I'm Reminded

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A poem that captures my thoughts and feelings about two men I was lucky enough to meet and to love.

Submitted: August 07, 2014

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Submitted: August 07, 2014



I see him sometimes, when I look at you.
Your ice blue eyes remind me of his, sometimes.
Your soft, short hair--the way it stands on end,
especially after exertion or sleep.

Your muscular body, hardened by work
and sweat, by football and basic training--
not to mention how you move within it,
your every motion graceful, sure, relaxed.

The way you dance, without self-consciousness--
so crazy silly, and still too sexy,
your body echoing your contagious,
outrageous, hilarious inner joy.

Your inner self reminds me too, sometimes:
helpful, kind, loyal, fun, responsible,
Godly, wise, so generous, and playful.
How blessed I am my path crossed both of yours!

I knew him first, and loved him first, it's true,
but love had barely bloomed when he went Home.
I wasn't sure I'd make it for a while,
and yes, I'm changed for good, there is no doubt.

But when you came along, I held my breath.
Unprepared, you scared me and ensnared me.
It was as if I'd known you all my life--
my other half I'd sought to be made whole.

I loved you, yes I loved you violently,
fiercely, so sensually, and spiritually.
So stunned to be restored by love and hope,
I dared to hope you'd let me heal you back.

I've loved you every moment ever since--
but not because you make me think of him,
and not because your eyes are so like his,
not even how you both could make me laugh.

He helped me learn exactly what I need,
but you're the one that I was waiting for.
We'd not yet met, I know, but looking back
it seems, sometimes, that he reminded me
of you.

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