags of things. Struggling up the steps of the building, I was stopped yet again, by him.

“Need some help?”

I turned and he was watching the whole time, only the laid back swag was gone. He was dressed in a tux.

“I’m fine.” I walked faster so he couldn’t take a peek at my ‘Lovers/Lust’ sex bag. Eventually he grabbed the bags and walked ahead of me to the elevator. I followed behind and said,

“I can take it from here.”


I shut up. The elevator ride took forever. He never spoke but as soon as the doors opened, he walked out and straight to my room.

“How do you know where I stay?” I asked.

No response but he waited for me to open the door. Once I did, he placed the bags on my bed and said,

“You’ve got thirty minutes.” And he left.

Thirty minutes for what??

I had no clue but as soon as I kicked off my shoes, I collapsed on my bed and fell into a deep and comfortable sleep…

The softness around me was interrupted by a loud banging on my door. I jumped up and fell off my bed with a loud thud landing on my ass. I limped to the door and peeked, it was him.

“Um…sir, look…I’m going to call security.” I swallowed.

“Open the door.”

“I don’t know you like that.” I backed away.

“Open the door.”

I reached a hand out to lock it when, the door was forced open and he stormed inside. I back away, hitting the bed once more.

“I said thirty minutes. It’s been two hours.”

“Sir, I don’t know you like that! Please get out of my room!”

He smiled.

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have this room to sleep in, that amazing bathroom to get ready or this bed…which you’ve christened with your body.”

I reached for my cell and it was snatched away,

“I’m going to get the owner of this hotel!”

“You can’t do that.”

“Oh yeah! And why the fuck not!?” I snarled.

He smiled and said,

“Because I’m the owner. I’m Maxamillian Alexi.”


Chapter 3


I stared in shock as the man paced around my room. He was examining everything.

“What’s your name?”

“Jen.” I lied.

He nodded.

“Nice name…Mirabelle.”

How did he know my real name!?

He came closer to me and said,

“I don’t like liars. They are not trustworthy and they are evil.”

“Please leave my room, before I report you.”

He smiled and pulled me up on my feet and I swear, he lifted me by my arms. My feet were dangling, not touching the ground. I was not very skinny or lightweight, but wow.

“Mira, you cannot report the owner, who has done nothing wrong.”

“Get your hands off me. Or I’ll scream.”

“Go ahead…scream.”

He taunted.

I didn’t. He sat me back on my feet.

“Now, you’re going to shower, get dressed and be downstairs in fifteen. Don’t make me ask again.”

With that, he walked out slamming my door.

(Ten minutes later)

I was dressed in a silky dress and heels. My body did the dress wonders. I walked to the elevator to my destination. I was so scared. This wasn’t right. Why would the owner of this place be so interested in me?

The elevator stopped and the doors opened and there he was. Maxamillian.

“Very good. You’re a good listener.”

He pulled me from the tiny box and wrapped his arm around my waist. I moved.

“Don’t.” he warned.

As we walked into a new room, he was greeted by his friends and guests.

There were lights, food, music and bodies everywhere. In one corner people were gambling; drinking; eating…the works.

“Why are you so into me?”


I jerked away and said,

“I’m going back to my room. I don’t know you and I don’t want to. You’re a jerk!”

He grabbed my arm, slamming me into his body. I had to look up at him. Fuck he was gorgeous.

“I don’t like when people disobey me.”

“Are you in the mob?” I asked.


Oh God! I was going to die….die a virgin.

“Don’t worry baby, sleeping with fishes is something you won’t be doing.” He winked.

He pulled me through the crowd until we came to a roulette table. He took a seat and I stood next to him.


I looked at his lap…mainly his crotch.

“I’ll stand.”

“I said, sit!”

He pulled me until I was sitting on his lap. His arm wrapped around my waist, tight.

“Mr. Alexi! You’ve come to play too!?” the little old man smiled, who ushered the game.

“Of course, Daniel.”

Why am I sitting on this white man’s lap?

I shifted and felt something hard underneath me. He groaned.

“Don’t do that again.”

“My bad.” I whispered.

