The Hoodoo You Do

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Blood is thicker than water. But for a couple, can history of their bloodlines repeat itself...through magik and curses.

Submitted: June 20, 2013

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



This story will have flash backs and future references. be aware!


New Orleans 1920

The sweet sound of humming filled the damp air. She could hear the faint sounds of boots upon her wooden porch. Looking down at her swollen baby, she felt her children kick.

 “Hush now petites. It’s bettah.” She smiled, rubbing the kicking sensation.

The knocks came one after the other. She stood warily. Her feet dragging across the floor.

 “Who is it?” she asked.

“It’s me.” A deep voice responded.

Taking a breath, she opened the door. He stood there smiling.

 “You look ever glowing.” He smiled.

 “I am with child. This is supposed to happen. Why are you here?” she asked.

The man entered, closing her front door. The sound of the wood creaking beneath his feet seemed homely.

“I missed you. I wanted to visit and give you company.”

She stared into his emerald eyes.

 “Besides, ma chere…I want you.” He smiled, pressing his lips to her cinnamon colored cheek.

 “You can’t love me. We sneak around and when you do see me, you don’t see me. I’m invisible.” She frowned.

 “Now, now Chere. I love you.” He smiled, caressing her belly.

“My children are excited.” She slapped his hands away.

 “No! You can’t love me. I’ve seen your eyes. You wander woman to woman. I am nothing to you.” She cried.

“Woman, why must you make things so difficult? I love you. I don’t care what they think.”

 “Then why am I hiding!? Why am I out here?” she asked.

“Until I find a better place for us…our family it must be.”

“No. I’m done. I’m done waiting for you. I have my babies to care for and look after.” She smiled, feeling her babies kick.

“Sebastian…I gave you everything. I gave my body to you and look how you treat my soul. My mere always said, “Tell me who you are, and I’ll tell you who you love.”

“Don’t walk away from me, Cinder. Don’t hurt our love…our children.” Sebastian begged.

 “It’s not enough. You’re white…it will never happen.” She said, taking her seat.

“Is this what you really want?” he frowned.

“It’s never been about what I wanted! You took me! I was never touched by any man until you! I cried and gave my body!” Cinder screamed.

“Very well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sebastian said, kissing her smooth lips. He bent down to kiss her swollen belly.

“I will see my family tomorrow.” He said and walked out her door.

Cinder wiped her teat stained cheeks. “Not tomorrow. Not ever Sebastian.”






New Orleans 2012

Chapter 1


The music blared from the speakers. The sounds of laughter, talking and singing filled the tiny café. I looked around to find my cousin, Aiden. He was talking to some girl, as always. I smirked and walked over to the couple.

 “Boy, I know you’re not flirting when you’re supposed to be working.” I teased.

Aiden turned and narrowed his hazel eyes at me.

“I told you to mind yours woman. This is my girl, Chelsea. This is my pain in the butt cousin Joelle.” Aiden smirked.

 The young girl shook my hand and thanked me for the meal.

“No problem chere.” I said, walking back to the counter top.

I peeked into the kitchen.

“How’s the food coming?” I laughed. My chef, Dante winked at me.

“It’s goin good my beauty. Won’t you come back here and kiss the chef.” He licked his full lips.

I blew a kiss and got back to work. As I was taking tabs, the sound of tires screeching made me look up. There were two cars parked. One was a sleek black Mercedes and the other was a chrome jeep. I knew the cars and I knew the people in them. Three people stepped out of the Mercedes; Jace Smithe, Trish Wright, and Evan Cooke. Looking at them made my stomach turn in many circles.

That’s when he stepped out of the jeep with another girl. He was six foot four, muscled and everything bad for me. His name is Liaminick Landry. Liam was a past of mine, one which I don’t want to reencounter; and a temptation that lead me to losing my virginity. His honey-brown hair was messy, along with those emerald eyes. The girl with him was Danielle Hunt, all around rich girl. The door opened and they came in. Aiden looked up and frowned; I shook my head. I cleared my throat and straightened my clothes.

 “Welcome to Ember’s.” I said, looking at Liam. He gave me a smile

. “Joelle, we need a booth.” Jace winked and pulled his girl along. I put the group in a booth; one they always get. I placed their menus down and walked away.

“What the hell are they doing here?” Aiden growled.

“It’s ok. As long as they don’t cause any drama, we’re good.” I smiled.

Aiden sighed, throwing his arm around my neck.

“Cousin, I love you. I don’t like the fact that he is here.” I patted his cheek and went to take their orders.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

 “Yeah, give me the usual. This time, I want a shake too.” Jace said, turning to kiss Trish. She giggled, making her breasts jump.

