To The Future Ashley [1]

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Hey! Guysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Evryone must have at least done something wrong in life right? Well I am no exception! DO NOT JUDGE MEH!

Submitted: April 07, 2016

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Submitted: April 07, 2016



To believe is a short yet strong powerful word. It gives hopes to others when they are in low spirit. There is also a song by Jackie Evancho, who is a fantastic singer. Talking about her also reminds me of something… she is my inspiration to becoming a singer! When she was nine, she entered British Got Talent, and now she is a famous artist! :D  To believe also can be use in religious activities. Example: When praying to our god, we will believe in them in order to pray for them. In some religion, believing purifies one’s soul and hence, the soul would be good.

To believe in somebody is commonly used. It represents the trust of one another and both should not lie to break each other’s trust.  Trusting each other helps to build the relationship with the other. It depends of one’s honesty and if one is telling the truth or not. Trust is hard to build and once u started building it, it is best not to make it crumble. Every lie represents every crumble of your wall of trust. When it gradually starts to crumble away, then it is too late for one to turn back and start building a new one. I went through before one and managed to keep my wall steady. But I will never forget this incident that happened…

I never felt this guilty in my life so I am going to write it down to remember it. After my SA1 Exams, I felt ashamed of getting just 51 out of 100! I felt horrible in my stomach so, (the worst part comes now) I cheated. I changed one of my wrong words to the correct one! I do not even know what I was doing! How terrible was it! I cheated! My teacher told my class to write the question number of the question that we thought is correct and guess what, I wrote the question number! I should not have written that question number! Oh! After about one day, my teacher called me to her desk, at first I didn’t know what was happening but when she threw my paper angrily onto a desk, I immediately knew what happened. (Sorry got emotional and I am not going to say the rest just in case I die.)…Sorry.

So… as you see it is horrible, terrible, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Argh! Cannot get it out of my head! In the end I nearly broke the trust wall between my teacher and also my principal. But they gave me a chance and I promised them that I would change and work hard for my Prelims and PSLE! I now know my mistake and never ever want to make history repeat itself again! So if you are Ashley in the future, make sure you never lie, and cheat again!!!

To believe is very important to one even to me! So next time if you ever want to do something like this again, never hesitate to think about it and say no! Do not even think about it! Just say no and do the correct thing! Never break you wall of trust! That is one thing you never ever want to be gone in your life!

By: The 11-year old Ashley Wong

To: Other people including the future Ashley Wong

© Copyright 2018 ashley.the.ash. All rights reserved.

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