The longer I sat there; I began to pay attention to the game. Max paid even closer attention. Getting bored, I pulled my phone out of my purse. It was a text from a friend back home,

Missing you baby girl! Call me when you get a chance, and stay out of the Vegas heat! Love your man, Hunter.

I giggled and felt his arm tighten around me.

“What is that?”

“Nothing.” I frowned.

Then it hit me…why the fuck was I taking orders and listening to him. He’s not my man or my daddy. I jumped up and off his lap. He arched one eyebrow…sexy.

“What are you doing?”

“Walking away.”

I said and smiled as I expressed my emotions. I had enough of Liam treating me like shit and he knew me, this guy didn’t know me from Adam. I continued to visit other parts of the casino and play the slots. It was fun, I won and lost, but I wasn’t a gambler.

As a waitress walked by, I grabbed a glass of whatever it was and sipped it. It was amazing…something fruity with a kick.

I walked around and studied the huge statues that decorated the area. There was one, ‘the secret gardens’. It was a naked woman with a snake wrapped around her body…


I turned and ran smack dead into a hard chest. Looking up, it was Max.

“Stop following me!”

He stared and snapped his fingers. Two men grabbed me and ushered me away with Max following.

Oh shit! The mafia…he’s a mob boss. He’s going to kill me! The men pushed me into the elevator but somehow I got out of their grasps and ran like hell. Even with the heels on I was running for my life.

I pressed the button over and over until I was on another floor. I waited there until I felt it was safer. Then it hit me, I texted Hunter.

Hunter! I need help. I’m being-.

“No!” I cried. My phone just died!

I was going to die by the hands of the mob. I ran to Liam’s room and banged on the door. A woman, the same one, opened it naked.

“I need to see Liam.”

She looked at me and walked away from the door. Liam returned wearing briefs.


“Liam…I need help. Something is wrong. There’s a man… Liam!”

He closed the door on me and locked it. Looking around, I broke down crying. He didn’t even hear me out. I could have been attacked and he closed the damn door on me!

Ah hell.

I wasn’t sure how long I hid out but I went back to my room and opened the door. I was getting the hell out of here and fast. I unlocked the door and walked inside, closing the door and leaning my forehead against it.

Two arms wrapped around me.

I screamed and kicked until he had me on my bed.

“Don’t kill me!”

Max leaned closer and whispered,

“Why did you run?”

“I was scared you asshole! Get off of me!” I kept kicking.

He stood up and paced. I pushed my dress back down.

“You know…you’ve caused a lot of trouble here.” he started and he reached into his jacket and pulled out a silver coated pistol.

I gaped and felt my heart skip.

“I won’t talk about…whatever. I’ve seen mob movies, The Godfather, Goodfellas… you name it! Don’t kill me.”

He ignored me and removed his tux jacket dropping it on the floor.

“You’re very beautiful.”

“Thanks, please leave now.”

“No can do sugar.” He smiled and grabbed my ankle, pushing my dress higher, until he exposed my panties.

“My, my such a pretty treasure…only she’s hidden.”

He stared between my thighs.

“My boyfriend is here!”

“No he isn’t. Your ex is off fucking another woman…and man.”

I gaped.

“Listen here baby girl, I’m not the average white guy. I’m attracted to beautiful woman as yourself.”

“Black women.” I frowned.

“Yes. But don’t say it with such negative force behind it. The asshole you were with wasn’t ready for you. I know you’re a virgin and that is beautiful in my book.” He licked his lips.

“I’m not.” I lied.

“What have I fucking told you about lying to me!?”

I jumped. His large hands squeezed and massaged my thick thighs.

“I know what you need. You need a good, hard fuck. Your body is missing the simple joys of being a woman. And this…” he pulled my new vibrator out and turned it on. The sound of it made me cringe.

“This…little…toy…has seen such a beautiful pussy.” He spoke, rubbing the toy against my now soaked panties. I gasped, curling my toes.

“Don’t rape me.” I cried.

He frowned,

“Honey…there’s a difference in rape and sex. One is forced with power while the other is simply divine pleasures.”

“Why me?”

“I watched you since you and that man came here. Some man. He’s been fucking one of my girls since he’s been coming here.”