“I’ll take a burger, extra pickles this time.” Evan said, tossing his menu on the table. I narrowed my eyes.

“You?” I asked Liam. He looked at me.

 “My usual Jo. Thank you.” He said, handing me the menu. His hand brushed mine.

 “Baby, try something new.” Danielle kissed his cheek.

“I’ll get your things.” I said, turning to place the orders. How dare he show his face!? I went to my office.

“Shit!” He brings back bad memories.

“Come on Joelle, it’ll be fun. I don’t have to beg do I?” Liam smiled, kissing me. “Fine. I’ll go.” The party was at Jace’s house. “I shouldn’t have come.” I told him. “Why not?”  he asked holding me. “You know why.” I frowned. “Please Jo, stop using that same shit against me. Who the hell cares? You’re my girl, despite color.” The party was going fine, until things got heated between us. “I think we should…slow down.” I moaned as his mouth left hot trails from my lips to my neck. “Slow?” he smiled. I nodded. “I love you Joelle. I’ve always loved you.”

I felt my tears fall down my face. That night I lost my virginity to Liam. The next day, he didn’t even acknowledge me. I was used. I could still feel his hands on me, and it burns. Not only that, my period was late. I couldn’t fathom the idea of beginning pregnant. If I was, I’d take care of my baby. I waited for the results and it was…negative. I overreacted.

 “Move on with your life Joelle.” I whispered.

“Still talking to yourself?” I closed my eyes.

 “You’re not supposed to be back here.” I frowned. He shrugged.

“You need to leave.” Liam gave me his usual, don’t-tempt-me look.

 “Baby-.” I raised my hand, cutting him off.

 “You don’t have the right.” I growled.

“I’m sorry! Ok, I never made the mistake of sleeping with you. I love you, I’ve told you this over and over.” He frowned.

“Whatever Liam, we’re done. There’s nothing between us but bad news. So, move on.” I said, moving past his tall frame.

“No.” he said, grabbing me.

“If you kiss me, I will bite your lips off.” He laughed.

 “I’ve always love your threats. One kiss.” He said, pressing his mouth to mine. I didn’t kiss back.

 “I thought I was pregnant.” I said. He stopped and looked at me.

 “What?” he paled.

“I thought it. I took a test. It was negative.” He hands touched my stomach.

“You could have had my kid.” He smiled. I frowned.

 “Are you serious right now?” I scoffed and walked away.

“Joelle! Joelle! You can’t be pissed at me forever.” He stopped me.

“Look, if you’re gonna be here, eat and leave.” His arms wrapped around my waist as he pulled me back.

“I’m so sorry baby.” He whispered into my hair.

 “Not enough.” I said, walking away. Aiden was taking orders.

 “Where were you?” he asked. I shook my head.

 “Baby! Where were you? I was waiting!” Danielle laughed, wrapping her arms around Liam. He gave a tiny smile and sat down. I reached for my moonstone necklace. It was my great grandmother’s.

“Is something wrong honey?” Dante asked. I smiled, inhaling his natural scent of spice.

“No, I’m fine.” He nodded, stepping closer to me.

“You sure are fine.” He smiled and kissed me. Dante was six foot two with golden-cinnamon skin, dark hair, and grey eyes. His father is Apache.

 “That was nice, but very, very bad.” I smiled.

“I tend to do very, very bad things.”

“Hey! Enough swallowing my cousin whole; get your ass back there and get to cookin.” Aiden smirked.

“You heard the man.” I laughed, licking my lips.

“I think he’s pissed.” Aiden laughed.

 “Who?” I asked.

“Your ex.” Liam was very pissed. I turned back to look at Aiden.

“I don’t care.” I said, turning to head back to work.

As I was taking down tabs for the café, I felt someone standing in front of me. I looked up to see Danielle. Her huge, fake breasts stared me right in the eyes.

 “Can I help you?” Danielle flipped her hair and leaned closer.

 “Stay away from him. He’s mine now. And if you value your little existence in this town…you’d be very careful.” Was that a threat? Licking my lips, I placed my pen on the counter.

“Excuse me? First, you do not come into my family business and threaten me. I don’t want Liam; you can have him.” I narrowed my hazel-grey eyes.

“What are you doing?” A deep voice asked.

“Hey baby, I was just talking to Joelle, just girl talk.” She giggled, walking away. Taking a deep breath, I picked up my pen and continued writing.

 “So…that’s how things are now? You and the chef?” he asked, trying not to sound pissed off. I ignored him and kept writing. He was not about to make me crawl.

 “Joelle is that how things are?” he asked more sternly.

“Why do you care? You got what you wanted from me. I remember everything you and your friends said about me.” I smirked.

