When Dreams Make Sense

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We all have those weird dreams. The ones where we wake up screaming or cant move not even and inch. What if you had a dream....and it awensered every problem that was wrong with humanity. I dont know if you have but I did.

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012



In dreams you see many things that seem unreal or to extraordinary to be deemed possible.

It shows the beauty of dreams,

but also the unfathomable evil that always surrounds us.

I had a dream once, I was no more than 16.

My journey started on a wooded path in South Carolina.

It was a beautiful sunny day in December.

Spanish moss was gently flowing from the old oak trees.

The warm sun on my chilled face was purebliss.

All was normal until the farther I went the suns warmthceased to comfort me.

The beautiful oaks started to look gloom.

The Spanish moss now reminds me of whippy nooses.

Going Farther down the path I heard a CRUNCH.

Looking down I was ankle high in bones...dry bones.

I cringed when i heard those cracks, God help me I disturbed their rest.

Not to far away there was a clearing,the tunnel is finally at its end!

Theres a light and the skys so blue!

Running to the endof the tunnel i had to stop abruptly.

Ending up at a cliffs edge,

There was only one way to get down.

Peering down there was a humongeous vine attached to the cliff.

Not wanting to venture back I slowly began to climb down.

Reaching the end I was in a green mossy meadow.

First thing I spotted was a chapel carved into the mountain.

Overtaken by its beautyI walked to the enterance and opened the door.

Going inside you can tell it has been years since the chapel has seen civilization.

The walls and ceiling were covered with carved names,

The wooden pews were rotten and had been a home to termites.

The place looked like and utter hell basket.

Crouched in a rottena corner a old man shakes and trembles.

His mouth was agape and eyes were rolled back blood shot,

scratch marks coverd his old leathery skin.

How he couldnt talk was strange and freaky....then he started bawling.

By his expression and all the chaos that I was surrounded by,

something was terribly wrong.

The bones, carved names, screatching, agony, pain..I bursted out the door.

I ran petrified into the distant valley,

I ran with the burden of the world and secrets of humanity.

Running with my thoughts I woke up to my reality.

So this is how my dream went,

to absurd to be true.

Who would believe me,

non of this could be true.

I know people dont have these dreams for a reason.

While waiting for the world to go to sleep,

I still search for awensers.

Tryng to find my own practical sense.

© Copyright 2017 Ashley Christine. All rights reserved.

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