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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cynthia is a girl with visual impairment who will be sitting for her GCSE exam. When she starts to have peculiar nightmares, she can hardly concentrate on her studies. Her new life begins as she unearths that her nightmares aren't just nightmares...

Gosh, I think I'm either crazy or slightly insane. I can't be like this anymore. My GCSE exam is around the corner. I must pass it with flying colours for I want to make my parents proud of me. Not only would my parents feel proud, I can prove to the world that despite being visually impaired, I could be just as successful as the sighted people. As the saying "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"goes, excelling in my study is my very first step to achieving my dream to become a well-known lawyer.


Oh, how I wish I haven't had those nightmares. The nightmares I've had have distracted me for three consecutive days! I've had the same strange and scary dreams for three days in a row, can you imagine? What shall I do now? Am I having some kind of mental problem due to stress? No way, though. I've never had this kind of experience before.


I really want to tell mum and dad about the peculiar nightmares, but who would believe them anyway? They might think I'm telling them some stupid jokes.


I need to calm down now. I guess video-chatting with Samantha might work. I've just known her for a couple of days. We're in the same boat as she is visually impaired just like me. It's really fun talking to her. I'm not sure whether it's my imagination, but I think she sounds just like me when she talks.


Now, let's log in to my Facebook account. I hope she's online. She's really active on Facebook. I think she updates her status every day. However, I've not seen her online since I've had that psychic dreams which is strange. I feel relieved as I hear my VoiceOver software on my iPhone say "Samantha Angelina Thomson,,online." She's even updated her status. Maybe it can explain why she didn't go online for the past three days.

Let's read it.


"God, I really hate having this kind of dreams. U know, being blind but able 2 c unusual things in my dreams has really psyched me up... Worse still, I've had these nightmares 4 3 days in a row!!! In the dreams, I can c a couple & their twin daughters who are about 2 yrs old in a shopping centre. They r playing with each other happily. After that, I smells something like thick smoke, and the shopping centre is on fire! Then, I can hear wails & loud screams & then the dreams end... What shall I do now??? Pls help me..." feeling distracted.


Now, what's this all about? We've had the same nightmares then! I need to tell her that I've had the same dreams as well. I tap the 'call' button and wait for a while before she answers.


As I'm engrossed chatting with Samantha, I can hear mum's footsteps coming near my room. Then, I can hear mum open the door and walk into my room. I'm about to introduce Samantha to my beloved mum before I hear her let out a cry.


"Oh my God!" she says and slams the door behind her. What's wrong with mum? I'm just talking to Samantha, that's all. There's nothing wrong talking to a friend, is there? I make up my mind to ask mum what's wrong so I make up some excuses and end the call.


"Mum! Mum! Are you okay? What happened? I'm worried about you," I call out as I enter the living room, but there's no answer. I think she must be in her room. I goes to her room. To my astonishment, it is locked and I can here some whispers inside. I can't catch the conversations as it is too soft for me to be able to hear.


What has happened today makes me feel woozy. I make up my mind to hit the sack.


* * *


Finally, the nightmares are over. What a relief. I'm really grateful I don't have them yesterday. I hope they end and I won't have them tonight as well.


Since it's Sunday today, mum and dad do not need to go to work. However, they've gone out since I've awaken. I think they may have gone to visit granny. I think it's the perfect time to study now. I guess I can concentrate on my revision now as I don't have the nightmare yesterday.


When I removes my Economics textbook from the rack, I can hear the sounds of the gate being opened. Mum and dad are home, I suppose.


When I'm about to start revising, I can hear a knock on my door. "Darling, can your mum and I come in?" I hear dad asking.


Dad and mum come into my room as soon as I've said yes. Mum says that she and dad need to talk to me. She insists that I stop doing my revision for a while. I obey.


"Darling, please remember that no matter what happens, your mum and I will always love you," I am astounded when I hear dad saying that. He's never say that kind of words to me before. I can hear something unusual in his voice as he talks. He seems to be crying!


"Yes, dad," I say.


Mum clears her throat before saying "Cynthia, we're so sorry. We're supposed to tell you that you are not our daughter earlier."


I'm utterly astounded. Tears start to roll down my cheeks, and I find myself asking, "What's this all about?" in my sobs.


Sounding calm now, dad tells me the story;


It all happened thirteen years ago. At that time, your mum and I were in a shopping centre. As we shopped, we could see a couple and their twin daughters. The twin girls look really adorable.


"Oh, sweetheart. I wish we can have cute twins as our children in the future," I said to your mum.


"So do I," she said with a smile.


Out of the blue, we heard someone shouting, "Fire! Fire!" Then, we could see thick smoke all around us. It was then that I realised that the shopping centre was on fire.


Feeling extremely panicked, your mum and I ran as fast as lightning. As we ran, we could hear a child crying. We stopped and found one of the twins. The smoke was getting thicker and it blurred our visions. We couldn't see the other twin as well as the couple. We knew that we had to save the little girl, so we took her with us. You were the child.


Three days ago, I found an article in the paper. In the article, a couple was searching for their missing daughter. Mrs Thomson who is your real mumtold the reporter that she'd lose her child for thirteen years. There was a picture of their other girl who's your twin. She looked just like you in the picture.


Your mum and I didn't tell you about it as we wanted you to concentrate on your studies. Your exam's around the corner.


Before dad can finish his story, mum said, "I was terribly shocked as I looked at the girl you chatted with yesterday. She looked just like you. I was panicked and I told your dad about what I saw. We decided to keep it as a secret as we didn't want to lose you. However, we got a phone call from Mr Thomson who was Samantha's dad as well as your dad. According to him, Samantha showed your profile picture to her mum, your real mum, and she said you looked just like Samantha. She then asked Samantha to find your phone number on your Facebook profile. Samantha found it. Before you went to sleep yesterday, you put your phone on the coffee table in the living room. When it first rang, we decided not to answer. I picked it up when it rang for the tenth time, and it was through talking to your real mum that I knew that it's time to return you to your real family." She said and hugged me. I could feel her tears on my shirt.


Three years later


It's godfather's birthday today. I can't wait to have dinner with my godparents whom I used to call mum and dad before. Samantha, mum, and dad will be joining too.


"Do you still remember the nightmares, Cynthia?" Samantha asks me as I think about my godparents.


"Of course I do, Samantha," I replies. Those nightmares have now become our little secrets. We do not tell mum and dad about them, and neither do I tell my godparents.

Submitted: April 29, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Ashley Pink. All rights reserved.

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It's an amazing work. You've written it well, interesting and gripping. Loved your writing style. Check out this short story contest- It's a good platform to get your works noticed worldwide and win exciting cash prizes too. There is no entry fee.

Tue, April 29th, 2014 10:52am


Thanks. Your comment means a lot to me.

Tue, April 29th, 2014 5:09am


Hey, you're welcome! Please check out the page I sent, it would be a great opportunity for you.

Wed, April 30th, 2014 5:24am

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