 “Dude! I can’t believe you got a piece of that! I mean, she’s weird and all…but she must have done something good for you.” Jace laughed, closing his locker. “Damn, Liam I can’t believe it either. You got you some pure Creole last night.” Evan grinned and high-fived Jace. “Well, enough about this broad. What about your new chick? What’s her name? Danielle?” Jace asked.

After that, everything that I felt for Liam incinerated.

 “I was there. I heard and saw everything. I can’t believe…I gave myself to you. I gave you something pure!” Aiden walked over.

 “Get out and leave my cousin alone.”

“Aiden, it’s not what you think. I love your cousin.” Liam stressed.

“You love her! Is that why you’re cuddled up with that white girl over there? Huh, you had some brown sugar now you want to go back!?” Aiden fumed. I grabbed his hand.

“Stop. Don’t stoop so low.” Liam looked at me and then at Aiden. Before Liam could answer, his friends packed up and began to leave.

“Have fun.” I said and went back to working.

The moonstone around my neck felt warm to my touch.

“Mon Dieu…give me strength.” I whispered.

After a hectic day, I went home and smiled at what I’d walked into. My mother and father were dancing and having a blast. That was pure love. My mother, Lillian was a beauty. Her cinnamon colored skin shined in the candle light; while her grey eyes danced from pure bliss. My father, Ian Cartier or Deuce as his friends called him, was a looker. His bronze skin illuminated from being with my mother. Dad’s eyes were a brilliant hazel. I watched as they danced and dipped.

“Having fun?” I asked. Mom smiled,

 “Chere! Your daddy can still move!” she yelled.

I walked over kissing their cheeks and went my room. My parents had an extra room on the lower level of the house. It came with a two bedroom, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and everything that was home to me. I went downstairs and unlocked the door. My home smelled of pure lilac, vanilla, and autumn. My parents know about Liam. Yet, they never faulted me. I went to my bedroom, which was painted a lavender and cream. I stripped off my clothes and hopped in the shower.

As the water trickled down, I closed my eyes placing my hand on my stomach. How could I comfort my stomach, when it was my heart that was truly breaking apart? After my shower, I crawled into my bed and turned on the television. The annoying vibration sound directed my attention away. I reached over and looked at my cell. It was Liam. I changed my cell phone number! I let the phone keep vibrating, and then it stopped. There was a voice message.

Then the phone vibrated again. It was Liam. I answered the phone and I couldn’t speak.

“Jo, are you there?” Hearing the sound of his deep voice chilled me.

“What do you want? How did you get my number?” I asked. He laughed.

 “Don’t you worry about that. I um…Joelle, what happened with us?” Liam asked.

“You tell me. I was a good friend and you used me.” Hearing him sighed, I knew what was coming.

“I didn’t use you. Baby, I love you. I’ve always had and will. Jace started this shit; I never cared about anything but you. Hell, my parents even questioned me.”

“Well, what’s done is done. It’s in the past and I hope you’re happy with Danielle.” I smirked, knowing that would piss him off.

“Dammit! Joelle, I don’t want her! She’s just there to piss you off and irritate the hell outta me!” I smiled, hearing that oh so familiar Cajun accent.

“I still hear that hot-blooded Cajun in you.” There was a silence.

 “Joelle, I want to meet. Please allow me that.” Closing my eyes and fighting.

“Not tonight Liam. I’ve had enough of you…crazy Cajun.” He laughed.

“Alright, chere. I mean it, call me or whatever.” After that phone call, I had this strange dream.

“You’ve got some Creole woman pregnant? She’s carrying your twins!” A petite blond woman yelled. I couldn’t see the man’s face. “She’s mine. We have nothing Deidre. She’s carrying my children in her belly!” the man yelled. “Either you choose me or that colored woman!” I looked over into the corner of the room, and there she sat. The woman was beautiful. She was the color of cinnamon with grey eyes, and a head full of dark hair. The woman narrowed her eyes as she caressed her swollen belly. “Make a choice. The choice you make…will determine a beginning and an end.” The beautiful Creole belle spoke. The man turned and stared with emerald eyes. “Forgive me.” He said and looked at her stomach. “Very well, this is the last time…you will ever see me.” The Creole belle’s beautiful French accent soothed me.

I woke up gasping for air. In the corner of my room, there was a dark shadow figure of a woman. In a blink the shadow was gone. Mon cœur, mon cher douce, douce enfant. A soft voice whispered into the night saying, “My heart, my dear sweet, sweet child.”

Closing my eyes, I rocked myself into a deep sleep. I was not ready to face Liam. There was something holding me back….holding me back from a future of pain. In that moment, I could hear that voice over and over. The last thing the voice said, scared me half to death. Dors, mon ange. L'amour est mort.

