A rat was very hungry

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Story for small children. A rat was very hungry. It entered in a house. A dog was there inside the house. The dog started barking after seeing the rat. Then ....

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



Friday, July 20, 2012

A rat was very hungry’

-Ashim Kumar Kar

A rat Ratu was very hungry. It was moving here and there in search of food.

Ratu saw the door of Vicky’s house was open. It was very happy. It entered in Vicky’s house quietly. It saw no body was there in the drawing room. Slowly it was going to the kitchen.

Suddenly Ratu shocked. It heard the barking of a dog. It saw a dog at the corner of the drawing room. The dog was barking.

Ratu was very much afraid. It was running towards the door to leave the house.

Then the dog said, “Hi, rat, I am here. Please come here. My name is Dogu.”

Ratu stopped for a while and saw the dog calling it. Ratu noticed that somebody has tied the legs of the dog with a rope to a sofa.

Ratu surprised to see it.

Dogu said, “Hi, friend, please come quickly and cut the rope with your teeth.”

Then Ratu slowly went near to Dogu and said, “My name is Ratu. I am very hungry. I am searching for food to eat. I am going now. I have no time.”

Dogu pleaded again, “Ratu, please cut the rope. It is very urgent.”

“You are very clever. I cut the rope and make you free, so that you can kill and eat me. No, no, sorry, I am going“, Ratu replied.

“Ratu don’t afraid. Listen. Vicky along with his parents has gone for shopping. Two thieves entered in the bed room after breaking the main door lock. They have tied my legs with a rope to the sofa. They will steal every costly goods from the house. If you make me free I will catch them. I do promise I won’t kill you. Instead I will arrange food for you.”

Ratu thought for a moment. Then it decided to cut the rope tied on the legs of Dogu.

Ratu cut the rope with its teeth and made Dogu free.

Dogu immediately went to the bed room and started barking.

Seeing the dog the thieves panicked. They tried to run away from the house. But Dogu chased them. It injured one thief. It was bleeding at different parts of this thief’s body. Another thief ran away but was caught by the neighbors outside the house.

Both the thieves were handed over to the police.

After some time Vicky and his parents returned from shopping.

Dogu was waiting for them. Ratu was also waiting for Vicky.

Dogu explained the whole story to Vicky and his parents.

They were very happy. They understood that Ratu has helped Dogu to catch the thieves.

They served Ratu with different types of food to eat.

Ratu was very happy after seeing so many types of tasty food items. As Ratu was very hungry it started eating immediately.

That day onwards Ratu and Dogu became good friends and they were staying together in Vicky’s house.



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