My akatsuki love story

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Ok Hidan and I are in love in this but not at first. My friend Brittney and Sasori are in this. All akatsuki members are in this as well so please read.

Submitted: July 04, 2010

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Submitted: July 04, 2010



My name is Ashley and I'm a new member to the akatsuki. I don't know anyone there so I feel a little awkward. Well the day I got in my friend Brittney joined too. We got everyone's attention becasue of our sharingan, but we didn't care. Brittney: Why do they all give us that look? Me:I don't know but-woah...... I'm stopped by a whited haired person. Person:Watch where you're going! Me:Well SORRY! Person: Wait a sec, who r u 2? Me: You tell us first! Hidan: Hidan and u r?! Me:Ashley and this is Brittney. Hidan: Great all we need now is 2 more idiots! Me: WHAT DID U SAY?????!!!!! I punch him hard in the mouth. Hidan: Ouch what was that for?!! Brittney: Ashley stop he's not worth it at all. Me: Your right. Brittney and I walk off to the akatsuki living room to find everyone talking. Itachi: Do you 2 wanna play? Me: Play what exactly? Brittney: yea. Itachi: 7 minutes in heaven. Me: Sure Brittney: No way. She makes a mad dash for the door but is stopped by chakara threads. Brittney: What the- Sasori: You playing weither u like it or not. He said this with a smirk. Brittney: Fine. We both sat down and then Hidan came back and sat down beside me. Me: Oh great your playing too? Hidan:Duh. The game began. Pain: Ashley u have what color? Me: Purple. Pain: Okay then u go first. Me: Oh crap. Hidan snickers. Brittney: What r u laughing about? He shows her the color he has. Brittney: Oh my god she's gonna kill u! Hidan: Not if I kill her first. Hidan gets up and heads for the closet. Me: Oh great u of all the people. Hidan: Quit your whinning! Besides I'm not gonna kill u. Me: What????!!! Hidan pins u against the wall. Me: Hey what r u doing? Hidan: You r not like Konan and Brittney and u follow the same religon I do. I think that I love u. He kisses me romantically. *Outside* Sasori: Hey deidara look what color I got? Deidara: Hey u got the same one as Brittney. Sasori: How did u know? Deidara: I asked her. Sasori: Oh, Man I wanna what those 2 r up to! Brittney: I hope she's alright. *inside* Hidan: now what did I tell ya? Me: You were right, you r a good kisser. Hidan: Times up. We go out of the closet not telling anyone what happened. Pain: Brittney ur color? Brittney: Blue. Pain: Go ahead in the closet. Sasori: I'm going too. He goes after her. Brittney: Sasori? Sasori: yep. Sasori moves closer to Brittney. Brittney: You know I really like u. Sasori: My thoughts exactly. Sasori kisses Brittney passonietly. *Outside* Me: Oh god she got Sasori. Hidan: He ain't that bad. Me: I know it's just that she likes him more than anyone else in the akatsuki. Hidan: Really? Me: Yep. Hidan: I'll be waiting on the baby then. Me: Shut up you idiot! I knock him off the floor. Kisame: Well she's got good strength to be able to knock him that far in the air. Me: Thank u. *Inside* Brittney: I just heard a thud. Either Ashley and Hidan hit it off or she hit him off the floor. Sasori: Don't worry about it. Brittney and Sasori kiss some more. Pain: TIME'S UP U 2! Sasori and Brittney come out. The game lasted for about 20 minutes and when it was over Hidan and I went to his bedroom and Brittney and Sasori went to Sasori's room. Everyone was like ewwwwwww but they're congradulating u for the babies!

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