 The voice told me, “Sleep my angel. Love is dead.” 



Chapter 2


“You’ve been staring at that same sheet of paper for about twenty minutes.” It was Aiden.

“What do you want? Don’t you have some skirts to be chasin’?” I smiled.

 “Ah, hush. How are you holding up?” My cousin asked, taking a seat next to me.

 “I feel so confused. It’s like I’m being torn in half. There’s so much running through my head, my heart.” I sniffed.

“How about we close up and go have us a good time? Bon Temps!” He rejoiced, holding out his hand.

“Bon temps!” I yelled to the world. We closed the café and went out to enjoy our day. Aiden was the sugar I needed to get pumping. He knew what to say to make me feel on top of the world.

The air was filled with so many smells. Arm and arm, Aiden and I walked by the St. Louis Cathedral.

“Liam called me last night.” I said, out of nowhere. Aiden turned to look at me.

 “Please tell me you’re not going to hook up with that pig?” I shook my head.

 “No! He said he wanted to meet up.” Aiden waved that idea off. A woman in a short, flowing skirt caught the eye of my cousin.

 “Hey, what did you know about great grandmere?” I asked him.

 “Not much, it’s weird. No one talks about her on my side. Aunt Lil didn’t tell you anything?” I shook my head.

“Nope. What about Uncle Lance?” I asked.

There was nothing. My mother and Aiden’s father are fraternal twins. Twins run in the DuMonte family.

 “I don’t know much. I don’t know why no one speaks about her.”

Aiden and I spent the whole day taking photos, eating, and shopping. I got home and collapsed on my bed. My eyes slowly closed, before my cell blared in my ear.

“What?” I asked, without looking.

“Where are you?”

 “What? Who is this?” I asked.

“It’s me!” Liam growled.

 “Oh, um…hold up.” I said, placing the phone on my bed. Picking it back up, I answered,


“Joelle, I’ve called you five times. What the hell is going on?” Liam couldn’t have called me five times.

“No you didn’t. My phone’s been with me all day.” I yelled back.

“I’m sorry, I was freaking out. You closed the café.”

I unpinned my hair and felt it fall down my shoulders.

 “Liam what do you want? I’m tired.”

 “I see, were you with that chef?” I could hear the jealousy in his voice.

“No, I was with Aiden. We had some time to ourselves.” There was a chilling silence and Liam asked,

 “Did you miscarry…our baby or something worse?” I was stunned. Where the hell was this coming from?

“Liam, what are you talking about? I was never pregnant.” I stressed, yet again.

 “Joelle, I wouldn’t have left you alone to care for our baby. I don’t care what anyone has to say about that. Joelle, please come meet me, better yet, I can come pick you up.”

“Liam, the last time you said that, all hell broke loose between us and your friends.”

“Forget that, come on Jo.” He begged and begged. I gave in and agreed.

“Fine, what time?”

Liam told me to be ready at six. Something was warning me and something was pulling me closer. I wore a cute summer dress and Keds. Liam pulled up in his jeep and hopped out.

“Damn, you look gorgeous.” He said, leaning in to kiss me.

“No.” I said. He just smiled and opened my door. I had no idea where we were going.

“Liam, where are we going?” I asked.

 “Don’t be mad at me.” He said, starting off .

 I took a deep breath and looked at him.

“Where. Are. You. Taking. Me.” I growled.

“It’s a party and not that kind of party.” He held my hand.

“Evan invited me and I invited you. I want us to get back together, Jo. It sucks not feeling you near me.” Liam said, pulling to a stop.

 “Where’s this party?” I asked, looking around.

 Liam pointed straight ahead. The party was in an old house by the bayou. We got out the car and walked closer. The music was deafening. There was something about this house that didn’t sit right with me.

As we walked in the house, I spotted Danielle. She was dancing and sipping a blue liquid. I knew this was going to end badly. That’s when I heard her slurred voice.

 “You! Bitch! Liam, why’d you bring this…this hoodoo woman to this party? You used her once, big deal. She’s not as good as I am with you.” Danielle reached out and grabbed Liam by his shirt.

“Isn’t that right baby? Tell her how much fun we have alone.” Liam looked at me.

“Danielle you need to stop.” Jace’s booming voice made us turn our heads.

 “Welcome! Ah, look who it is. How ya doin Joelle?” he winked.

 “Let’s go party guys, maybe some of us will get lucky.” Evan grabbed his girlfriend.

The party was full of drunks and half naked girls. I stood up by a fireplace and waited. I wanted to stall time and let this blow over. The house was old and creaky. The paint was faded and chipped until it looked like bark.