I asked.

“Mirabelle…I know your ex. He’s been coming here for three years.”

Out of the two years…we’ve been together?


“Yes. He has. But when I saw you…this sexy, curvaceous caramel colored goddess…I knew he wasn’t pleasing you…correctly or at all.”

Max pulled off my panties and inhaled them before placing them into his pocket.

I swallowed and shook…from deep, penetrating arousal.

He turned to toy on five speed and traced my thighs with it. My pussy was seeping, crying to be pet, tasted or stretched. He parted my thighs, only I snapped them shut. The toy danced over my soft triangle of pubic hair.

“Either you open these thighs or I’ll do it.” He frowned.

“Are you in the mob?” I asked.

“I already told you…yes.”

He pushed my thighs open, baring my steamy hot sex to him. He teased me, taking the toy pressing it to my pearl and slowly circling her. My legs shook.

“Fuck, I’ve never in my days seen such a sweet, tender pussy. She’s dripping.” He groaned.

Max allowed the toy to tickle me and slide inside my pussy. I moaned louder arching my back off the bed. The toy slide in and out, in deeper and out slower.

“Have you heard of the g-spot?” he asked.

“I’ve…I’ve read.” I panted.

“Good. With just enough pressure on it, the female orgasm is multiplied.” He stared between my thighs, a master as his craft. The toy moved faster until I felt this pressure build higher and higher.

My pants and moans grew louder and louder.

“Something’s wrong!” I cried.


He groaned.

I shook my head.


I climaxed and pushed feeling myself jerk and spasm. My body was going crazy. Max held me down as I kicked. After I calmed down, I saw that his white crisp shirt was now soaking wet.

“That my girl, is a g-spot orgasm.” He slid the plastic toy out of me and he placed the toy in his mouth, removing all my flavor.

“What an amazing flavor.” He closed his eyes.

“Tonight, I going to be a long night.”

Max stood up and undressed. I back towards the head board.

“Don’t run.”

He dropped his pants and my eyes bulged. His dick was HUGE! Seriously, he was as long as he was wide…with girth. The tip was shiny with his arousal as the veins pumped more blood.

“Keep that thing away from me!”

He laughed and grabbed it in his hand, pulling me with his free hand. He dragged me closer until our sexes touched.

“I’m clean.”

“Yeah right.” I spat.

He laughed and slowly pushed inside me…

Closing my eyes, tears ran down my cheeks. He was too big to me, but to my pussy…he was just perfect. He moved his hips frantically, pumping and pumping so the sweet slapping sound of hard and wet flesh met.

Max growled, lifting my legs over his arms, giving it to me harder and deeper.

“For now, I want you in….FUCK…this position. Later, and much sooner I will be fucking you on every surface of this room.”

My fingers slowly sunk down between us…until they touched my pearl.

“That’s fucking good! Such a good girl.” Max laughed and pulled my hair.

“Who do you belong to?”

I was too into being pleasured I didn’t answer.


I opened my eyes and this mobster was taking over my mind and body…the soul he’d never have.

“Max!” I screamed.

“I’m going to claim this pussy. She’s mine whenever and however I want her. Day…night…every..fucking second!” he groaned thrusting like a mad man.

“I’m going to cum!” I shook.

He pulled and I watched as his member shot out thick, white ropes of his seed onto my stomach.

Max kissed my neck over and over, sucking and pulling my tender flesh into his mouth as he fingered me.

I slowly faded out as he said,

“That’s what pleasure is…and you’re mine.”

Chapter 4


The next morning I woke up with a soreness that made me smile. I just lost my virginity to a mafia man and casino owner. I sat up and an arm was draped over me. I turned and Max was right next to me sleeping.

I stared at his facial features.


Jawline…oh so sexy.

I moved out from under his arm and slowly stepped out of bed. Damn he was a heavy sleeper. I made my way to the bathroom and stepped on his wallet. I looked down and opened it.

“What are you doing?”

I dropped it and he was looking hard at me.

“I stepped on your wallet and I looked.”

“I don’t care about the fucking wallet. Where are you going?” he asked.

“To shower.” I frowned.

