Railway station

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Rita was waiting for her brother to pick up her from the railway station at night. But he could not arrive on time, then....

Submitted: January 12, 2015

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Submitted: January 12, 2015



'Railway station'

- Ashim Kumar Kar

Note:- In this short story the names of all places, persons, etc. are fictitious.

Almost after 24 hours journey the train reached the Hawrah railway station. All passengers travelling in this train were very tired. It was the month of May, the summer season. Terrible heat. Those who had travelled in air-conditioned compartment were little comfortable than other passangers, who travelled in unreserved compartments or even in reserved second class sleeping coaches.
Travelling in long distance trains in summer is really very tiresome.
Rita was also very tired. She took her air bag on her right soulder and lifted the suitcase with her left hand. She alighted from the train.
The Hawrah railway station was a very crowded station. Always busy. Rita tried to locate her brother Yatin.
Yatin, three years older than Rita, told her on the mobile phone that he will be coming to take her to thier home.
Rita could not locate Yatin. Some worry and fear could be seen on her face. It was around 9 o',clock at night. Eventhough she knew the city and this Howrah railway station much well, staying alone at night outside home was not safe for young girl of her age.
She had joined an engineering degree course. The college was far away from her house in another city, Kanpur. So, she was staying in college hostel to continue her study.
After the first semester examination was over, she came to stay back with her family for few days. She was looking for some safer place on the platform where she could sit and wait for her brother.
She saw a group of men and women were there on the station. They were waiting for a train. They had some luggage with them.
She had decided to go there and sit with them. So that no body will notice her. She took her luggage and sat with this group.
She knew standing or sitting alone was not good as anybody could notice her easily. She knew her brother will contact her on mobile phone as soon as he arrives in the station.
She sat with that group and made friendship with few of them. They were talking for some time.
But after sometime that group left the place to board the train. They were going to Allahabad.
Rita was again alone on the platform. The mobile phone rung...
"Hello,Rita. I am Yatin here. I am on the way. There is a huge traffic jam on the road. So, it will take some time to reach to the station... Your stay there... Do not move anywhere else.. Be extra cautious as it is night... ok".
"Ok, brother. Come soon, please".
Rita saw on the wall clock, it was 10.30p.m.
She took her luggage and stood near a phone booth. She felt it as a safer place. She saw some policemen patrolling on the platform.
Somebody touched her buttock. She scared. She turned back with anger. She saw a beggar, a small child.
"Madam, please give me some food, I am very hungry. I have not ate anything from morning".
"Please move... go"
After sometime the beggar left.
Again the mobile rung. Some unknown number.
"Hello, Pinky.. longtime you have not phoned me. Are you ok?"
"Who.. Pinky...?"
"Pinky.. I am Suresh, your..."
"Hello, you have dialled a wrong number. I am not Pinky and I do not know anybody of such name" Rita replied and disconnected the number.
It was around 11.45p.m. Yatin still had not come and Rita was waiting for him.
Rita was still standing near the telephone booth. Generally in cities, the telephone booths close after eleven o'clock at night and open early in the morning. But, as it is a railway station, this telephone booth remains open for 24 hours. The telephone operators work in shifts in this booth.
A man crossed Rita and he was walking very fast. That gentleman had wore a white coloured trouser with a white coloured shirt. He had hold a briefcase in his left hand. He was in a hurry.
"Daddy... dad..." Rita cried. She ran behind that man and hold his right hand.
"Daddy.. I am here.. I was waiting for you and brother..."
That gentleman stopped and turned back. He was quite surprised to see an unknown young girl pulling his hand. He looked little disturbed.
"Sorry.... sorry uncle, I thought you as my daddy. You looked like my daddy from back, so..." Rita said.
That gentleman understood Rita's mistake. But, before he could say word Yatin reached there. Seeing Yatin there Rita was very happy, but Yatin surprised to see that his sister was talking with a stranger on the railway platform. That is too at the night.
Rita explained the whole episode to Yatin before he asked her a question.
Yatin understood. He said politely to the gentleman,"Uncle, she is my sister, Rita. She is coming from Kanpur. She was waiting for me. Actually, uncle, few months back we lost our beloved father. He had sudden death. After that time she very often thinks of daddy. So, when she saw you, she confused. Our daddy was always wearing white coloured shirt and pant. Daddy was always carrying a brown colour briefcase like yours... so this confusion.. sorry, uncle..."
"Ok..ok.. does not matter...." that gentleman said and left.
Yatin took Rita's luggage and they both went to a nearby tea stall on the platform.
They had some snacks and tea.
After sometime they left the railway station. They sat in their car and left for their home.
Their mother was alone at home. She cooked some of Rita's favourite dishes.
She was waiting for her children.

© Copyright 2019 Ashim Kumar Kar. All rights reserved.

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