“Joelle!” Liam yelled from a dusty couch, which was covered with some clean material. He waved me over. I walked over and waited.

“Come sit with me.” Before I could sit, he pulled me onto his lap. I frantically pushed my dress back down.

 “Liam!” He pressed a gentle kiss on my neck and wrapped his arms around me.

“Relax, please.” Liam turned my face towards his and pressed a kiss on my lips. Should I kiss back or move?

“Don’t you still love me?” he asked.

Before I could answer him, Jace yelled.

 “Bring the party out back. We found something.” Liam wrapped his arm around me as we walked out the back way.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I have no clue.”

 Outside the house, Jace and his crew stood surrounding something.

 “Check this out.” Evan laughed. I looked and back peddled. It was a gravestone. Desecration.

“Don’t go.” I said, pulling Liam closer to me.

 “Why, what’s up?” he asked.

 “It’s a tombstone. Don’t go by it.” I pleaded.

“Well, little miss hoodoo knows something.” Danielle said, walking towards me.

“Get away from me.” I hissed.

 “Gotcha!” Jace grabbed me and pushed me towards the tombstone.

“NO!” I screamed and fell on top of the hard, cold stone cutting my hand on the jagged edges.

“Joelle! What the hell is your problem Jace?” Liam said, towering over his friend.

“Are you serious? You’re worried about this bitch?” Jace laughed.

I leaned down and whispered.

“My apologies Madame. Please forgive me.”

 Liam walked over helped me up.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m so sorry.” I repeated.

 “Baby! It’s ok.” He said, pulling me closer.

 “Let’s see who this is?” Evan leaned down.

 “Don’t! leave it alone.” I frowned. They had no idea what they were doing.

“Well…Her name is Madame Bleu.” He said, reading off the name.

“Liam, can we please go.” I begged.

 “Jace walked over to the stone and poured a bottle of beer on it. Morte.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?” I asked them. They laughed.

“Liam, whatever you do. Show your respect and apologize.” I turned to him. He frowned.

 “Baby, come on now.” I moved away from him.

 “I will not have your death on my hands or my conscience.”

“She’s lying.” Danielle laughed. The look I gave Liam said it all.

 He looked back at me and said, “Forgive me.” I sighed.

The loud crack of thunder signaled. Liam walked me into the house.

“Don’t panic.” He smiled.

“She won’t harm us. Those who apologize are forgiven.” I smiled.

 Liam walked over to me, “Am I forgiven?”

 I gave a tiny smile.

“I’m trying to forgive.” Liam pulled me onto his lap and planted a kiss on me. His hands caressed my thighs and held me closer.

 “Chere, you’ve come home to me.” He whispered. I opened my eyes and saw the image of a woman watching us. I gasped and jumped from his lap.

“What?” he asked.

“Oh no, what did they do?” I asked.


Pushing away from Liam, I ran out back into the rain and saw what they done. The tombstone was cracked and split apart. I licked my lips, tasting the rain drops and my tears.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?” I asked.

Jace smiled at me, “Why don’t you run along? Better yet, how about you come over here and wake the dead?”

I shook my head, backing away. I felt hands grab me and push me down.

“Get off!” I kicked and screamed. Evan was ripping my dress and dragging me towards the tombstone.

“Let me go!” I yelled over and over.

My throat was bleeding from my screams and pleas. In a split second, Evan was thrown off me by Liam.

“What the hell is your problem?” Liam growled.

“She’s the problem! You’re acting so whipped over this bitch.” Liam’s fist connected with Evan’s face in a flash.

“Say anything else like that about Joelle again, and I’ll kill you.”

“Liam, please take me home.”

He nodded, lifting me in his arms.

“You disrupted her peace and now…you’re going to pay. Every last one of you.” I said.

As Liam was driving, I sat there contemplating what the hell just happened.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I won’t ever, ever let anything happen to you.” He said, reaching for my hand.

 Once his hand touched mine, I felt warm and at peace. The music played low as the rain poured down. Closing my eyes, I felt this sensation come over me.

It was the Creole belle from before. She had given birth to twins, one girl and one boy. They were beautiful. The little boy’s skin was a golden cinnamon, while the little girl’s was a deep honey. They twins had beautiful green/hazel eyes. “Now, now you two are to share.” The woman laughed. I wanted to know them, to know the woman. She sat down and opened a letter and began to read. I could see through her eyes, some words were “Love”, “Pain”, and the last word was a name. “Sebastian.”

 “Joelle?” I heard. It felt as if…I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move or breathe. There was something trying to get my attention.

A feminine laugh whispered through me. I could smell her; a strong blast of Magnolia flowers hit me. Liam’s hand caressed my cheek. My eyes opened and I was in a room. His room.

