Memories of a Fairytale

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Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012




The memories have begun to fade

Odd that at only eighteen I would begin to forget
The smell of cakes made from scratch

The taste of frosting that is almost too sweet

I can still hear the laughter

And feel the slivers under my skin

But I can't remember who the cake is for

Or who's laughing at what

Or how those slivers got there


The memories have begun to fade

All that remain are bits and pieces

Memories of a childhood that isn't quite over

And a child who isn't ready to grow up


She wanders through the rooms of the old house

And she wonders what it is that made her forget

Sometimes I forget that we are the same person

She and I

Me and her

We are one and the same

But she is still so young

And I have been grown up for a long time


You see she still believes in fairy tales

And she still wants to be a princess and live in a big castle

She still thinks that dreams come true

And that fairies and magic are real


I have adult responsibilities

There is no time for fairy tales

And the closest I will ever come to a castle is Disney World

Dreams only come true when you work hard for them

As for fairies and magic I still believe.


© Copyright 2017 Ashley Dufield. All rights reserved.

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