“Look, just because you made me cum like…a billion times doesn’t mean shit. You got what you wanted and I got want I craved. If you’re going to kill me then do so, at least I won’t die a virgin.”

With that, I stormed into the bathroom and cleaned up, while Max took the other bathroom. When I looked into the mirror….

I covered my mouth.

The door opened and in came Max. He watched me as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Red, purple bruises marred my neck. I lifted my hair and I gasped. I gripped the counter before I fainted.

Max walked in behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I pushed him away.

“What did you do to me!?”

He cocked his head…

I turned back to the mirror…

Two small red puncture wounds marred my neck.

Chapter 5

“Get out!”

“I can’t do that. I’ve tasted you. You can’t run from me. Your blood is like…liquid fire. You are mine.” He came closer. I shook my head.

“No...People like you don’t exist!” I yelled.

Max came closer and said,


I was hyperventilating.

“I like all my kind and children exist. Did you not know?” he asked.

“What?” I asked.

Max looked at me strangely…

“How did you not realize what was going on here? Have you noticed the people in this hotel…the casino?” he asked.

 “Stop with the fucking riddles and tell me!”  I yelled.

“First, lower you voice when speaking to me. Second, the next time I tell you something, you will do it.” He frowned.

He started,

“My name is-.”

“Are you a mobster?” I asked.

“What did I just fucking tell you!?” He frowned.

I shut up.

“My name is Maxamillian Alexi. I am a master vampyre.”

What the fuck did I get myself into?

“Welcome to Sin City.” He smiled.

“You’re little human lover…or say ex is the blame here. Remember I told you he’s been coming here for three years of the two years you were together?”

I nodded.

“Well, he owes me a lot of money. His debt has caught up to him. He owes me money but…being the ancient vampire that I am…money is nothing to me. I have tons of money. Now, what I don’t have…is a bride.”

I backed away.

“Jaxxson Liam Oliver is to blame. Before you both arrived, he called me and told me he has something that I’d love. And here I thought, I have what I love…money, business and blood. But little Liam the fucking conniver that he is said, “I have someone for you. She’s pure, innocent and untouched. Valued goods.”  And here you are…at my mercy.”

I was used.

“I followed you, watched you. I knew there was something special about you… more than body and mind. But that blood of yours…now I know. Now I know why he gambled you.” Max laughed.

What was wrong with my blood?

Max came closer cupping my cheek,

“Sanguine noctis. Adeo suavis et delicatus. Novus fructus ... viro.”

If I remember from school…that was Latin. Something about the fruit and night of the husband.

“Don’t touch me.” I jerked away. He sighed,

“If you want to blame anyone, blame Liam. He gambled you off to me. You were the first to reject him, thus…making you available to me. Last night, we consummated the bond.” He smiled.

“You never bit me.”

“Oh I did, I feast up your neck and between those thick caramel thighs of yours.”

I placed my hand between my thighs and on my left one…his fang marks.

I looked into his face and stared.

“So I was bet, a fuck and a sacrifice.” I said softly.

“No baby. You’re mine. I was supposed to kill you. Your blood was the debt. But I fell for you. Not just your blood or your delicious pussy…but all of you.” He came closer. That’s when I saw them. His fangs.

I hit the counter, shaking.

“I won’t hurt you.”

“However the bite is not complete.” He said.


“No, not good. You need to taste my blood.”

I made a face.

“No fucking way.”

I turned to move but he pinned my body to the bathroom wall with his naked one. I could feel his dick behind me.

“I love when you run, it excites me. Do not do it again. Now, tell me the truth…did you not enjoy last night?” he asked, slowly fingering me.

I nodded.

“Was it good baby?”

“Yes.” I panted.

“Tell daddy how good it was. Tell me how good it felt to feel a real dick in you.” He rubbed against me.

I gasped, feeling his fingers thrust against my tender spot. That pressure was building up.

“I loved it. You…you treasured my body. No one has ever done that.” I moaned.

He turned me around to face him.

His was in tears. Pinkish-red tears fell.

“I have been wanting for you, specially, for four hundred years.” He smiled.

“How could he condemn me to this life…a life where there’s blood and sex only?” I cried, his fingers stopped moving inside of me. He pulled them out and sucked them.