 “How are you feeling?” he asked. I didn’t answer.

 “I know you’re pissed at me. I’m so sorry.” I didn’t respond.

“Well, I um…called your parents. They’re ok with this, but I could tell different.” He laughed. I stared ahead, completely numb.

“I changed your clothes. You’re wearing my shirt.” He said, and kissed me. Five minutes. I turned and looked Liam those beautiful emerald eyes and said to him,

“You’re friends are going to regret this.”

Chapter 3


Three weeks later……

“Come on, one shot.” Dante begged.  I smiled, taking his hand.

 “I’m sorry. It’s not going to happen.”

The bell to the front door chimed. Liam walked in looking as Adonis. His natural golden skin was mouthwatering. Today, he wore a pair of jeans and a shirt that did wonders on him.

 “Ah, I see what’s going on.” Dante smirked.

“It’s nothing.” I said, pushing him away.

“Hey beautiful.” Liam winked. I waved, brushing my hair back.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well, I wanted to visit my woman.” Liam winked, pressing a kiss on my lips.

 “I’m at work Liam.” I blushed.

“Can I take you out? My place?” he asked. Before I could answer; in walks Jace and Evan.

“Your friends are here.” Liam turned and frowned.

 “What’s up?” he asked.

Jace stepped towards me,

“You bitch! What did you do?” Jace yelled, knocking a glass from the counter.

Aidan walked over. “What the hell is your problem?”

I stopped my cousin.

 “I did nothing to you. I told you what would happen. You didn’t listen.” I frowned back.

“Jace, you really need to back up.” Liam pushed his friend back.

The two turned and walked out of my café.

“This is bad. I can’t go with you tonight.” I knew Liam would be pissed, but I was not risking it.

“Why the hell not?” he demanded.

“Liam, seriously you need to work on your temper.” I said, walking away from him. I heard him following.

“Baby. I’m sorry.” I stopped and faced him.

 “I warned your friends and now they are reaping what they have sown.” Liam knew it was true, but he still did not believe it.

“Ok, how about we chill at my place? I’ll cook and we’ll let things go from there.” He smiled, stepping closer to me.

“Fine, but I’m not staying there the night.” He agreed and kissed my cheek.

I knew what was in store for his friends, I feared for them. That night I showered and wore a summer dress and converse. Liam’s apartment was nice, very manly.

“Hey beautiful.” He smiled, opening his door.

“Hi.” The moonstone around my neck seemed to get hotter whenever I was around Liam.

“Are you ok?” he asked. I gave a smile and nodded. As Liam continued to cook, I took a tour of his place. There was a picture of us on his shelf.

 “I miss those times.” He spoke up.

 “Times change.” I said.

Liam placed his arms around my waist and held me.

“What happened with us?” he asked. Shaking my head, I moved away from him.

 “Let’s eat and then I can go.”

Before I could walk away, Liam grabbed me.

“Joelle, listen to me. I’m sorry for what happened between us. I want to start over, fix whatever happened.”

I could hear that voice again, Love is dead.

“Love is dead.” I repeated.

Liam looked, “What?”

  “Let’s eat.” I smiled. Dinner was amazing; Liam could always cook.

“When you thought you were pregnant, did you ever think about me…at all?” he asked.

I placed my fork down. “Liam, can you please just leave it alone? I said I thought I was.”

He eyed me, while nodding.

“Thank you for the dinner, it was amazing.” I smiled, grabbing my purse.

Liam placed his hand on the door.

“Don’t leave ma chere. Please stay with me.”

Hearing his Cajun accent made my heart do flips, but my gut was turning in circles.

“No, move Liam.” I said. His soft, warm lips pressed into my neck.

“Ma chere, ma chere stay.” He murmured.

His hand moved under my shirt, touching my stomach.

“We can try again baby.” I turned and kissed him. Liam lifted me into his arms. His shirt was off in seconds.

“Wow.” I smirked. His torso was covered in tattoos; One on his right pectoral, his left shoulder and intricate others.

“This one is for you.” He said, pressing my hand to his heart. It said, Joelle, with the creole flag as a heart.

“Liam.” I smiled. He lifted my shirt and kissed my stomach.

 “Let’s make it official.” He gave that cocky grin.

 “Official.” I whispered. We made up; but I knew it wouldn’t last long.

It had been so long. But it was perfect. Later, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Something was wrong. I opened my eyes and saw a woman watching me.

They’re only good for one thing, and then they leave you. Be wise my girl, Landry men are no good. I sat up and she faded away.

“Wait.” I called out.

Liam groaned, pulling me back into his arms. I sat there for five more minutes. I was so lost and I had no idea who she was. I grabbed my things and left that same night. I knew Liam would be pissed, but I had to.

