Surviving The Storm

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The hottest day of the year. At first. But when the white clouds turn grey, and it begins to rain, the power goes out, and Melanie knows she isn't alone...

Submitted: June 11, 2011

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Submitted: June 11, 2011



The hottest day of the year. Why, oh why did it have to be today? I asked myself as I stepped off of the school bus onto my street. My jean shorts were stuck to the back of my legs. Drops of sweat were gathered on my upper lip. I wiped them away with the back of my hand and listened for the bus to drive away. I sighed and walked down the steep hill to my house.

With every step I took, my backpack got heavier. Why, oh why did I get so much homework? I sighed and forced myself to finish the long trip home. A gentle breeze blew by, cooling me down for only a split second before wearing off. The sun beat down on me and I felt like I was going to pass out. I should've worn my glasses, I thought as I squinted at the small, blue cottage a few hundred feet away. Home.

As I got nearer, I noticed a blurry lump of white in the driveway coming into focus. A car. I squinted to get a better look. It didn't look familiar. My mind started jumping to crazy conclusions. I hope I don't get raped or anything.

It's probably someone visiting the guy from across the street, I assured myself. My feet found themselves finally in the yard, trudging through the overgrown grass. The front door was getting closer.

I gazed back at the strange car. I could make out two figures inside. One in the driver's seat, and one in the passenger's seat. Both were men. I bit my lip and tried not to act nervous, I don't know why. I quickly reached into my purse and pulled out the key. I pushed it into the lock, and twisted it, watching the door creak open. I ripped the key out and stepped inside, slamming the door shut.

I slowly moved to the nearest window and moved the red curtain aside. I peered into the driveway. Instantly, the car started and drove down the street. I sighed from relief, then threw my backpack, which now weighed more than a freight train, onto the couch. I slumped onto the computer chair, and opened Twitter. My eyes immediately read a post by my friend Alyssa.

\"Kidnapper on the loose in Seymour! #hideyokids!\"

I inhaled sharply. Seymour was just a town over, and I lived pretty close to the town line. I closed my eyes and thought for a second. Is this a joke? Alyssa never tells the truth, come on, there's no kidnapper. Kidnappers only exist in horror flicks...

When I opened my eyes, my hand was gripping my cell phone. I quickly dialed my father's number. After three rings, he finally picked up.

\"Hello?\" He asked. The sound of wind in the background made it hard to understand him.

\"Where are you?\" I questioned. It's not that windy out, is it?

\"Honey, I\"m sorry, but there's a problem at work, and I may need to stay for a few more days. You can handle that, right? You've done it before.\"

\"Yeah, yeah. But I read on Twitter that there's a kidnapper in Seymour!\"

\"On Twitter? Melanie, you are so naive. Do you believe everything you read on the internet?\" He scolded me.

\"No, but when I came home, there was a car in the driveway, and it drove away right after I came inside.\"

\"You retard! You should've kept walking. Now they know where you live! You're just like your brother!\" Dad was getting mad.

\"You're right. I am just like him. Maybe I want to be like him. He was a good guy, Dad.\"

\"No. He wasn't. I don't want you to be like him. Not at all. Lock all the doors and don't answer the phone. Don't be stupid like Josh.\"

\"I won't,\" I growled, before angrily snapping the phone shut. I tossed it onto the couch and sighed. I won't make the same mistake Josh did.


\"Is your father home?\" The man asked Josh. He stood in the doorway, smiling suspiciously.

\"No. He's at work till 6 o' clock. You can come after then, though.\" Josh tried to act mature. I watched from under the table. We were playing hide-and-seek and I knew Josh would never find me.

\"Oh. I was wondering if he wanted to help me find my dog. He ran away a few weeks back.\" The man sighed. I knew what he was up to. Classic 'Help me find my lost dog' routine.

\"I can help you find him!\" Josh smiled.

\"You can? Oh, thank you so much! Here, come with me. I know just where he may be.\" I watched in horror as Josh followed the man outside. How can he fall for that? He's fourteen years old for God's sake!

I gasped and ran to the door. I reached for the doorknob but for some reason, my fingers just couldn't grab on. Darn little, kid body. I sat on the ground and cried. I cried, and cried, and cried.