“He lucked out. He didn’t know what treasure he had in front of him. But I promise you, I will give you a life that’s like no other. A life filled with passion, love and existence.” Max pleaded.

“What about my life? All the people I’ll have to leave behind?” I asked.

“You won’t. Do I look vampire?” he asked.

I looked closely…he didn’t…only if he was pissed or horny.

“Not really. Except…the weird eyes…thing.” I stammered.

He blinked; they were once ice, clear blue now they were green.

“Are you ready to be my bride?”

I watched as he tore into his wrist. Dark wine colored blood flowed.

“Hurry, it will close.”

I pushed my glasses up and licked my lips. I pressed my mouth to his wrist.


That word echoed…

Chapter 6

“Come on baby! Let’s go back to the room, I’ve got something special for you.” The woman caressed Liam’s crotch.

“You can do me here.” he winked.

They walked back to their room and a man was waiting for them.

“Yes?” Liam asked.

“Mr. Alexi would like to speak with you.”  The guard walked away.

“Come on.” Liam pulled the woman.

Liam knocked on the door and it opened, without anyone’s help.

Max was sitting at his desk, looking at some papers.

“You called for me?” Liam swallowed.

Max looked up.

“I did, take a seat.”

Liam sat down, along with the woman.

“I’m looking over our agreement.” Max looked up.

“I thought I fulfilled it! But, I gave her to you! Max, please.” Liam begged.

“Oh, it’s fulfilled. However, there are some things that need to be cleared up.” Max leaned back in his chair.

“What’s that?” Liam asked.

“My wife would like to speak to you. Baby.” Max held out a hand.

Liam turned and gaped…


I smiled.

“Hi Liam.”

He looked at me…

“What did he do to you!? You’re not yourself, where are your glasses?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m fine. You on the other hand…are not.” I smirked.

“Baby…” he started.

Max hissed.

I walked over and sat on my husband’s lap.

“Liam…what you did hurt me. Did you know that Max was going to kill me?” I asked. Liam looked confused.

“No! He said he only wanted blood.”

“Yes. He did. And he got that…from me. He was going to kill me, however…he fell in love with me.” I turned caressing Max’s face.

“He turned you into a fucking monster!” Liam shouted.

I hissed and grabbed his shirt,

“YOU did this. YOU turned me into this. YOU are to blame. I could drain you right here and right now. Then I’ll kill you little bitch next to you. When I came to your room asking for help, you slammed the door in my face. I could have raped…or killed. But you listened to her.” I shook with anger.

Max placed his hand on mine,

“Let go baby.”

I did. Max wrapped his arms around me.

“I’m so sorry Mira. I am. I really am. But he can’t give you the life you want. What about babies? What about…happiness?” Liam asked.

Max spoke up,

“You don’t have to worry about her happiness, myself along with my dick gives her all she needs, right baby?”

I smiled.

“Oh yeah…don’t worry about babies. That’s our second plan.” Max winked, caressing my stomach.

Liam stood up and pulled the woman’s hand.

“Let’s go!”

The woman couldn’t move…wouldn’t move…unless I told her to.

“What are you doing?” Liam asked her.

She turned and smiled,

“Only following my master’s orders.” She said and tore into Liam’s neck. I smelled his blood and moved closer. Max held me tight.

“No, I told you. Fight and control.” He kissed my neck and slid his hand into my pants.

I moaned.

Watching the blonde…who was part of the plan all along feed on him.

“Don’t kill me.” Liam gasped.

“Norah… don’t kill him.” I said. She obeyed and bowed her head. I walked around Max’s desk and knelt by Liam…he was going to live.

“What now? Well…I guess it’s time for your own medicine. Norah here…is your forsaken. You can’t run, you can’t hide…she will find you and now that she’s gotten a taste of your blood…YOU belong to HER.” I dipped my finger into his blood and tasted it…

“B+….my favorite.”

I walked back to Max and stopped when Liam said,

“You’re a crazy bitch! You’re fucking insane. How could you trade me to her!?”

I laughed and said,

“Oh sugar it wasn’t a trade…it was Gamble.”






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