“Mom, can I ask you something?” she was smiling and cooking.

“Sure baby girl.”

“Why don’t we talk about grandmere?” she froze.

 “Grandmere Ember…she fell in love with a Cajun. She was a singer, from what mama told me. He fell in love with her and got her pregnant. She was pregnant with twins, one girl and one boy.” Mom continued on.

“He did her wrong. He said he loved her and his children, but he deserted her; Left her for another woman, a white woman. He never acknowledged her and left her in some shitty house.” I frowned. “She packed up her things and moved to this house. Grandmere moved on and was happy. She remarried a man named, Liam. He was a handsome man, you other grandpere.”

I smiled.

“Do we have pictures of her?” I asked.

Mom smiled and pulled out a huge family book. When I saw her, I broke out in tears.

“It’s been her.”

“What?” mom asked.

 “Grandmere…she’s been talking to me and visiting me.”

 Ember was a beautiful woman, beautiful cinnamon skin, almond grey eyes and full pink lips. Her long dark hair was pinned on top of her head.

“What was the man’s name?” I asked.

Mom was quite. “Mom?” I asked. She looked at me and sighed.

“His name was Sebastian…Sebastian Landry.” I gasped.

I grabbed my things and went to Liam’s. I banged on the door and heard a woman laugh. Danielle opened the door, wearing Liam’s shirt.

“Why are you here?” she rolled her eyes.

 “Who’s at the door?” Liam yelled out.

“You know he thinks you had an abortion. You weren’t woman enough to get laid and keep a baby. He’s mine now. I told you this from the beginning. Right, baby?”

Liam opened the door and gaped. He was standing in his jeans, no shirt.

Landry men are nothing. They use you and throw you away.

“She was right; you men are just the same. You and your bastard grandfather.” I said and stormed down the hall.

 Liam’s great-grandfather used my grandmere and got her pregnant. And what did Liam do? He did the same thing his grandpere did. I went home and continued to look at the photos. Ember was so beautiful, her twins were amazing. There was a record of her music in the book. I played it and fell in love with her songs.

There were five songs: “No love, No sunshine.”  “My Mirror Man.” “Cinnamon.” “A French Lullaby.”  And  “Tempt me no more.” The songs were amazing, her voice was like a singing siren. I listened until I heard a knock on my door. I looked and saw Liam.

 “Jo, I know you’re there. Open the door.” He called out. He knocked once again.

 “Joelle!” I didn’t answer. That night, I slept dreaming about Ember.

The next morning, I felt refreshed and new. I wore my hair down, along with a halter dress and keds. I pulled up to the café and found Liam and his friends there. Adrian spotted me and smiled,

Damn! Look at you.” He turned me in a circle.

“Adrian.” I laughed.

“You know them kids been bringing that bad juju up in here, luckily grandmere don’t play.” I agreed.

“I’m going get some things from the office.” Dante spotted me and smiled.

 “Don’t you look a sight.”

“Thank you.” I blushed.

Dante took a step closer, even though he was the chef, he never smelled like cooked food or grease.

“Kiss the chef?” he smirked.

Dante placed his hands around my face and kissed me. My arms locked around his neck as he towered over me.

“What the hell are you doing?” Liam yelled pulling me away.

Dante eyed me then spoke,

“It’s funny how you want nothing to do with her, yet you’re constantly stopping her from having fun.”

“You really need to get the hell out of my face.” I stood between them. “Dante, I’m fine.” I turned and frowned at Liam.

“I want you…out of my café. Now.” Liam turned and walked away. Great.

I went home to find Liam waiting on me in his car. I got out and walked passed him.

“So, you’re pissed at me.” I ignored him.

 “Joelle!” I turned and looked at him.

 “What do you want? You got what you wanted from me…again.”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” He frowned.

“We fucked! Ok, we did it again, without any protection! And here I am standing like before-stupid and used!” I growled.

“If you wanted have sex with a black girl so bad, why did you have to choose me? You’re just like him.” I turned and pulled back against him.


“You’re grandpere! Sebastian Landry!” He frowned,

“What the fuck does this have to do with me?”  

“I bet you parents didn’t tell you about him. Well, here’s the story.” I smiled.

 “He claimed to have loved my grandmere, a Creole. He said all these things and got her pregnant. She carried his twins and you know what he did? He left her alone and ashamed. Sebastian left my pregnant grandmere for a white woman. Just like you did me.” I tried to slam my house door, but he pushed it in.

“Get your ass out of my house!” I hit him.

I’d never hit anyone but this time, I did. It felt good.

 Liam grabbed my arms and pinned me to wall.