I never saw Josh again, I thought, as I wiped a stray tear from the corner of my eye. I'll never answer the door when I'm home alone. Never. I learned that the hard way, eight years ago.

After all the doors were locked, I plopped back down into my computer chair, and opened Microsoft Word. I had a huge report due tomorrow. My crazy, language arts teacher wants me to define words from The Outsiders. 26 words. A to Z. I sighed and slammed my fist on the desk. This was going to take a while....


\"U,\" I groaned. \"Something from The Outsiders that begins with U.\" I closed my eyes and thought for a long time. \"Unreliable narrator,\" I suggested, when something landed on my head. I hope a bug didn't just die and fall on me. I shuddered, reaching for my hair. My fingers came back wet. One of my eyebrows rose as I turned my head to look at the ceiling. The whole sky seemed black and for a second, I believed that I had been on the computer for the whole day. It felt like nighttime.

Dad never got the roof fixed, I realized. It still leaks. I groaned and reached for a Yankees cap, fastening it atop my head. I didn't care about hat hair at the moment. I stared at the black 'U' page for my report when I heard a huge boom from outside.

I jumped five feet in the air, then relaxed. It was just thunder. Another boom sounded from outside and the room slowly became darker. I gazed back at my Outsiders essay. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw multiple flashes of light. I felt like a celebrity being mobbed by the paparazzi. I grinned and waved at the window, pretending I was a movie star for just a moment, when the house became eerily silent. All the lights flickered off and I was left in complete darkness. I gasped.

\"MY REPORT!\" I screamed. I reached for the power button on the computer, and pressed five times, even though I knew my report was gone for good. I hadn't saved it at all. I screamed and smacked myself in the forehead multiple times. I grabbed my cell phone again, dialing Dad.

\"What, now? Don't you know I'm busy at work?\" He growled. I faintly heard a woman's voice in the background.

\"Dad, please come home. The power is out and I need you to write a note to my teacher if it doesn't come back on,\" I pleaded.

\"Why do I need to write you a note?\"

\"I didn't finish my report and it's due tomorrow.\"

\"Well, who's fault is that?\" He asked. I heard the woman speak.

\"Honey, what's wrong?\" She asked. The voice wan't familiar.

\"Dad? Who's there with you?\"

\"What do you mean? I\"m alone at my work!\"

\"NO! YOU'RE NOT!\" I shouted, before slamming my phone shut. Doesn't that ring on his finger mean anything to him?


\"Honey. Here's your ring back,\" My mother gasped as she tried to take the diamond off of her finger.

\"No,\" Dad smiled sweetly. \"Keep it on. I will, too.\" He didn't let go of her hand.

\"Honey, you can sell it. It can give you and Melanie a month's supply of food.\"

\"I don't care. When I said together forever, I mean forever.\"

I smiled. How sweet of him. But the smile didn't last long. The frequent beeps that sounded from my mother's monitor stopped and became one continuous beep. Silent tears slid down my cheeks and dripped onto my favorite shirt. The one Mom got me three years back when she went to Florida. I leaned onto my dad and cried. I cried, and cried, and cried.


I shook the old memory out of my head and opened the cabinets in the kitchen. My eyes quickly scanned over the contents, searching for dinner. It had to be something that took no electricity.

I bit my lip and scanned again. I smiled as I pulled out a bag of chips and a granola bar. Perfect.

I stopped. Potato chips? My throat would burn from all the dryness! I realized. I pulled open another cabinet. The only cup left was a small mug that said 'Best Dad in the world' that Josh made a long time ago. Too bad Dad never uses it.

I opened the fridge and quickly took out the milk. I poured most of it into the mug, then put it back in. I slammed the fridge shut and sighed. I pulled open a drawer, grabbed a flashlight, then brought my food into the living room. I sat on the couch behind the computer. I placed everything on the floor and rested my head on the old pillow. My eyes slowly began to close.


When I woke up, I was sweating like crazy. It was the dream again. I never know what it's about, but I always wake up like this. I wish I could remember my dreams.

I sighed and got up off the couch. Suddenly, my foot landed in something very pointy.

\"YOUCH!\" I screamed, then fell back on the sofa. I had accidentally stepped in the bowl of chips. The chips I never ate. I grabbed my foot and rubbed the spot that was cut up the most. Then, I lay back down.

I was going a little insane. I had always been afraid of the dark, and now the entire house was pitch black, and there was nothing I could do about it. I put my hand in front of my face and squinted. I couldn't even see it.

I closed my eyes and listened to the pitter patter of the rain. I started to make song out of it. Pat, pat, pat pat pat, pat, pat, pat pat pat. POOM!

My eyes fluttered open at the unrecognizable sound. That couldn't have been rain. I grabbed my flashlight and shone it around me. Nothing out of the ordinary, and I knew why. The sound had come from the back porch, but no way in hell am I going out there. I was afraid of the porch in broad daylight, let alone in the middle of the night. During a thunderstorm. Home alone. When you hear a noise.

POOM! The sound occurred again. I flinched. Involuntarily, I sunk deeper into the couch. It was something I would always do. I thought that if I pretended I was asleep, the monsters couldn't get me.

POOM! I flinched, again. I tried to recognize that sound. It reminded me of someone stomping their feet. My eyes began to fill with tears. My next plan was to ignore the sound. I closed my eyes and listened to the rain. It was coming down much heavier than before. Loud claps of thunder rang in my ears. I remember learning that when you lose one sense, the others become stronger. I guess since I have no vision, I can hear better.

POOM! That's it, I thought. I'm going to be brave. I hopped off of the couch with the heavy, metal flashlight (being careful not to step on my chips, granola, and milk) and slowly made my way to the sliding doors. I pushed aside the curtain, and unlocked the door. My last thought before opening the door was about Josh.


\"Hello?\" I called onto the back porch, then instantly regretted it. What did I expect? Someone to come out from the boxes and be like, 'hello, I was wondering where the nearest gas station is...?' Definitely not going to happen.

I tiptoed my way to the door leading to outside. No way am I going to go out there. I'd be a human lightning rod if I went outside.

I turned back to face the porch. If there was someone here, I wouldn't be able to see them. It was way too dark. The only light came from my flashlight, and I was pretty sure the battery was almost shot. I followed the dim circle of light around the porch. I strained my ears to hear anything move, but all I heard was the pounding of rain on the glass. The light landed on a box that I didn't remember. I drifted towards it, then popped it open.

Five binders were inside. I grabbed the one on the top, and shone the light on the front. There was no title. I flipped to the front page. I gasped. The picture was of me. My eyes were still filled with tears as I looked at every photo. I shuddered when I realized that someone was taking pictures of me without my knowledge. The I stopped. How did the pictures even get in my house? I wondered. For them to be here, someone must have unlocked the door and came inside while I was just in the other room.

A slamming noise made my train of thought stop. The photo album dropped out of my hand and landed with a thud on the tile floor. I knew what that slamming sound was.

My feet brought me to the sliding door. Did I leave the door closed? I wondered. I could've sworn it was open.

I reached for the doorknob, and twisted it to the right, but it wouldn't budge.

\"You're kidding,\" I cried. I KNOW I didn't lock the door. I can't lock myself out here. Someone else must've done it...

Tears were now falling freely from my eyes as I ran to the back door that led to outside. I pulled it open. It wasn't locked. I thanked God for that one.

I stumbled down the stairs and jumped into the grass. I was fully aware that my shirt was sticking completely to my body since it was so wet from the rain. My face was drenched in rain as well as tears, and my hair was stuck to my forehead. My luxurious blonde curls were now flat strings. I ran up the hill to my front door. My bare feet were filthy and covered in mud. I used my other hand (the one without the flashlight) to pound on the door. I was bawling so loudly that it almost drowned out the rain.

I banged my fist into the door, not caring if I break the glass, or cut my hand open. I just needed to get inside. Thunder sounded nearby, though it seemed like it was right next to me. I suddenly became aware of the large, metal flashlight in my hand.

\"CRAP!\" I shouted, throwing my flashlight into the front yard. The last thing I needed was to get electrocuted.

I pressed my wet face onto the glass and peered inside my house. It was pitch black inside and no use. For kicks, I tried the doorknob, but it was locked. Figures.