“I’m going to let that slide. I had no idea about my family past. If I wanted to sleep with a black girl, I would. Regardless of color you’re my girl.” He said.

 “Bullshit! We’re done! You can have Danielle and I’m going to move on without you.” He frowned.

“I wasn’t with her. She was waiting for Jace.” I shook my head.

“It’s too late. I won’t do it anymore.” I cried, pushing him off me.

“So, this is it? We’re done?” he asked. I nodded.

“I won’t do this anymore. I’m tired of giving my body away and in the end; my heart is the main thing that gets abused.” I sighed.

“Goodbye Liam.”

He leaned closer to press a kiss to my lips.


“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He touched my hair.

“No not tomorrow, not ever.” I whispered.

Chapter 3

Four months later….

Sighing, I placed my hand on my swollen belly. I was pregnant and following in the same curse. Not only that, I was having twins, two babies.

My new place was amazing. I had a balcony, garden, and it was all mine. I was having problems with my light in the nursery. I called the electrician and he fixed it. I was five months pregnant and I was happy. My parents weren’t pissed, Adrian was now engaged and expecting a baby as well. Dante is now married, three kids counting and I’m the godmother.

I went grocery shopping for some veggies and fruit. The babies had me caving fruit salads all the time. I could feel tiny flutters.

“You two are driving mommy crazy.” I smiled, rubbing my belly.

 “Well, well look who’s knocked up.” I turned and saw Danielle and Trish.

I covered my babies.

“Danielle, leave her alone.” Trish frowned.

“Now way, are you telling me, Liam knocked you up? Wow, so eager to spread your legs.” She laughed.

 I turned and slapped her-hard.

 “Don’t ever bring my babies into this.” I stormed off and went home.

I showered and wore my nightgown. It stopped above my knees and hugged my boobs and belly. I was reading and eating some ice cream, when three knocks came. I looked and it was Liam. He looked different; his facial hair was now a goatee. I cracked open the door. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

“You look beautiful.” He smiled.

 “How did you know where I live?” I asked.

He sighed, “May I come in?”

 “No.” I said.

“Joelle, may I come in?” rolling my eyes I opened the door.

He came in and locked it.

“Turn around.” He said.

 “Liam, I’m tired and I’m not about to play games.”

 “Turn.” He said, once more. I did.

He saw my belly and came closer.

“Pregnant.” He smiled.

 “Danielle told you.” He nodded.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

He reached out to touch my stomach. I moved away.

 “That’s my kid too.” He frowned.

Kids. plural.”

 He smiled and knelt down and lifted my dress.

“Liam!” my swollen belly, he kissed it.

Exposing my cream and burgundy panties. “

Are they awake?” he asked.

“Sleeping. Liam you can’t be here. You need to leave.” He stood up.

“No, I won’t. you’re pregnant baby. Mom told me about Sebastian and what he did. I do believe he loved Ember more than anything.” I rolled my eyes.

 “You Landry men say the same thing. But nothing comes from it. Please leave my home.” Liam took off his jacket and sat down.

“We’re following in their footsteps. But I’ll be damned if I let you and my children go. I won’t let that happen. Come here.” I walked over and he pulled me onto his lap.

 “I’ve missed you.”

“You need to leave Liam.” I turned to face him.

“Why? There better not be another man coming here.” He growled.

“Why would you care?” I asked, making my way to the kitchen. Liam followed of course.


I ignored him and continued on to my cooking. The tiny flutters from my babies drove me crazy.

 “Can we talk without arguing?” he asked, sitting in front of me.

A tiny kick came from the left side of my stomach.

“Yeah, she would take your side.” I smirked.

“She?” he asked.

 “Your daughter is kicking.” Liam ran over and touched my stomach.

“Hey beautiful.” He smiled, rubbing the kicks.

“Jo, let’s have dinner and get things right.” I looked into his eyes and nodded. We had pasta and oven baked bread.

“This is amazing babe.” I smiled.

 “Thank you.” I rubbed my swollen belly.

“Have you thought of any names?” he asked, wiping his mouth.

“Yes I have. Anya Sophia Cartier and Noah Xavier Cartier.” I smiled. Liam nodded.

“I like it. But I was thinking about Anya and Noah Landry.” I placed my fork down and looked at him. I shook my head.

“No, not going to happen. Just because we’re talking now, doesn’t mean I want you.” He winced.

“Joelle what the fuck do you want then? I won’t let you walk away from me while you’re pregnant. We won’t follow in their footsteps.” He demanded.

I stood up, holding my belly.

“It’s time for you to go now.” Liam followed.

 “I’m not going any damn where!” I turned and folded my arms.

“First of all, you need to check your tone and stop swearing at me.”

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