My eyes wandered desperately around the yard until they met my bedroom window. I laughed and raced toward it. I grabbed the sill and pushed it up. It was working.

As the window sill inched upward, it made a disgusting sound like nails on a chalkboard. I shuddered but was relieved that the window was open and I could get inside.

I found a brick on the ground, and boosted myself off of it. I pushed myself into the window, and landed with a thud on the wooden floor of my bedroom. I shut the window behind me and looked around the room. I could be anywhere, I thought. If I didn't know this house at all, this room could be anything from a tiny closet to a baseball stadium. It was so dark you couldn't even tell where the walls were. The eerie silence was freaking me out. I could only hear my heavy breathing and dripping on the floor.

I closed my eyes and pretended that I was in my room with the lights on. I imagined myself going into my closet to grab a pair of jeans. My arm reached out and touched the closet door. I smiled. Safe at last. If there really was someone in my house, I would be safe in my little closet.

I pulled the door open and slid inside. I inched it closed, then leaned against the wall. I slid my body down so I was sitting on the floor. I calmed myself and breathed through my nose so it was quiet. I really wished that the power was on so that I could reach up and turn the light on.


\"Is it big enough?\" Dad asked me. He stood in my room with an apron on. It was drenched in wood shavings and pink paint. My closet was done!

\"Yes, Daddy! It's perfect! Thank you so much!\" I squealed. My arms wrapped around him and I gave him a long hug.

\"Anything for you, Sweetie. You'll always be my little girl, right?\" He whispered.

\"Yes! As long as you will always be my Daddy!\" I giggled.

\"Hmm I don't know...I was thinking about getting a gender change...\" He joked.

\"Daddy!\" I laughed. Dad joined in, too.


I think I fell asleep. I couldn't think straight anymore. I was in complete darkness and silence. I didn't even hear rain anymore. It must've stopped. But my eyes felt so heavy...


\"Sweetie?\" Dad called.

\"What, Dad?\" I asked, coming out of my room.

\"I have something to tell you,\" He said.

I entered the dining room and came face-to-face with a blonde woman who couldn't be more than nineteen.

\"I want you to meet Sylvia.\"

\"No,\" I said softly.

\"Don't worry, I won't forget about Mommy.\"

\"Looks like you already did,\" I replied bitterly.


Suddenly, everything came back to life. I saw lights from under the closet door. I heard the AC going and the refrigerator start running. I grinned. My hand reached up for the light and I flicked the switch on. The little lightbulb flickered on, but quickly went out.

\"Crap!\" I whispered.


\"Dad?\" I called. I was pretty sure he was home. I saw a light from under his door. The small sound of voices drifted over to me. I pressed my ear to the door.

\"Baby, just forget about Gloria.\" I heard a woman say.

\"I wish I could, but she's the mother of my only child!\" Dad whispered.

He's talking about Mom! I realized.

\"That bitch.\" She said.

\"I wish I never met her. Josh and Melanie are two of the biggest mistakes I've made. If it weren't for Gloria, they wouldn't exist. I would be able to be with you, Sylvia.\"

\"Yeah. If only Melanie would forger about her mother and let us be together. Wait! I have an idea!\"


\"You can tell her you got a new job, which includes being away for some nights, and just come over to my place!\"

\"Wow. I must admit. That's a damn good idea.\"

\"I know.\"

\"God, I just wish Melanie would go away or something. Do you know how many times I tried putting her in a home?\"

\"Too many times, I assume.\"



I never talked to Dad with respect after that. I knew what he was up to. Him and Sylvia. They hated me. They probably cut the power lines and sent someone in here to kill me.

I stood up and reached for the closet door. I tried to pull it open but it wouldn't budge. What the hell? There's not even a lock on this door! I began crying. I knew it was over. I kicked and clawed at the door ferociously, but it wouldn't move at all. I felt the presence of arms and instead of fighting it, I just let them close around my neck. I knew there was nothing I can do anyway. Besides, I'll get to see Josh and Mom if I go. My hands were still at the closet door as I gasped for air. Blood dripped down my fingers from the chipped wood and I clawed one more time.

My last thought was that Dad had finally gotten his wish.

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